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Thursday, 21 March, 23:33

The Local - 15 mar 19 kl. 16:15

Apple hits back at Spotify in anti-competition row

Apple has hit back at Spotify's accusations of stifling competition in the online music market, saying the Swedish streaming giant was trying to reap benefits without paying their costs..
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IDG - 30 mar 16 kl. 09:03

Apparna som gör Apple Music och Spotify betydligt bättre – och bra mycket roligare

Få tips om konserter, lyssna i klockan eller sjung med i texten. Här är tips på åtta appar som lyfter Apple Music och Spotify..

IDG - 02 apr 16 kl. 06:34

Kanye West pudlar - släpper nya skivan på Apple Music och Spotify

Säg aldrig, aldrig. Kanye West Tidalexklusiva skiva The Life of Pablo finns nu också på Apple Music och Spotify..

IDG - 26 aug 13 kl. 14:22

Samsung nekas ny prövning om Apple "bounce back"-patent

I bråket mellan Samsung och Apple har ett omtvistat patent fått särskild uppmärksamhet, nämligen patent 381 eller "bounce-back"-patentet. Apple fick rätt i frågan, och nu har den ansvarige domaren nekat Samsung ytterligare omprövning i frågan. .

SvD - 12 apr 15 kl. 15:58

Apple slår Spotify och Tidal på fingrarna

Taylor Swift lämnade Spotify, flirtade med Tidal och jagas nu av Apple, som även är på jakt efter flera artister inför kommande lansering av Beats music..

DN - 09 jun 15 kl. 12:03

Apple Music vs Spotify – vilken är bäst?

I och med lanseringen av Apples musiktjänst har det stora strömningskriget börjat. Men de främsta konkurrenterna Spotify och Apple präglas framför allt av sina likheter..

The Local - 26 jan 11 kl. 16:57

Stieg Larsson's brother hits back at book claims

The younger brother of Stieg Larsson has hit back at allegations made by the Millennium author's long-time partner by launching a website addressing a number of claims she makes in her new book..

The Local - 02 maj 16 kl. 15:09

Miss Sweden hits back at Obama Trump gibe

The former Miss Sweden has declared herself a fan of Donald Trump in a partial come-back for the billionaire to US President Barack Obama's gag about his foreign policy expertise..

The Local - 08 sep 16 kl. 07:59

Former Karolinska boss who lost Nobel spot hits back

The former president of the Karolinska Institute (KI) university who lost her job and her position on the panel that awards a Nobel Prize due to the Paolo Macchiarini scandal has fired back at critics..

DN - 10 sep 12 kl. 12:02

Apple radio hotar Spotify

Apples radiolansering med streamad musik utgör ett rejält hot för svenska musiktjänsten Spotify..

DN - 05 maj 15 kl. 12:24

Så planerar Apple att krossa Spotify

Myndigheter i USA granskar Apples offensiv mot Spotify..

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Stockholm apartment fraudster targeted foreigners in rental scam

A 26-year-old man who tricked more than a dozen people into paying thousands of kronor in rent for apartment contracts that did not exist has been jailed – and forced to repay the deposits..

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Cancel Brexit petition passes ONE MILLION signatures

A petition set up on Wednesday evening that calls for Britain to cancel Brexit and stay in the EU by revoking Article 50 rocketed past one million signatures on Thursday afternoon..

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Reader voices: What's it REALLY like working in Sweden as an international?

Sweden has been relying on foreign workers to plug its skills shortage for years, and the country is known both for an enviable work-life balance and for bureaucracy that can complicate work permit applications. The Local asked our readers about their experiences in Sweden: the good, the bad, and what the country can do to improve..

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Sweden's former China ambassador 'welcomes' criminal investigation

Sweden's former ambassador to China has been appointed a criminal lawyer in the ongoing investigation of her 'secret' meeting with the daughter of imprisoned bookseller Gui Minhai..

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Is this really Sweden's ugliest building?

Sweden is known around the world for its expansive natural spaces and sleek architectural design – but have you ever wondered which is the ugliest building in the country?.

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The scandal that made Charles Lindbergh's grandfather flee Sweden

Charles Lindbergh's 1933 visit to Sweden helps tell the story of how his grandfather fled the country 74 years earlier..

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Setback for Sweden's new anti-terror laws

Plans from the Swedish government to make it illegal to be part of a terrorist organization have hit an obstacle, with the country's legislative council saying the proposal goes against the Swedish constitution..

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The Local's Membership shortlisted for European media award

The Local is in the running for the European Digital Media Awards and it is all thanks to you – our Members..

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These Swedish towns are having their rainiest March in over 100 years

No, you didn't just imagine it. With ten days still to go, this March is already the rainiest on record across huge swathes of southern Sweden.. i Sociala medier

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