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The Local - 19 maj 17 kl. 11:09

Breaking: Sweden lifts arrest warrant against Julian Assange and ends investigation

Swedish prosecutors have decided to end the rape investigation into Julian Assange and lift the Europe-wide arrest warrant against him in the seven-year-old case..
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The Local - 23 feb 11 kl. 11:45

Sweden lifts all Egypt travel warnings

Sweden has dropped all advisories warning against travel to Egypt, the foreign ministry announced on Tuesday..

The Local - 02 maj 17 kl. 16:36

Breaking: Sweden to end ID checks on trains from Denmark

Sweden is to end ID checks on buses, trains and ferries travelling between the country and Denmark, the Swedish government has announced..

The Local - 17 okt 14 kl. 17:44

Sweden scrambles against foreign subs off Stockholm

BREAKING: Sweden's military has deployed planes and ships in the Stockholm Archipelago against what it says is a threat from foreign submarines in the Stockholm Archipelago..

DN - 24 feb 17 kl. 23:41

Fake Sweden expert on Fox News – has criminal convictions in US, no connection to Swedish security

Fox News continues to focus on the debate about how immigration is breaking Sweden. One guest last night, described as a ”Swedish defense and national security advisor”, spoke about the problems caused by criminality in Swedish cities and suburbs. But neither the Swedish Defence Ministry nor Foreign Office have heard of the expert..

Biotech Sweden - 17 sep 12 kl. 11:20

Välkommen till Life Science Sweden!

Biotech Sweden växer och blir Life Science Sweden. Här berättar chefredaktör Ingrid Heath om den nya tidningen..

Biotech Sweden - 07 maj 12 kl. 11:30

Osäker framtid när Invest Sweden läggs ner

Regeringens förslag om att Invest Sweden ska slås ihop med Exportrådet möts med oro. Frågan är hur främjandet av investeringar inom life science-branschen kommer att fungera i framtiden..

Computer Sweden - 15 jun 12 kl. 14:30

Visiting Sweden? Choose a cheap prepaid mobile data plan

Fed up with outrageous roaming bills after your vacation abroad? If you?re visiting Sweden, you can save thousands by switching to a Swedish prepaid mobile data plan.

Computer Sweden - 21 jan 13 kl. 13:53

Grattis, Computer Sweden - 30 år i dag!

Den 21 januari 1983 lämnade första numret av Computer Sweden pressarna. Läs premiärnumret här..

Computer Sweden - 27 mar 13 kl. 11:00

Computer Sweden får ny app för Iphone och Android

Lagom till påsk har vi lanserat nya appar för Iphone och Android som gör det lättare att hålla koll på det senaste från Computer Sweden..

The Local - 28 apr 11 kl. 08:06

Sweden seeks clarity on FARC suspect arrest

Sweden has demanded an explanation from Venezuela as to why it was not informed about the arrest of one its nationals suspected of links to the FARC rebels or his extradition to Colombia..

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The Local - 4 timmar sedan

Performance gap between immigrant pupils and native Swedes has grown: report

The performance gap between pupils born in Sweden and those born abroad has increased sharply as a consequence of demographics shifts according to a new report into the factors behind immigrant pupils performing worse than native Swedes..

The Local - 7 timmar sedan

Beware new +252 telephone scam, Swedish police warn

Police in Sweden are warning the public to avoid answering calls from unknown foreign numbers after apparent telephone scammers from Somalia targeted Swedish phones..

The Local - 9 timmar sedan

IN PICTURES: Celebrating Stockholm's metro, the world's longest art gallery

With artwork filling a 110 kilometre long network, Stockholm's metro (Tunnelbana) is said to be the world's longest art gallery, and it is now possible to browse some of the standout pieces and learn about their history without being in the Swedish capital..

The Local - 12 timmar sedan

Confidence in Sweden's police increases following Stockholm terror attack

There has been a turnaround in public faith in Sweden's police, with confidence levels at a 14 month high following the Stockholm terror attack..

The Local - 13 timmar sedan

Sweden's rising star Alex Norén wants more after European PGA title win

Sweden's Alex Norén believes his win in the European PGA Championship at Wentworth on Sunday puts him in with a chance in the season's three remaining major championships..

The Local - 14 timmar sedan

Swedish movie 'The Square' stuns Cannes with shock Palme d'Or win

Swedish satire "The Square", a send-up of political correctness and the confused identity of the modern male, won the Palme d'Or top prize at the Cannes film festival Sunday..

The Local - Igår: 17:44

British serial killer Peter Sutcliffe linked to unsolved Sweden murders

Peter Sutcliffe, the British serial killer known as the “Yorkshire Ripper” who was convicted of murdering 13 women and attempting to murder seven others during the 1970s, has been linked to two unsolved murders in Sweden..

The Local - Igår: 14:48

Swedish Green Party leader: 'Many seem to have given up'

The co-spokesperson of the Swedish Miljöpartiet (Green Party) said at its annual conference that the party faces its most challenging election ever..

The Local - Igår: 12:33

Isis-linked man was released by Swedish authorities: report

A man who was found to sympathise with the Islamic State terror group was released by Swedish authorities even though they wanted to deport him, according to a report..

The Local - 26 maj 17 kl. 16:44

Police car flips after officers are attacked in Uppsala

A police car crashed into a streetlight then flipped onto its roof as officers were attacked with stones and other objects during an incident at a camp for EU migrants in Swedish city Uppsala.. i Sociala medier

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