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Monday, 02 August, 09:02

The Local - 23 apr 13 kl. 15:10

Customs staff reported for growing weed at work

Two workers at the Swedish Customs in southern Sweden have been reported to the police after growing cannabis plants at work, an act the pair claim was purely for research purposes..
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UPDATED: Sweden on Friday passed a new pandemic law. A legal professor answered some of The Local's questions about the changes, including why it took so long and the key differences compared to a never-used emergency law passed last spring..

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Sweden upgrades snow alert with up to 70cm forecast in northern region

Several regions in Sweden have been told to brace for more snow on Monday, but few places are expected to get as much as the northern coastal regions..

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Swedish airports handled 30 million fewer passengers in 2020

Not since the early 1980s have so few people flown to or from one of Sweden's major airports as they did in 2020, a year marked by coronavirus and global travel restrictions..

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Which students will be taught remotely in Sweden when school starts?

The spring term starts this week in schools across Sweden, but some pupils will be taught remotely for at least the first two weeks. We've tried to get a handle on the somewhat confusing situation..

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The Swedish coronavirus laws you need to know about in 2021

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How a study circle helps new students integrate in Sweden

International students face many challenges during their stay in Sweden, ranging from classes in English to emotional and social setbacks. The key to the Swedish society and labour market is found in the Swedish language, which can become a barrier to students' ability to socialise. But in the town of Växjö in southern Sweden, students have formed a study circle to help each other..

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'Stay at home' – Sweden issues RED snow alert for first time in a decade

Swedish authorities warned people who live in the Västernorrland region not to travel on Monday evening, as they closed the railway and braced for a snow storm..

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Online education: A mixed blessing for international students in Sweden

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many universities and students to shift from traditional to online learning methods in order to follow health and safety restrictions. While a blessing for many, for some international students, it appears to be a double-edged sword..

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Sweden jails Russian over attack on Chechen blogger

A Swedish court has convicted a Russian citizen of the attempted murder of Tumso Abdurakhmanov, a blogger critical of the regime in Chechnya, alleging high-level backing for the attack..

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SNOW CHAOS: Thousands without power after icy spell grips Sweden

Thousands of households were left in darkness on Tuesday morning after power cut out during a snow storm in northern Sweden.. i Sociala medier

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