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The Local - 28 nov 17 kl. 14:59

In depth: Why is Sweden deporting its foreign professionals?

International workers have been hard hit by bureaucratic residence permit rules. The Local takes a closer look at why Sweden needs to act before it's too late..
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The Local - 02 mar 12 kl. 11:26

Why Sweden has had a good crisis

Stockholm University professor Lars Calmfors explains why Sweden has so far escaped relatively unscathed from the financial crisis - and how the latest bout of uncertainty might affect the economy..

The Local - 17 nov 17 kl. 16:35

PODCAST: Why is Sweden deporting its most talented workers?

On this week's podcast we look at Sweden's controversial work permit maze, and we also swear a bit (sorry)..

The Local - 26 aug 14 kl. 16:55

Why Sweden's election oozes uncertainty

Sweden's prime minister got his claws out on Tuesday, accusing the opposition of "promising everything to everyone". With the elections just weeks away, an expert tells us how and why the campaigning is heating up..

The Local - 05 maj 15 kl. 16:21

Why Sweden's economy is 'brightening' in 2015

Sweden's economy is set to get a boost in 2015 and the coming years, with "strong investment and a brightening outlook for exports", according to a key EU report released on Tuesday. The Local looks at why the Nordic nation is on the up..

The Local - 13 nov 15 kl. 10:21

Why Sweden will beat Denmark in Euro playoff

Sweden is set to take on Denmark in the first leg of the Euro 2016 qualifiers on Saturday night. Here is why the Swedish footballers will win..

The Local - 22 dec 15 kl. 10:08

Why Sweden's economy is set to boom in 2016

Sweden's economy is set to grow in the new year, despite a housing shortage, the refugee crisis and negative interest rates. The Local's intern August Håkansson spoke to financial experts to find out why..

The Local - 07 jul 16 kl. 16:28

Five reason's why Sweden's Almedalen is like Survivor

What's Sweden's Almedalen Week, you rightly ask? It's basically a sort of political version of TV show Survivor. Here are five reasons why....

The Local - 28 mar 14 kl. 09:29

Why Sweden should cherish pupils who blocked Sweden Democrat

A national newspaper has slammed a group of students who prevented a young Sweden Democrats from speaking at their school. But really we should be proud they took a stand, argues contributor Ruben Brunsveld..

The Local - 12 dec 17 kl. 15:53

Why Sweden is no longer the world's 'goodest' country

Sweden is no longer the country making the most significant contribution to the greater good of humanity, according to an index in which Sweden dropped from first to sixth place in one year..

The Local - 13 dec 11 kl. 11:08

Why Sweden should stay out of the EU budget pact

European leaders have failed to help solve the current debt crisis, and Sweden shouldn't think of signing on to a plan that amounts to an attempt to remake Europe into a super-bureaucratized dream, argues Swedish liberal commentator Johan Norberg..

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The Local - 9 timmar sedan

Pest control brought in to keep rats away from Swedish hospital entrance

Rat catchers been brought in to keep rats from the entrance to the psychiatric clinic at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö..

The Local - 10 timmar sedan

Sweden's Feminist Initiative stands by 'pink politics' in new climate

Sweden's feminist party says it will base its election campaign on similar 'pink policies' to those adopted in the past, despite a change in political climate..

The Local - 13 timmar sedan

Sweden reports shorter waiting times for asylum decisions

Sweden's immigration agency Migrationsverket has reduced processing times for asylum applications, according to a report..

The Local - Igår: 17:01

China interested in Sweden-Denmark tunnel: report

A Chinese company will put forth a proposal to build a tunnel between Helsingborg in Sweden and Helsingør in Denmark, the so-called HH-tunnel..

The Local - Igår: 15:56

Swedish teenagers accused of attacking teacher with cucumber in social media prank

Two boys aged between 15 and 18 are suspected of physically assaulting a teacher at a school in Karlstad by hitting her on the head with a cucumber..

The Local - Igår: 14:24

USA curlers celebrate after beating Sweden in Olympic final, despite medal mishap

America's men's curlers produced a dramatic win over Sweden to win their first Olympic gold medal and delight a growing army of fans back home -- and then received the wrong medals..

The Local - I förrgår: 12:51

Sweden's armed forces want to double defence budget by 2035

Sweden's defence budget should be doubled by 2035, the armed forces have said..

The Local - I förrgår: 12:36

How to manage your pension in Sweden – even if you're not planning to stay

In the excitement of getting stuck into life in a new country and tackling all the challenges that presents, it's easy for pensions to slip down the list of things to keep track of. This is especially true if you don't plan to stay in Sweden long-term. But don't let it fall off the radar; follow The Local's guide to manage and maximize your Swedish pension, even if you don't intend to stay here permanently..

The Local - I förrgår: 08:43

Swedish PM to hold joint press conference with Donald Trump

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will hold a joint press conference with US President Donald Trump when the Nordic leader visits the US in March..

The Local - I förrgår: 07:46

Boy survives as car plunges into freezing water in Sweden, killing one

A nine-year-old boy survived a plunge into almost freezing water after the car he was in drove under the surface at a Swedish ferry port, killing one..

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