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The Local - 13 mar 18 kl. 10:05

Sweden's Social Democrats propose ban on religious independent schools

Sweden's governing Social Democrat party has proposed bringing an end to religious independent schools in the country as part of its manifesto for the autumn general election..
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The Local - 14 feb 17 kl. 17:06

Sweden's Social Democrats to propose limits on migrant labour

Sweden's governing Social Democrats want to make it more difficult for low-paid jobs in the country to be offered to migrant labour from outside of the EU, with the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) backing the proposal. But coalition government partners the Greens disagree..

The Local - 19 feb 12 kl. 11:02

Löfven lifts Social Democrats in poll results

The Social Democrats' new leader Stefan Löfven has been a major lift for his party. In less than a month, support for the Social Democrats has grown by 4.6 percentage units, the newest opinion poll from polling firm Sifo shows..

The Local - 31 jan 18 kl. 15:57

Social Democrats to fight election on right-wing turf

Sweden's ruling Social Democrats have announced a plan to win the votes of 350,000 undecideds wavering between them and the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats..

The Local - 28 jul 17 kl. 17:36

Social Democrats evoke Obama election poster in campaign to back defence minister

With a no-confidence motion looming, the Social Democrats have launched a social media campaign evoking Barack Obama's 'Hope' poster to back Defence Minister Hultqvist..

The Local - 14 feb 11 kl. 16:35

Social Democrats 'bunch of navel-gazers': report

As new poll numbers show Sweden's Social Democrats continue to slide in popularity, the party's crisis commission has proposed it increase the influence of members, trim its board numbers and launch an open nomination process..

The Local - 09 mar 11 kl. 10:50

Understanding the Social Democrats' leadership crisis

The Swedish Social Democrats' selection of a replacement for outgoing party leader Mona Sahlin has turned into the most acute crisis in the party's history, political scientist Nicholas Aylott explains..

The Local - 02 maj 11 kl. 11:19

Social Democrats call for Swedish Muslim holiday

Sweden's Social Democrats argued on Monday for a review of Sweden's public holidays, arguing that as a multicultural country, the Muslim community should also be recognised..

The Local - 18 maj 11 kl. 08:10

Social Democrats in Libya mission u-turn

The Social Democrats have amended their stand on Sweden's participation in the UN-backed mission to impose a no-fly zone over Libya, expressing their support for an extension and expansion of the Swedish presence..

The Local - 27 maj 11 kl. 08:49

Poll: Social Democrats Sweden's largest party

The Social Democrats have reclaimed the title of Sweden's largest political party for the first time since the 2010 elections, a new poll shows..

The Local - 27 maj 11 kl. 18:19

Hooligans should report to police: Social Democrats

The Social Democrats want Sweden to implement new laws requiring known hooligans to report to the police during sports events before the start of the next football season..

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The Local - 1 timme sedan

Danish court views videos in submarine inventor's trial

The trial of Danish submarine inventor Peter Madsen, accused of murdering Swedish journalist Kim Wall, resumed Wednesday as prosecutors disputed his account that she died accidentally aboard his vessel and suggested he was obsessed with beheadings..

The Local - 3 timmar sedan

Gamers have just as many friends as non-gamers, Swedish researchers say

The reputation of gamers as a lonely bunch is wrong, reports ScienceNordic. Young Swedish gamers seem to do just fine with friendships, a new study suggests..

The Local - 5 timmar sedan

Holocaust survivor and grandchild of Nazis speak out against hate and racism

A Holocaust survivor and the granddaughter of Nazis told The Local that they hope an evocative new art installation will spread a message of community across the world..

The Local - 9 timmar sedan

How to survive the pollen allergy season in Sweden

The pollen season is fast approaching and allergy sufferers will be less than thrilled to learn it's set to be a particularly bad one in Sweden this year. To make your life easier, The Local has some handy tips for how to survive the ordeal....

The Local - 10 timmar sedan

Two thirds of Swedes want to ditch seasonal time changes: poll

This Sunday the clocks will move forward by one hour in Sweden, but it seems the practice has little support in the present day as a new polls shows that two thirds of Swedes are in favour of scrapping the shift to and from daylight saving time..

The Local - 11 timmar sedan

Cold northern air delays arrival of Swedish spring

The arrival of spring in Sweden has been delayed as cold air from the north takes hold in the country, relegating the change of season to the furthest south of Skåne for the moment..

The Local - 12 timmar sedan

Danish inventor's version of Swedish journalist murder disputed

The trial of Danish submarine builder Peter Madsen, accused of murdering and mutilating Swedish journalist Kim Wall, resumes Wednesday as prosecutors dispute his account that she died accidentally aboard his vessel..

The Local - 12 timmar sedan

The Local's eight best Swedish words of the week

The Local regularly asks people in Sweden to name their favourite Swedish word and explain why they love it so much, and the results are often surprising. Here are eight of our favourites so far, ranging from something sneaky, to outer space..

The Local - Igår: 15:41

Spy poison claim against Sweden 'just a guess': Russia

Moscow's suggestion that Sweden may have produced a deadly nerve agent used to poison a former Russian spy in Britain was just speculation and not an accusation, Russia's ambassador to Sweden said on Tuesday..

The Local - Igår: 14:59

Sweden considering diplomatic snub of Russia World Cup

Sweden is one of several Nordic countries considering not sending officials to the Russia World Cup in support of the UK's partial boycott..

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