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The Local - 21 jun 18 kl. 10:44

Members' quiz: Test your Swedish Midsummer knowledge

It's time for arguably the biggest Swedish holiday of the year (depending on whether you prefer summer or winter), but just how much do you know about Midsummer? Test your knowledge here..

The Local - 11 jun 18 kl. 13:30

Members' Quiz: Test your knowledge of Sweden at the World Cup

The World Cup kicks off this week, with Sweden hoping to get out of a group containing Germany, Mexico and South Korea. So how much do you know about Sweden's World Cup history?.

The Local - 17 maj 18 kl. 10:30

Members' quiz: Do you know what these 'untranslatable' Swedish words mean?

Forget about lagom, there are plenty more supposedly untranslatable words in the Swedish language. But do you know what they all mean? Try our Members' quiz to find out..

The Local - 12 jul 18 kl. 09:33

Members' quiz: How good is your Swedish?

Do you know what these Swedish words really mean? Try our quiz for Members of The Local to find out..

The Local - 15 aug 18 kl. 12:27

Members' quiz: Do you know what these strange Swedish words mean?

Try our quick and fun quiz to find out how good your Swedish skills really are..

The Local - 11 maj 18 kl. 10:21

Members' quiz: Do you know what these Swedish sayings really mean?

From boiled pork to owls in the bog, the Swedish language has some seriously silly sayings. But do you know what they all mean? Try our quiz for Members to find out..

The Local - 16 jun 18 kl. 09:00

Members' quiz: Can you match these Swedish landmarks to their city?

Try our five-question quiz for Members and find out how well you really know Sweden..

The Local - 27 jul 18 kl. 11:37

Members' quiz: How much do you know about Swedish names?

What are Swedes naming their newborn children these days, and what is the most common surname? Try our quiz for Members of The Local to find out..

The Local - 03 maj 18 kl. 07:59

QUIZ: How much do you really know about Abba?

Abba stunned the world last week when they announced they had reunited to record two new singles. But how much do you know about the group? Test your skills in this quiz for Members of The Local..

The Local - 20 apr 18 kl. 14:50

Swedish for Members: Do you know what these words really mean?

Do you know what a linslus is? Take The Local's quiz and see how good your Swedish is compared to the rest of our Members..

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The Local - 2 timmar sedan

Moderate Party sinks in new poll as election nears

Sweden’s centre-right Moderate Party has lost significant voter support in recent months, putting its hopes of forcing the Social Democrats out of power after September’s general election in danger..

The Local - 5 timmar sedan

Swedish Academy refuses call for new prize committee

The Swedish institution which awards the Nobel Prize in Literature has refused a call for a new prize committee replacing members tainted by this year’s crisis with outside experts..

The Local - 20 timmar sedan

Sweden grapples with neo-Nazis in election campaign

Sweden's authorities have long struggled with how to handle marches by the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR). Now the openly racist and anti-Semitic group is campaigning in the general election for the first time..

The Local - Igår: 13:13

13 sure signs you've mastered the Swedish language

Anyone who's attempted it will admit that the Swedish language has its tricky aspects. The unique sounds, the rules regarding word order, and the frankly obscene number of plural forms all make it difficult to master, leaving many learners uncertain how to reply when asked the inevitable questions of 'do you speak Swedish?' and the ensuing 'so are you fluent?

The Local - Igår: 10:54

Sweden's Princess Estelle to start school at 'elite' institution

Sweden’s Princess Estelle is preparing for her first day at school on Tuesday — but while her mother went to a municipally-run primary, the six-year-old royal will start at an institution founded by a Stockholm property magnate..

The Local - Igår: 09:13

16 injured after Flixbus travelling from Stockholm to Berlin tips over in crash

Several people have been injured after a long-distance bus to Berlin crashed on Friday morning..

The Local - Igår: 09:23

Number of cannabis users in Sweden hits all-time high

The proportion of adults in Sweden who regularly use cannabis is increasing, according to a new study published on Friday..

The Local - Igår: 07:31

Malmedalen: New political festival launched in troubled Swedish suburb

A Swedish social entrepreneur will this Saturday launch a new rival to Sweden’s giant political festival Almedalen in Rosengård, a district of Malmö known for segregation, unemployment, shootings and riots..

The Local - Igår: 17:37

Swedish reindeer herders call for rescue package after drought

Sweden's indigenous Sami reindeer herders have called for urgent economic support to counter the effects of the unusually warm summer this year, as well as long-term measures to mitigate climate change..

The Local - Igår: 18:41

What's behind the car burnings in western Sweden?

After a spate of car fires in western Sweden and other parts of the country, The Local spoke to experts and a local resident to learn more about the causes of the unrest, and the possible consequences for the community.. i Sociala medier

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