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The Local - 11 jan 17 kl. 11:18

Swedish PM: Penalty for carrying hand grenades to quadruple

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has promised to quadruple the minimum penalty for carrying a hand grenade in the country, during his speech at the first party leaders debate of 2017..
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The Local - 20 apr 15 kl. 08:39

US student sues Swedish college for tuition fees

An American mathematics student has sued a Swedish university for rejecting her calls to repay tuition fees after she slammed course organizers for low quality of teaching and such poor logistics that students had to sit on the floor..

The Local - 06 nov 15 kl. 08:44

Ten amazing Swedish songs for November

The Local's music guru, Paul Connolly, offers up his top selection of Swedish tracks for you to stream or download to cheer up your November..

The Local - 13 jul 16 kl. 11:40

Why Brexit has made Swedish support for the EU surge

Swedish support for staying in the European Union has grown in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, a new poll shows..

The Local - 30 aug 16 kl. 09:53

Woman told she's 'not Swedish enough' for a job

A woman considered not “traditionally Swedish” enough for a job has reported the aid group SOS Children’s Villages to Sweden's discrimination watchdog..

The Local - 28 jan 17 kl. 16:32

Swedish call for a female word for 'willy' goes viral

A Swedish activist’s video calling for English-speakers to invent a new word for “little girls’ private parts” has gone massively viral on Facebook, receiving close to a million views in just three days..

The Local - 12 apr 16 kl. 09:27

Tasty Swedish recipes for ‘baking’ love, tolerance, and integration

Sugar, butter, egg yolk, potato flour and vanilla are few classic ingredients used for baking a popular Swedish cookie known as vanilla hearts (vaniljhjärtan) – and the same ingredients are baked differently nowadays to promote love, respect, and engagement among new constellations in Swedish society..

The Local - 12 jul 15 kl. 12:23

Huge Swedish house for sale for just one krona

A huge French Renaissance style house in Gävle, 160kms north of Stockholm, is up for sale for one krona. The catch? The buyer must renovate it and move in..

The Local - 30 aug 13 kl. 10:29

'Lock up Swedish killers for life': minister

Sweden's justice minister wants more Swedish criminals to spend life behind bars, with murderers to feel the consequences of "how seriously society views" the crime.

The Local - 07 feb 14 kl. 13:38

Five best Swedish designs for children

If Sweden's social welfare system cherishes every child's right to education and healthcare, the country's designers aren't far behind in caring for the needs of kids, and their parents, argues design writer Angeline Eriksson..

The Local - 27 feb 14 kl. 10:27

Australia bans Swedish film for child nudity

Censors in Australia have effectively banned a Swedish film due to scenes of child nudity, with anyone caught selling or showing the film in public risking hefty fines and up to ten years in prison..

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The Local - 45 minuter sedan

Man detained in Swedish security police 'public devastation' investigation

A 38-year old resident of southern Swedish town Nässjö has been remanded in custody suspected of planning public devastation (allmänfarlig ödeläggelse)..

The Local - 4 timmar sedan

Swede dead in earthquake in Greece and Turkey: report

Two people killed after a violent earthquake in the Mediterranean were Turkish and Swedish nationals according to Greek authorities, The Guardian reports..

The Local - 4 timmar sedan

IT workers in other countries had access to secret Swedish records: report

Two secret police databases were made available to Czech IT workers without security clearance during a cyber security slip-up at the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen), reports the DN daily..

The Local - 5 timmar sedan

Swedish recipe: How to make gooseberry and elderflower compote

Both elderflower and gooseberries grow around Sweden in summer. Food writer John Duxbury explains how to turn them into a tasty compote..

The Local - 19 timmar sedan

'I'm Lars without a cause': Swede reports Whitney Houston song for sneakily using his name

A Swedish man has reported Youtube, Spotify and record company Arista Records to Sweden's National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) because in his opinion, American singer Whitney Houston sneakily sang his name in a song without permission to do so..

The Local - 20 timmar sedan

Sweden's water shortage: What you need to know

It may not be something commonly associated with a northern European nation, but Sweden is currently fretting over water shortages in several parts of the country, and there are already visible consequences. Here's everything you need to know about the situation..

The Local - 23 timmar sedan

'I can guarantee with my life that the train will be called Trainy McTrainface'

The people have spoken, the people want to see a train called "Trainy McTrainface", and the people will get it..

The Local - 23 timmar sedan

Gothenburg police launch murder probe after woman and three children die in fire

A woman in her mid-30s and three children aged two to eight have died in a fire in Gothenburg..

The Local - Igår: 11:58

'The nightmare is over': wife's joy after Swedish court overturns husband's deportation order

A married couple who are expecting a child together are celebrating after being told they can both stay in Sweden, after a decision to deport the husband was overturned in the appeals court..

The Local - Igår: 11:43

Fika with the government: the most Swedish thing ever?

Fika and openness are two of Sweden's most important concepts, but what happens when you combine them? You get fika with the Swedish government, which The Local happily went along to, given there was cake on offer..

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