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The Local - 11 jan 17 kl. 11:18

Swedish PM: Penalty for carrying hand grenades to quadruple

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has promised to quadruple the minimum penalty for carrying a hand grenade in the country, during his speech at the first party leaders debate of 2017..
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The Local - 20 apr 15 kl. 08:39

US student sues Swedish college for tuition fees

An American mathematics student has sued a Swedish university for rejecting her calls to repay tuition fees after she slammed course organizers for low quality of teaching and such poor logistics that students had to sit on the floor..

The Local - 06 nov 15 kl. 08:44

Ten amazing Swedish songs for November

The Local's music guru, Paul Connolly, offers up his top selection of Swedish tracks for you to stream or download to cheer up your November..

The Local - 13 jul 16 kl. 11:40

Why Brexit has made Swedish support for the EU surge

Swedish support for staying in the European Union has grown in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, a new poll shows..

The Local - 30 aug 16 kl. 09:53

Woman told she's 'not Swedish enough' for a job

A woman considered not “traditionally Swedish” enough for a job has reported the aid group SOS Children’s Villages to Sweden's discrimination watchdog..

The Local - 28 jan 17 kl. 16:32

Swedish call for a female word for 'willy' goes viral

A Swedish activist’s video calling for English-speakers to invent a new word for “little girls’ private parts” has gone massively viral on Facebook, receiving close to a million views in just three days..

The Local - 12 apr 16 kl. 09:27

Tasty Swedish recipes for ‘baking’ love, tolerance, and integration

Sugar, butter, egg yolk, potato flour and vanilla are few classic ingredients used for baking a popular Swedish cookie known as vanilla hearts (vaniljhjärtan) – and the same ingredients are baked differently nowadays to promote love, respect, and engagement among new constellations in Swedish society..

The Local - 12 jul 15 kl. 12:23

Huge Swedish house for sale for just one krona

A huge French Renaissance style house in Gävle, 160kms north of Stockholm, is up for sale for one krona. The catch? The buyer must renovate it and move in..

The Local - 30 aug 13 kl. 10:29

'Lock up Swedish killers for life': minister

Sweden's justice minister wants more Swedish criminals to spend life behind bars, with murderers to feel the consequences of "how seriously society views" the crime.

The Local - 07 feb 14 kl. 13:38

Five best Swedish designs for children

If Sweden's social welfare system cherishes every child's right to education and healthcare, the country's designers aren't far behind in caring for the needs of kids, and their parents, argues design writer Angeline Eriksson..

The Local - 27 feb 14 kl. 10:27

Australia bans Swedish film for child nudity

Censors in Australia have effectively banned a Swedish film due to scenes of child nudity, with anyone caught selling or showing the film in public risking hefty fines and up to ten years in prison..

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The Local - 13 timmar sedan

Campaign launched to highlight 'everyday racism' against Sami people

A new campaign has been launched in Sweden designed to highlight the "everyday racism" (vardagsrasism) faced by Sami people in the country..

The Local - 14 timmar sedan

Struggling Ericsson spends billions in bid to turn things around

A bid by troubled Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson's new chief executive to turn the company's fortunes around will hit the company's first-quarter 2017 accounts hard..

The Local - 15 timmar sedan

Sweden the EU's 'climate leader': report

Sweden has been rated the EU's leading nation when it comes to how seriously it is taking the Paris Agreement on climate change..

The Local - 17 timmar sedan

Skype's Sweden office to close

Microsoft has decided to close the Swedish branch of video chat giant Skype..

The Local - 19 timmar sedan

Um, about that Nobel Prize... No word from Bob Dylan ahead of Sweden gigs

Bob Dylan is coming to Sweden this weekend for a series of concerts, but has not been in touch with the Swedish Academy to say whether or not he will use the opportunity to collect his Nobel Prize..

The Local - 19 timmar sedan

More computers, less crime for young Swedes

Less young Swedes are getting involved in crime than in the past because they are instead spending time at home with their computers..

The Local - 21 timmar sedan

Sales of commuter tickets between Sweden and Denmark drop

The number of commuter tickets sold for the Öresund Bridge crossing between Malmö and Copenhagen dropped significantly in the first two months of 2017 compared to the same period the previous year..

The Local - 23 timmar sedan

Sweden boosts maternity care in new budget proposal

Sweden's centre-left government has allocated another 500 million kronor ($57 million) to improve maternity care in the country in its new budget proposal amid concerns being raised by expectant mothers..

The Local - Igår: 07:04

Scary pictures of Eddie Läck stretchered off ice after violent collision

Swedish goalie Eddie Läck ended up in hospital after being sent sprawling as the Detroit Red Wings' Andreas Athanasiou scored a game-winning goal with 3:01 left in overtime..

The Local - Igår: 06:59

The perils of poor Swedish prawn-unciation

Just when you think you've mastered Swedish, you open your mouth. Stockholm-based English teacher David Ashby describes the moment he realised his Swedish pronunciation scares small children.. i Sociala medier

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