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The Local - 23 aug 17 kl. 07:44

Fresh calls for Swedish opposition Moderate leader to be replaced

More voices within Sweden’s centre-right opposition Moderate party have expressed their desire for leader Anna Kinberg Batra to be replaced, just a few months after she survived a previous push..

The Local - 25 aug 17 kl. 09:39

Moderate opposition leader Anna Kinberg Batra resigns

Anna Kinberg Batra, the leader of Sweden's main opposition party, has said she will step down, with just over one year to go to the general election..

The Local - 24 jun 16 kl. 16:56

Swedish opposition rejects talk of 'Swexit' poll

Sweden’s centre-right opposition Alliance parties have lamented the results of the UK referendum on EU membership but said that Sweden’s future is within the community, nipping in the bud any talk of a similar Swedish referendum.

The Local - 08 aug 13 kl. 13:49

'Ask Obama about Gitmo and labour': opposition

Swedish opposition leader Stefan Löfven has said the government must address Guantanamom, also referred to as Gitmo, during the upcoming state visit by US President Barack Obama.    .

The Local - 12 feb 14 kl. 11:08

Swedish gang leader to face court in Turkey

The leader of Sweden's Original Gangsters criminal gang is set to stand trial in Turkey on charges stemming from fire bomb attacks in Gothenburg and Stockholm he is alleged to have planned..

The Local - 26 jul 17 kl. 09:15

Swedish opposition announces no-confidence motion against three government ministers

Sweden's opposition Alliance coalition has announced it plans a motion of no confidence against three government ministers as a result of the transport data leak that made top secret police databases available to foreign IT workers..

The Local - 08 sep 14 kl. 17:13

Opposition leader says 'gypsy' twice on radio

The leader of the Social Democrats apologized after he used the word "gypsy" during a radio interview on Monday..

The Local - 07 dec 13 kl. 10:15

Irish-Swedish footballer wins Sweden's Idol

Irish-Swedish footballer Kevin Walker won Swedish Pop Idol on Friday night completing a story which has captivated the media, both in Sweden and internationally, during the autumn..

The Local - 27 nov 13 kl. 15:51

Swedish opposition to scrap migrant-worker law

The left-wing opposition stands ready to tear up the controversial Laval Law, which differentiates between domestic and foreign workers, if the Social Democrat party wrests power from the government in next year's elections..

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The Local - 3 timmar sedan

VIDEO: Swedish church plays Avicii's 'Wake Me Up' in tribute

A church in Stockholm has paid tribute to Avicii by playing the DJ's hit "Wake Me Up" on its bell tower..

The Local - 6 timmar sedan

More faith in the EU and the economy: Six changes in Swedish opinion

Swedes are feeling more positive about the economy, showing greater support for the EU and improved faith in public institutions like schools and police. But they are also pessimistic about developments in Sweden in general, not particularly confident in politicians, and want to see new political alliances in government..

The Local - 7 timmar sedan

Danish inventor Peter Madsen sentenced to life in jail

Danish inventor Peter Madsen has been sentenced to life in jail over the murder of Swedish freelance journalist Kim Wall..

The Local - 11 timmar sedan

Spotify just made its free tier way better

Spotify has unveiled a major expansion of its free service, giving users greater control of what songs to play..

The Local - 11 timmar sedan

What exactly is Swedish Valborg, and where are the best places to celebrate it?

If you've been in Sweden through the winter, you're probably ready to welcome summer with open arms. The Walpurgis (Valborg) celebrations across the country on April 30th offer you the perfect chance to do that: here's a selection of the best places to join in the festivities, and a reminder of exactly what we're celebrating again..

The Local - 12 timmar sedan

Your best Instagram snaps of spring in Sweden

The Local rounds up some of our best spring (and summer!) pictures from our Instagram followers..

The Local - 12 timmar sedan

Copenhagen court to announce verdict in submarine murder trial

A Copenhagen court is today set to rule whether or not to convict Danish inventor Peter Madsen of murdering Swedish journalist Kim Wall on board his submarine before throwing her body parts into the sea..

The Local - Igår: 17:21

Meet the Indian entrepreneur who cooked for Modi and Löfven in Stockholm

The Stockholm chef who cooked for PMs Modi and Löfven during the Indian leader's visit to Sweden told The Local the two gave his food glowing reviews..

The Local - Igår: 14:40

Study Swedish or lose welfare, Swedish Social Democrats propose

Sweden's governing Social Democrats want to make it obligatory for immigrants to study Swedish in order to claim welfare..

The Local - Igår: 11:25

'What the…?': Swedes can't stop laughing at this phallic clam

A fishmonger in western Sweden made customers laugh so hard they had to leave the store after presenting their unusual new stock: the giant, phallic geoduck clam..

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