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Saturday, 29 April, 03:37

The Local - 21 apr 17 kl. 11:01

Here's when spring will return to Sweden

It's been an unusually cold April in Sweden, but don't despair: there's light on the horizon..
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The Local - 10 feb 16 kl. 07:56

Swedish coast guard prepares for spring refugee dockings

Staff say it will become more difficult to patrol waters between Sweden and Denmark when locals start sailing for pleasure in the spring.. - 15 mar 17 kl. 03:40

Recension: Gränslöst med Will Courtney och Cordovas

Det är den tredje kvällen på Klubb Uffe, samarbetet mellan Rootsy Music och Katalin, och vi får uppleva musik som är fullständigt gränslös och helt underbar. Det är den tredje kvällen på Klubb Uffe, samarbetet mellan Rootsy Music och Katalin, och vi får uppleva musik som är fullständigt gränslös och helt underbar.   Kvällen börjar med den mycket begåvade Will Courtney som kliver ut på golvet ensam med sin gitarr.

The Local - 29 mar 16 kl. 16:15

Why home owners will struggle when Swedish rates rise

Swedes’ mortgage debts are continuing to grow and a lot of people will struggle to pay their bills if and when record-low interest rates start to climb, new figures show..

The Local - 12 apr 13 kl. 10:10

Sweden's spring hopes crushed by blizzard warning

Just when Swedes were getting their hopes up for some spring sunshine, Sweden's weather agency SMHI issued a warning that twenty centimetres of fresh snow may fall over the weekend..

The Local - 24 feb 15 kl. 14:48

Early spring brings pollen misery for some

Spring has sprung in southern Sweden where the new season is deemed to have arrived when temperatures remain above freezing for seven says in a row. But the milder weather isn't all good news for hayfever sufferers..

E24 - 07 jun 11 kl. 10:05

When China becomes number one

How will it feel when China becomes the world's largest economy? We may find out quite soon. A few weeks ago, the International Monetary Fund issued a report that suggested China would be number one within five years..

The Local - 26 feb 13 kl. 09:34

Agency to cancer patient: when will you die?

Sweden's social insurance agency demanded that a 23-year-old cancer patient provide written proof of when he was expected to die before granting him benefits..

The Local - 13 mar 14 kl. 07:58

Weekend snow to erase early Swedish spring

Temperatures will dip below zero in parts of the country on the weekend, reversing a spell of sunshine and high temperatures that brought spring to Sweden early in the season. Northern Swedes can get their skis and sledges out of storage again - there is snow on the horizon..

The Local - 06 maj 14 kl. 11:31

'Swedish boys will court your immigrant daughters'

When his twin daughters were born, The Local correspondent Paul Connolly was told they'd be hot property on the dating market when they grew up - because his girls offered "fresh genes". He argues that Sweden's north needs all the new blood it can get, and that Northerners are well aware of it..

The Local - 02 mar 15 kl. 17:58

Sweden in for 'warmer than usual' spring

Sweden could be just the place to soak up some sun this spring, as experts predict the country will see unusually high temperatures in March..

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The Local - 11 timmar sedan

This is officially Sweden's best city for students

Which of Sweden's cities is the best for students? Perhaps it's Lund with its cobbled streets, or Uppsala with its strong culture of student associations? What about Gothenburg, with its array of pubs, or Stockholm and all the attractions the capital offers?.

The Local - 14 timmar sedan

Everything you need to know about the Swedish murder case that's stranger than fiction

Fraud, forgery, bribery, threats, drowning and stabbings: it's not the work of fiction, but the details that have now emerged from a high-profile Swedish murder case. The Local picks apart the key allegations from the complicated "summer cottage murder" case..

The Local - 15 timmar sedan

In pictures: Get a sneak peek of Stockholm's new Viking museum

"We will crush the myths about the Vikings," one of the people behind the new museum told The Local..

The Local - 18 timmar sedan

Woman dies from Stockholm terror attack injuries

The number of people killed in the April 7th Stockholm terror attack has risen to five after a woman died in hospital, Sweden’s police have confirmed..

The Local - 19 timmar sedan

Litter levels rising in many Swedish towns and cities: survey

Litter is becoming an increasing problem in Sweden, according to a campaign organization..

The Local - 20 timmar sedan

Football fans attack Swedish police in 'violent riot'

More than two dozen football supporters attacked police after a home game in Norrköping..

The Local - 20 timmar sedan

Recipe: How to make Swedish cloudberry soufflé

Food writer John Duxbury shares his recipe for a very impressive dessert with Swedish delicacy cloudberries..

The Local - Igår: 16:48

How Sweden's asylum approval rate compares to other EU countries

Sweden granted protection to more asylum applicants per million of the country's inhabitants in 2016 than any other European Union Member State, new figures from EU stats office Eurostat show..

The Local - Igår: 15:00

Swedish government proposes measures to increase deportation success rate

The Swedish government has proposed new measures to help ensure people who have had a residence permit application rejected leave the country..

The Local - Igår: 12:33

Swedish startup's tech could help us talk to dolphins

A Swedish startup has been commissioned to use its artificial intelligence technology to try to communicate with dolphins..

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