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The Local - 10 maj 16 kl. 11:03

Housing shortage could 'hold back growth' for Sweden

Sweden's complex housing market is causing recruiters a major headache, according to a new report on the country's economic prospects..
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The Local - 13 nov 13 kl. 11:04

Rent control blamed for housing shortage

Sweden's rental control system has been blamed for causing the housing shortage particularly in Stockholm according to a new report issued by the National Housing Board..

SR - 05 aug 13 kl. 15:50

Ny publicering - Housing shortage causing bed bug boom?

Young people across the country are getting ready as the beginning of the university term approaches. But, as always, there is a severe housing shortage in many university towns and cities. One of the hardest hit cities is Stockholm, which is lacking 7 thousand student rooms this year.

The Local - 07 nov 18 kl. 16:02

Sweden's housing shortage an obstacle to integration: report

Authorities are struggling to offer permanent housing to newly arrived people in Sweden's most populous areas, according to a new report, which warned that this could be an obstacle to integration..

The Local - 14 maj 19 kl. 08:56

Revealed: the state of Sweden's housing shortage

More than 80 percent of Sweden's municipalities face a shortage of housing, according to the country's National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket)..

SR - 13 aug 13 kl. 16:13

Ny publicering - Housing shortage caused by bureacratic planning process: Housing association

Students arriving in the capital in the coming weeks face major difficulties finding accommodation, with a shortage or about 10,000 rooms according to the student accommodation company SSAB. ?The situation is really serious and something needs to be done now,?

SR - 09 aug 13 kl. 19:19

Ny publicering - Critics: giving regions more power won't solve housing shortage

Sweden's minister who is responsible for housing issues, Stefan Attefall, wants to give Swedish regions more power when it comes to building new housing, and will be establishing a committee to investigate what this would look like..

The Local - 23 aug 11 kl. 15:15

Housing shortage sinks immigrant jobs programme

Of the 4,000 people who've arrived in Sweden since December 2010, Sweden's Employment Service has only been able to find work for ten, according to a new report, which cites the availability of housing as a major hurdle..

The Local - 09 jul 15 kl. 12:10

20,000 students without housing in Sweden

As Swedish and foreign students prepare to start university this autumn, a new report suggests 20,000 of them will struggle to find a place to live, despite a national push to tackle the housing shortage..

The Local - 15 jan 16 kl. 15:22

Did top bosses get help jumping housing queue?

A Swedish trade union is facing accusations of allowing top bosses and senior politicians jump its Stockholm apartments queue while the capital battles a record housing shortage..

The Local - 18 jan 16 kl. 08:43

PM backs minister linked to Swedish housing scandal

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has defended his foreign minister Margot Wallström after she faced criticism for accepting an apartment from Sweden's biggest trade union in the midst of a housing shortage..

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The Local - 03 jul 20 kl. 08:03

Coronavirus: Sweden to audit crisis preparedness after report highlights failures

Sweden has announced an audit into national crisis preparedness after a report highlighted failures in securing key resources when the coronavirus pandemic hit..

The Local - 03 jul 20 kl. 14:00

Coughs and racial slurs: Sweden's foreign residents reveal abuse for wearing face masks

Foreign residents in Sweden have told The Local how they have faced xenophobic abuse for wearing face masks and asking people to keep their distance in public places..

The Local - 03 jul 20 kl. 15:31

Explained: How to get a refund in Sweden

If you pay for an item or service in Sweden that you do not receive or isn't up to the expected quality, you should be able to get a refund. But the process isn't always simple, so here's how to get your money back..

The Local - 03 jul 20 kl. 15:34

Coronavirus cancellations: How to get your money back in Sweden

For many of us, the coronavirus pandemic has meant cancelled concerts, holidays, and other activities – sometimes at a significant cost. So when exactly can you get your money back?.

The Local - 03 jul 20 kl. 15:37

Foreign exchange students lose dibs on earmarked apartments in Sweden

Swedish universities predict an increase in domestic students next semester, but a decrease in new foreign students. And the competition for housing is expected to be fierce..

The Local - 03 jul 20 kl. 16:46

Which parts of Stockholm have reported the most coronavirus-linked deaths?

The coronavirus outbreak has not hit society evenly, with most deaths reported in care homes and people born overseas and resident in lower income areas disproportionately hit by the virus. New data shows which areas and demographics have been worst affected in Stockholm..

The Local - 03 jul 20 kl. 17:37

UK lifts quarantine for arrivals from several countries – but not Sweden

The UK government on Friday said it would lift its 14-day compulsory quarantine in England for 'lower risk countries' including Denmark, France, Germany and Italy on July 10th – but not for passengers travelling from Sweden..

The Local - 04 jul 20 kl. 08:50

'Segregation kills. Corona kills too, but faster.' How Sweden's vulnerable areas faced the pandemic

Sweden's coronavirus strategy has relied on mutual trust between authorities and the general population. So how did people react in the 60 areas of the country with lower socioeconomic profiles and lower levels of trust in authorities?.

The Local - 04 jul 20 kl. 08:51

These are Sweden's new exceptions to the non-EU travel ban

Sweden on Thursday announced new exceptions to an entry ban for non-EU travellers..

The Local - 05 jul 20 kl. 10:51

Sweden's new coronavirus rule for restaurants, bars and cafes

Sweden on Thursday announced an update to its coronavirus regulations for restaurants and cafes, the biggest change being that a one-metre distance between groups of customers is now required.. i Sociala medier

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