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Thursday, 21 February, 19:41

The Local - 12 feb 19 kl. 08:16

Apple 'furious' after Stockholm rejects plan for flagship store in iconic park

Stockholm's decision to scrap plans to allow Apple to build a new flagship store in the Swedish capital caused the tech giant to move to sever its ties with the city, according to a councillor..
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The Local - 28 nov 11 kl. 15:18

Shopping centre closed after Stockholm bomb threat

Kista shopping centre in northern Stockholm was closed for several hours on Monday after a masked gang robbed a jewellery store and a suspicious package was later found in a stairwell..

The Local - 03 aug 12 kl. 08:18

Police detain hooligans after Stockholm clash

Several clashes between supporters of Stockholm football team AIK and Polish team Lech Poznan were reported on Thursday evening in the capital after the Swedish side beat the Poles 3-0..

The Local - 03 aug 12 kl. 17:32

Baby dies after Stockholm suicide jump

A 3-month-old baby boy who was severely injured after his mother leapt from a bridge in central Stockholm with him in her arms last Saturday, has died in hospital..

SR - 04 jul 13 kl. 12:48

Ny publicering - First jail sentence after Stockholm riots

The first conviction following the Husby riots came in Stockholm, Thursday. A 26-year-old man was convicted of several charges including criminal damage after setting two cars alight in May. He was sentenced to six months in prison.

The Local - 27 apr 14 kl. 10:30

Three held after Stockholm pub shooting

Three people have been held on suspicion of attempted murder after a shooting in a restaurant in Skogås in southern Stockholm on Saturday evening which left three men injured, two seriously..

The Local - 31 jul 14 kl. 08:46

Two to hospital after Stockholm fire

Two people were taken to hospital in the early hours of Thursday morning after a fire began in their central Stockholm apartment..

The Local - 06 jan 15 kl. 09:47

One dead after Stockholm house fire

A person was found dead after a fire broke out in a home in Stockholm's south on Tuesday morning..

The Local - 18 jul 16 kl. 17:43

Man wakes up after Stockholm metro 'attack'

A 23-year-old man left fighting for his life after he was pushed in front of a train at Stockholm's central underground station is on the road to recovery, the prosecutor heading the investigation has confirmed..

The Local - 26 feb 17 kl. 15:10

Suspected rape after Stockholm unlicensed taxi journey

Two women were victims of suspected rape after taking an unlicensed taxi in northern Stockholm..

The Local - 30 mar 17 kl. 08:30

Man dies after Stockholm City Hall car crash

A man has been killed after a car crashed into Stockholm's City Hall on Wednesday night..

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The Local - 3 timmar sedan

Watchdog launches probe into Swedbank after money laundering allegations

Sweden's finance watchdog has announced an investigation into Swedbank over allegations that the lender may have been used for money laundering of billions of kronor, on the same day that the bank launched its own external investigation into the claims..

The Local - 7 timmar sedan

'I could be deported to Iran because Sweden doesn't believe I'm gay'

An Italian student in Stockholm is campaigning to save his boyfriend from being deported to Iran, after the 19-year-old's asylum application was rejected..

The Local - 7 timmar sedan

Several Swedish airport workers linked to criminal gangs: police report

Several people working at Sweden’s biggest airport have direct or indirect links to some of the country’s most notorious criminal networks, a leaked police report showed on Thursday..

The Local - 9 timmar sedan

Swedish word of the day: pröjsa

Learning this word is sure to pay off..

The Local - 10 timmar sedan

Self-driving buses to hit Swedish public roads next year

Two full-length self-driving buses are set to start trafficking a popular Stockholm route next year, reportedly making Sweden the first country in Europe to start deploying autonomous buses on public roads..

The Local - 11 timmar sedan

The day Stockholm was bombed by the Soviet Union

Seventy-five years ago, Sweden's questionable wartime neutrality, a Russian spy, and three "missing" Soviet bombers led to devastation in Stockholm..

The Local - 12 timmar sedan

Swedish teen’s worldwide strike for climate ‘without precedent’

”Strike for climate”. With that simple plea, 16-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg has inspired children worldwide to boycott classes under the anxious gaze of adults who don’t quite know how to react..

The Local - Igår: 15:41

Skåne has become the Danes' favourite getaway

If you go to a spa hotel, campsite, or nature reserve in Skåne this year, you may notice a strange yelping and rasping sound echoing around you. That is Danish..

The Local - Igår: 14:05

Sweden-Hungary relations turn frosty as diplomatic row escalates

A diplomatic row over Budapest's new family policy heated up between Sweden and Hungary on Wednesday..

The Local - Igår: 12:16

Swedish word of the day: hörni

Here's one of those words which will help you fake fluency in Swedish, as long as you use it correctly..

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