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Monday, 10 December, 03:53

The Local - 26 feb 17 kl. 16:12

Several injured in fire at Sweden's largest asylum centre

Panic ensued and a number of people were injured after a suspected arson attack on Restad gård in Vänersborg, the largest asylum centre in Sweden..
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The Local - 07 mar 18 kl. 08:20

Helsingborg brawl leaves one dead and several injured

One person has been killed and several injured in a brawl in Swedish city Helsingborg..

The Local - 22 feb 17 kl. 07:28

One dead and several injured in Swedish pile up

One person has died and several more were left injured following a multi-vehicle accident on a highway in Sweden..

The Local - 12 apr 12 kl. 08:26

Several injured in Malmö gang brawl

Several people with connection to Malmö's underworld were brought to hospital late on Wednesday night after a fight kicked off in the city..

The Local - 19 jun 18 kl. 07:14

Two killed, several injured after Malmö shooting

Two people were killed and four others wounded in a shooting in the centre of the southern Swedish city of Malmö on Monday, police said, ruling out a terrorist link..

The Local - 02 dec 18 kl. 12:36

Several injured in Stockholm 'sports fans' bar brawl

A number of people sustained injuries after fighting broke out at a bar in Stockholm’s Östermalm district on Saturday..

The Local - 20 mar 12 kl. 08:47

One injured, eight buses damaged in blaze

A fire that broke out in a bus station in Gothenburg on Monday night left several city buses in flames and one person injured..

SR - 07 aug 13 kl. 10:50

Ny publicering - 35-year-old injured in Gothenburg fire

A 35-year-old man was seriously injured in a fire early this morning in a three-story building in Bergsjön, a suburb of Gothenburg..

The Local - 26 jan 18 kl. 07:18

Three injured in fire at Swedish elderly home

Three people have been injured after a fire tore through a home for the elderly in Tibro, southern Sweden..

The Local - 02 mar 14 kl. 15:33

Thousands of pigs die in massive sty fire

Several thousand pigs are feared dead after a huge fire at a pig farm in southern Sweden which raged for several hours on Sunday morning..

The Local - 23 jan 18 kl. 08:50

Several fatalities feared after fire engulfs house near Stockholm

Several people are feared dead after a fire tore through a house in a village south of Stockholm, and a further person has been taken to hospital with serious injuries..

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Teen injured in double explosion in Malmö

An 18-year-old man who is fighting for his life in hospital is suspected of having been involved in the double explosion which caused him his injuries..

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The best things to do to get in a festive mood in Malmö this Christmas

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Sweden may miss EU summit due to ongoing government crisis

When EU leaders gather in Brussels next weekend to discuss Brexit, migration and several other key issues, Sweden might be absent from the talks..

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Rain, snow and bitter cold: this weekend in Sweden has it all

With rain and general nastiness in the south and snow and bitter cold in the north, Sweden entered the weekend as a country split in two weatherwise..

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Swedish word of the day: vovve

If you're raising bilingual children in Sweden, this may very well be one of the first words as soon as they start to get a sense of the world around them..

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Swedes' flight habits carry heavy climate burden

The idea of hopping on a plane and escaping to a warmer locale is incredibly appealing to most people in Sweden, particularly at this time of year..

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Will the world-famous Gävle yule goat survive this year?

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The Local - I förrgår: 14:59

Congolese colonel arrested in connection with Swedish UN expert's murder

A new arrest has been made in connection with the March 2017 murder of Swedish UN worker Zaida Catalán and her American colleague Michael Sharp, Radio France International reported on Friday..

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