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Thursday, 17 August, 11:47

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Relative 'used scissors to stab victim's neck' in suspected Swedish honour killing

A man in central Sweden has been accused of murder after a younger family member was stabbed to death in a suspected honour-related killing..7 Delningar

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Swedish soldiers to fend off pirates near Somalia

Thirty-four Swedish soldiers are heading to east Africa as part of international efforts to prevent attacks from Somali pirates..0 Delningar

The Local - 4 timmar sedan

The first snow of the season just fell in Sweden

The first snow of the season has fallen in northern Sweden, but most of the country still remains flake-free..404 Delningar

The Local - 20 timmar sedan

Too outrageous for public eyes? Swede's 'offensive' personal number plate request rejected

Yet another offensive number plate aficionado has had their hopes dashed in Sweden after a man failed to convince the country's transport authorities that his personalized plate attempt was innocent..28 Delningar

The Local - 23 timmar sedan

Sweden the best performing Nordic nation in new ranking of world's top universities

Sweden is the best performing Nordic nation in the latest edition of an annual global university ranking, with 11 of its academic institutions in the top 500, and three in the top 100..1548 Delningar

The Local - 23 timmar sedan

Technical problems force SAS planes to turn back three times in a week

A Scandinavian Airlines flight from Copenhagen to Shanghai was forced to turn back due to a technical problem on Tuesday evening..65 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 11:27

Sweden's government and opposition parties agree new defence deal worth billions

Sweden's coalition government has agreed a new defence deal worth 2.7 billion kronor ($334 million) per year with two of the centre-right opposition parties..94 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 09:51

Almost 580,000 now waiting for apartments in Stockholm

The waiting time to get a rental apartment from Stockholm's housing queue has grown almost a year longer in the space of a year..1030 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 08:21

Björn Borg picks tennis ace for Europe vs World cup

Swedish tennis legend Björn Borg has picked a player for his Team Europe facing John McEnroe's Team World at a tournament to be attended by some of the world's best tennis stars..24 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 07:52

Swedish prisoners demand better toilet paper

Inmates at a Swedish prison have reported the institution to Sweden's Justice Ombudsman because they are unhappy with the quality of the toilet paper, Swedish public broadcaster SVT reports..262 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 06:59

Surströmming: What you need to know before trying Sweden's fermented herring

Before you turn your nose up at Sweden's pungent-smelling fermented surströmming, read this..269 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 17:18

Don't risk irritating Sweden's famous white elk, expert warns

Experts have warned sightseers hoping to catch a glimpse of Sweden's famous white elk to take care as the animal could be dangerous..231 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 17:04

Two injured in southern Stockholm shooting

Police have launched an attempted murder investigation after two people were injured in a shooting in southern Stockholm..72 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 14:43

Danish police take to air in search for missing Swedish journalist

Copenhagen Police are extending their search for the missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall by air after carrying out a forensic examination of the submarine on board which she was last seen concluded..27 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 12:58

Swedish app wants to 'make men think twice before sending unsolicited photos of their privates'

A Swedish tech wizard has explained to The Local why he built a website that allows people who have been sent unsolicited photos of genitals to find out the GPS coordinates of where the image was taken..248 Delningar

The Local - Igår: 12:24

Sweden hits inflation target for the first time in six years

Sweden reached its inflation target for the first time in more than six years in July, which could spell a return to normalized monetary policy after years of negative interest rates..102 Delningar

The Local - I förrgår: 10:56

Viral Swedish white elk's apple habit brings trespassing tourists to couple's garden

The famous Swedish white elk's celebrity is proving to be something of a moosance for one couple..362 Delningar

The Local - I förrgår: 08:43

Naked man on honking spree caused power failure

When a wind turbine stops working, it requires more than a little imagination to assume it was because a naked man switched it off before breaking into a number of parked cars to honk their horns..100 Delningar

The Local - I förrgår: 08:00

Swedes attended deadly rally in Charlottesville

Several Swedish far-right extremists took part in a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville in the US, where one counter-protester was killed and up to 20 injured, writes the Dagens Nyheter daily..334 Delningar

The Local - I förrgår: 06:59

'There is a window of opportunity to recruit in new ways in Sweden'

OPINION: Hiring outside your usual networks and taking advantage of immigrants' skills will pay off in the end, argues Kate Harris of Gothenburg-based jobs and integration initiative Opportunity Day..107 Delningar

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