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Tuesday, 22 January, 03:24

The Local - 16 maj 18 kl. 13:33

Swedish airline cancels all flights after filing for bankruptcy

Regional airline Nextjet announced on Wednesday it was filing for bankruptcy..
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The Local - 04 mar 15 kl. 07:31

Norwegian cancels all flights in Scandinavia

Budget airline Norwegian Air Shuttle has cancelled all flights in Scandinavia on Wednesday due to the escalation of a pilots' strike, with Swedish and Danish pilots joining their Norwegian colleagues who walked out five days ago..

The Local - 22 maj 12 kl. 07:07

Swedish airline Skyways files for bankruptcy

Swedish budget airline Skyways Express has cancelled all flights after it and it's City Airline subsidiary filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday morning..

The Local - 17 jan 11 kl. 14:01

Swedish charter operator cancels all Tunisia trips

Swedish tour operator Apollo has cancelled all its scheduled trips to Tunisia until early May in response to continued political unrest in the North African country..

The Local - 18 jun 15 kl. 07:14

Swedish prosecutor cancels Assange meeting

Swedish prosecutors have scrapped an appointment to question Julian Assange in London this week over sex allegations, the WikiLeaks founder's lawyers told Sweden's main news agency..

DI - 17 apr 12 kl. 12:55

Swedish Match på all time high

Tändsticks- och tobaksbolaget Swedish Match har ännu en gång tagit sig upp på rekordnivåer. Strax före klockan 12 handlades aktien för 275 kronor. Det innebär att den har gått upp mer än 170 procent sedan botten 2008..

The Local - 25 apr 12 kl. 07:27

Trust in Swedish royals at all-time low: report

New figures show that the Swedish public has less confidence in the royal family than ever before, despite the recent wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel..

The Local - 26 apr 12 kl. 11:00

Gay Swedish footballer bares all for charity

The bare buttocks of Anton Hysén, who last year came out as the first openly gay Swedish male footballer, have been put up for auction to raise money for a gay rights group in Russia..

The Local - 24 jul 13 kl. 15:01

Swedish politician bares all in Instagram gaff

Swedish politician Lars Ohly made headlines in Sweden on Wednesday after inadvertently showing more than he bargained for in an Instagram post of a tattoo on his inner thigh.    .

The Local - 09 mar 16 kl. 16:05

Swedish billionaire 'buys all his clothes at flea markets'

He may be the founder of Ikea. But frugal billionaire Ingvar Kamprad has revealed he buys his clothes at flea markets to save money, in a documentary being broadcast on Swedish television..

The Local - 19 okt 11 kl. 10:20

Half of Swedish pilots sleep in the cockpit

More than half the pilots in the Swedish Airline Pilots Association admit to having fallen asleep in the cockpit during flights, according to a new independent study..

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The Local - 10 timmar sedan

Swedish word of the day: doldis

Today's Swedish word of the day is doldis, which is the opposite of the more common word kändis..

The Local - 10 timmar sedan

Who's who in Sweden's new government?

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has presented the ministers who will be part of Sweden's government for the next four years..

The Local - 15 timmar sedan

Stefan Löfven welcomes start of 'historic' era in Swedish politics

Stefan Löfven addressed the Swedish parliament for the first time on Monday after being voted back in as prime minister a record 131 days after the election..

The Local - 18 timmar sedan

Here's why your power bills are getting more expensive

A cold winter has sent the cost of electricity soaring in Sweden..

The Local - 19 timmar sedan

Stefan Löfven's new cabinet: Who's in and who's out?

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is set to reveal who will be part of his new government today, marking the end of a record-long wait after a general election..

The Local - Igår: 15:51

Politician leaves Sweden Democrats after referencing Olof Palme murder in social media post

A politician with Sweden’s anti-immigration party Sweden Democrats (SD) has left the party after making a social media post that referred to the assassination of former prime minister Olof Palme..

The Local - Igår: 14:02

South Korean envoy to join meetings with North, US in Sweden: ministry

The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has confirmed that South Korean envoy Lee Do-Hoon will participate in high-level meetings with the United States and North Korea..

The Local - Igår: 12:05

Zlatan calls Galaxy 'number one priority'

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, having played for several of Europe's finest clubs since his top-level debut 20 years ago, says the Los Angeles Galaxy are now his top priority..

The Local - I förrgår: 17:58

Sweden’s Postnord could raise postage price after record losses

The number of letters sent via Postnord in Sweden fell by a record amount in the second half of 2018..

The Local - I förrgår: 17:19

Swedish citizens arrested in Spain on drugs charges

Two people from Sweden have been arrested in Barcelona on suspicion of serious drugs and weapons offences..

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