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Friday, 21 September, 14:24

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Medical age tests on asylum seekers likely to have 'misclassified' minors: study

Age tests carried out on migrants to determine whether they were over 18 may have been inaccurate in many cases, according to a new study published in a medical journal..0 Delningar

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Archaeologists find medieval seal on Swedish island

During the construction of new pipelines, archaeologists uncovered an unusual find on a small island in central Sweden..0 Delningar

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Members' Q&A: The Local's guide to Swedish parental leave

Sweden's parental leave policy is generous enough to have earned media coverage around the world, and for many families it's a factor in choosing to live in the Nordic nation. But the specific terms, and the process for applying for benefits, can be tough to get to grips with..2 Delningar

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Trains and ferries cancelled as storm approaches western Sweden

Trains and boats across western Sweden have been cancelled as a heavy storm draws in over the country on Friday..29 Delningar

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Interview: 'India and Sweden are very different in size, but similar in principles'

The Local spoke to Sweden's Ambassador to India, Klas Molin, about the opening of Ikea, collaboration in the tech industry, and why the two countries share many of the same values..8 Delningar

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British comedies compete on the Malmö stage

There are two British comedy shows on the Malmö stage simultaneously this week. Do people in Skåne have more of a British sense of humour?.2 Delningar

The Local - 6 timmar sedan

Recipe: How to make Swedish cardamom cake

Food writer John Duxbury shares a recipe for delicious Swedish cardamom cake, a classic fika treat, with The Local..1 Delningar

The Local - 6 timmar sedan

Spotify just announced a move that could shake up the music industry

Spotify has said it will allow select artists to upload songs directly, bypassing record labels or distributors..49 Delningar

The Local - 22 timmar sedan

Members' geography quiz: How well do you know the cities of Sweden?

How well-travelled are you? Take The Local's quick quiz to see how much you know about the cities of Sweden..15 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 13:51

Sweden told to brace for storm: 'Stay at home'

People in western Sweden have been warned to stay inside when harsh winds hit on Friday..1013 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 10:05

One Brit’s European tour to spell 'Stop Brexit' with GPS

Andy Pardy, who grew up in Germany, has carved an ‘O’ in the Arctic Circle, an ‘S’ that starts in a Scottish loch and wraps around Ireland and slept amidst wild dogs in Romania..7 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 10:46

Schengen report criticizes Swedish border checks as not fit for purpose

Sweden has been harshly criticized over its border controls in a forthcoming Schengen report which has prompted Swedish police to draw up a plan of action..126 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 09:21

Man accidentally reveals hidden gun after lighting a cigarette

A man was seized by police in Malmö's Möllevången square on Wednesday after he revealed a hidden pistol when raising his arm to light a cigarette. He was picked up shortly afterwards with help from surveillance cameras..2 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 07:54

Rush-hour power cut caused travel chaos for Stockholm commuters

The Stockholm metro is again running as normal after a power cut brought all trains on the green line to a standstill during rush hour, causing travel chaos for more than 100,000 commuters..96 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 16:21

Student held on suspicion of raping teacher

A student has been held on suspicion of raping a teacher at a senior high school in Småland, southern Sweden..19 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 16:15

28 brilliant and bizarre world records held by Sweden and the Swedes

From statistics about coffee and twins to plainly unbelievable skills in frog-jumping and match-throwing, this country and its citizens got a lot of interesting things to offer. Here are 28 of the most interesting world records held by Sweden and the Swedes..44 Delningar

The Local - I förrgår: 10:42

Swedish authorities urge hunters to shoot young elk

The county administrative board in Östergötland, southern Sweden, has changed the rules for the hunting season following the unusually warm summer, and called for as many calves to be shot as possible..114 Delningar

The Local - I förrgår: 10:15

Sweden accused of breaking EU law over long residence permit wait times

Sweden's Migration Agency has violated EU law by failing to issue residence permits within agreed time limits, a new complaint to the European Commission claims..803 Delningar

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