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The Local - 13 aug 18 kl. 07:16

Ten great co-working spots across Stockholm for freelancers and entrepreneurs

In the past few years, the co-working scene has boomed in Stockholm, with dozens of shared workspaces set up to accommodate the city's growing population of entrepreneurs, creatives and freelancers. Each spot has a different vibe ranging from simple café spots where you're welcome to plug in, log on and spend the day, to more elaborate office hubs with extra perks and materials available..
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The Local - 15 jul 14 kl. 08:02

Top ten Swedish beach hot spots

While Sweden is a popular for those seeking the great outdoors, the northern lights and the big city sights of beautiful Stockholm, few connect the country with a beach holiday. Here is ten reasons to think again..

The Local - 22 mar 17 kl. 06:59

Ten beautiful spots in Sweden you must visit this spring

While you may not want to ditch your cosy winter coat yet, you will be happy to notice the mercury climbing the thermometer over the next few weeks. To help you enjoy Sweden's allemansrätten this spring (the right for everyone to enjoy public and private land in the Swedish countryside) The Local has compiled ten spots of particular beauty to visit..

The Local - 30 jul 14 kl. 16:18

Top ten coffee spots in central Stockholm

If you're wondering where to grab your next cappucino, then wonder no more. The Local talked to the locals in Stockholm and found out the best spots in town for the ultimate fika experience..

The Local - 31 maj 18 kl. 12:48

The absolute best spots for a swim in Stockholm

It's too warm not to take a dip. Here are the ten best spots to do it in the Swedish capital..

E24 - 01 jul 11 kl. 12:52

Working out what China wants

We know what the west wants from a resurgent China. We have a pretty good sense of what China doesn't want from the west. What's missing from this story of global geopolitical upheaval is a clear idea of what China wants from its rise to great power status..

The Local - 07 aug 13 kl. 13:16

Top ten: Stockholm's best city swim spots

Where else in the world can you find a capital city which is not only surrounded by water, but is surrounded by water that you can safely swim in? We take a look at the ten best places in Stockholm to take a dip.    .

The Local - 01 aug 18 kl. 14:29

Ten brilliant spots for bookworms to visit across Sweden

Sweden has undoubtedly made its mark on the literary world, from the enduring appeal of Pippi Longstocking and other children's favourites to the Nordic noir mysteries that captured the world's imagination.. - 26 okt 17 kl. 12:54

A chat about digital transformation with the Nordic Manager at Adobe

Interview with Frank Attia Managing Director – Nordic at Adobe. Leader of the Nordic digital team, Frank takes care of the Nordic organisation. I asked a question what differs the Nordics from South Europe or USA (Frank said he always get this question).

Ekonomistas - 24 maj 17 kl. 08:37

Ekholm och Gerlach: BNP-multiplikatorerna avgörande för finanspolitikens tillväxteffekter

Detta är ett gästinlägg av Karolina Ekholm, statssekreterare på finansdepartementet med ansvar för ekonomisk analys och internationellt samarbete, och Peter Gerlach, planeringschef på finansdepartementet.  Den svenska ekonomin har vuxit snabbt de senaste åren. Att svensk ekonomi har återhämtat sig bättre från nedgången i samband med finanskrisen än de flesta EU-länder kan tillskrivas en rad faktorer, såsom att Sverige stod väl rustat inför finanskrisen, att det svenska näringslivet intagit en gynnsam position i många tillväxtnäringar, en relativt god demografi och vissa gynnsamma reformer under den förra regeringen. - 04 nov 17 kl. 03:41

Jon Ben Berger - An artist with a life full of music and a new album on the way

Jon Ben Berger is an american artist living in Uppsala. He is a legendary musician himself. He has also had many experiences during his long life as an active musician since the sixties.

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The Local - 6 timmar sedan

What's behind the rising inequality in Sweden's schools, and can it be fixed?

In the latest article of The Local's Sweden in Focus series and as students across the country start a new academic year, we look at why the area you live in and the family you're born into affects your education more than ever in Sweden, and what's being done to tackle the problem..

The Local - 6 timmar sedan

Postnord to raise prices over Christmas period

Postage and delivery to and from Sweden will be more expensive over the busy Christmas period with the postal service introducing an additional fee, Swedish media reported..

The Local - 8 timmar sedan

Sweden's parties fight for immigrant vote at 'Malmedalen' festival

Saturday saw the launch of 'Malmedalen', a new political festival where Sweden's parties can reach out to people in one of Malmö's most segregated districts. We went along to see if it can work..

The Local - 11 timmar sedan

Fighter jet crashes in southern Sweden

A fighter jet crashed in southern Sweden on Tuesday morning, said the Armed Forces..

The Local - 13 timmar sedan

Stockholm police prepare for neo-Nazi march on Saturday

Stockholm police on Monday granted permission to the neo-Nazi group Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) to carry out a march in Stockholm on Saturday..

The Local - 14 timmar sedan

Opinion: Sweden's healthcare system lets down victims of sexual violence

The #MeToo movement should have inspired political suggestions for improved care of mental health problems as a result of sexual violence and honour-based violence, but despite the fact it’s an election year, the initiatives have been lacking, writes a group of campaigners for better treatment of victims of sexual violence..

The Local - 14 timmar sedan

One arrested over 'dangerous object' in Stockholm apartment block

One person has been arrested after police reported finding a "suspicious object" at a building in Stockholm..

The Local - Igår: 21:31

Teen dies after being stabbed at Uppsala school

A 17-year-old boy died on Monday following a fight in an Uppsala schoolyard and two men in their 20s have been arrested on suspicion of murder, police said..

The Local - Igår: 20:21

Swedish MP under fire for posing with AR-15

Moderate MP Hanif Bali has been criticized by the prime minister, fellow MPs and the Newspapers Publishers Association (Tidningsutgivarna - TU) for posting a photo to Twitter in which he poses with an AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle used in a number of mass shootings in the US..

The Local - Igår: 17:48

Disposable grills may be permanently binned in Sweden

Following a summer of record wildfires that burned roughly 250,000 hectares of forest, Swedish retailers and local groups are proposing a permanent end to the sale of disposable grills..

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