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Saturday, 22 June, 23:50

The Local - 24 maj 24 kl. 15:17

'I'm still searching for the feeling of home': Life as a trailing spouse in Sweden

Following your partner to Sweden can open new doors and experiences you've never even imagined, as well as leaving you feeling lost, lonely and jobless, The Local's readers told us when we asked them to share their reflections on life as a 'trailing spouse'..
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The Local - 03 aug 21 kl. 17:44

What you need to know about preschool in Sweden

Starting preschool is a big step for every child (and parent!), especially if you are not sure how it works or how to apply. This article will aim to demystify the process and give you an idea of what to expect..

The Local - 22 jun 21 kl. 17:09

How can Sweden's bizarre Midsummer frog dance be explained?

One of the weirdest yet commonly observed traditions in Sweden is the Midsummer frog dance around the maypole, which begs the question... why, oh WHY?.

The Local - 24 jun 21 kl. 16:57

How did the drink Snaps come to define Swedish Midsummer?

The Local spoke to Eva Lenneman, a curator at Stockholm's Museum of Spirits in Stockholm about the history of snaps in Sweden..

The Local - I förrgår: 16:09

Photo of the week: Can you guess which Swedish city this is?

Every week, The Local invites readers to submit their pictures to our photo competition, to bring our audience together from all parts of Sweden..

The Local - 24 jun 21 kl. 17:58

Swedish word of the day: folkdräkt

During Sweden's Midsummer celebrations, you might see people dressed in traditional colourful outfits, which is where today's word comes in..

The Local - 20 jun 23 kl. 12:04

Reader question: Do I get a day off at Midsummer?

When Swedes talk about celebrating midsommar, they mean Midsummer's Eve, which this year falls on Friday June 21st. It's not a so-called 'red day', but do you still get the day off?.

The Local - I förrgår: 11:09

Which Swedish roads are set to be busiest around Midsummer?

What are the peak traffic hours around Midsummer and is there anyway you can beat the queues? Here's The Local's guide to one of Sweden's busiest weekends of the year..

The Local - 19 jun 23 kl. 15:49

Five variants on Swedish Midsummer and where to find them

It's Midsummer Eve on Friday, the Swedish celebration to top them all, eclipsing Valborg bonfires, crayfish parties, Easter, New Year's Eve and even, we'd argue, Christmas. But what are your options as a foreigner in Sweden?.

The Local - I förrgår: 09:39

Why did Sweden's emissions drop in 2023 – and what's in store for the future?

Sweden's greenhouse gas emissions fell by two percent last year, but the good news may be short-lived..

The Local - I förrgår: 09:18

What's open and what's closed in Sweden during Midsummer?

June 21st is Midsummer's Eve, which despite not technically being a public holiday is a day off for most workers in Sweden. How are shops, Systembolaget and public transport affected during the weekend?.

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