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The Local - 27 jul 18 kl. 11:37

Members' quiz: How much do you know about Swedish names?

What are Swedes naming their newborn children these days, and what is the most common surname? Try our quiz for Members of The Local to find out..

The Local - 01 nov 18 kl. 07:59

Members' quiz: How well do you know Swedish food?

Do you know your pickled herring from your Swedish meatballs? Try The Local's food quiz and see if you're as knowledgeable as a Swedish chef..

The Local - 16 nov 18 kl. 17:20

Members' quiz: How much do you know about Swedish music?

The only Swedish music quiz in the world that doesn't contain one question about Abba..

The Local - 15 aug 18 kl. 12:27

Members' quiz: Do you know what these strange Swedish words mean?

Try our quick and fun quiz to find out how good your Swedish skills really are..

The Local - 24 aug 18 kl. 16:09

Members' quiz: Which of these is an Abba song?

How big an Abba fan are you really? Try our Members' quiz to find out..

The Local - 17 maj 18 kl. 10:30

Members' quiz: Do you know what these 'untranslatable' Swedish words mean?

Forget about lagom, there are plenty more supposedly untranslatable words in the Swedish language. But do you know what they all mean? Try our Members' quiz to find out..

The Local - 20 sep 18 kl. 15:41

Members' geography quiz: How well do you know the cities of Sweden?

How well-travelled are you? Take The Local's quick quiz to see how much you know about the cities of Sweden..

The Local - 16 jun 18 kl. 09:00

Members' quiz: Can you match these Swedish landmarks to their city?

Try our five-question quiz for Members and find out how well you really know Sweden..

The Local - 11 okt 18 kl. 08:48

Members' quiz: Sweden's highest, oldest and largest

How much do you really know about Sweden? Put your knowledge to the test in this week's quiz for Members of The Local..

The Local - 03 maj 18 kl. 07:59

QUIZ: How much do you really know about Abba?

Abba stunned the world last week when they announced they had reunited to record two new singles. But how much do you know about the group? Test your skills in this quiz for Members of The Local..

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The Local - 7 timmar sedan

Swedish word of the day: grina

Here's a word with not one meaning, but two, depending on where in the country you are..

The Local - 8 timmar sedan

Stockholm drone entrepreneur faces deportation for cutting own salary

A Stockholm-based drone entrepreneur has been ordered to leave Sweden within a month after an appeals court upheld a decision to deny him a work visa extension because he went several months without a salary..

The Local - 8 timmar sedan

Housing, health and family ties: Five key demographic differences in Sweden

In Sweden, the quality of your housing, family connections, and health is likely to vary significantly depending on where you were born and your level of education. These are some of the demographic differences highlighted in a new report by Statistics Sweden..

The Local - 7 timmar sedan

The Local has 7,000 reasons to celebrate the first anniversary of Membership

This time last year we asked readers to support us by becoming Members. This marked a new adventure for us and we are thrilled that 7,000 of you have joined us on the ride..

The Local - 13 timmar sedan

Sweden climbs in talent competitiveness ranking

Sweden has climbed slightly in a prestigious annual ranking of the world's most competitive countries, rising from ninth to eighth place in the report from a leading Swiss business school..

The Local - 13 timmar sedan

Deportations to Afghanistan go ahead after mass protest

Around ten rejected Afghan asylum seekers were transported to a Stockholm airport for deportation on Monday evening, following a mass protest outside the Migration Agency custody centre..

The Local - 15 timmar sedan

Sweden unveils hottest Christmas gift of 2018

Worried the festive season has become an exercise in consumerism and Black Friday shopping? Swedish retailers predict the Christmas gift of the year will be something much more sustainable..

The Local - 15 timmar sedan

Swedish Academy to let outsiders help pick Nobel Prize for the first time in its history

Will the move to expand its Nobel Literature Prize jury to include non-members help save the Swedish Academy?.

The Local - 15 timmar sedan

'In Sweden I discovered a new country and rediscovered my own'

"Let's start at the beginning of the adventure," says actor Simone Coppo, speaking to The Local from his Rome apartment to discuss his role in the hugely successful Swedish drama Vår tid är nu..

The Local - Igår: 16:46

Activists protest against deportation of 50 people to Afghanistan

Around 100 people have gathered in Märsta, north of Stockholm, on Monday in an attempt to stop the deportation of a group of Afghan citizens.. i Sociala medier

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