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EU-Parlamentet - 08 mar 16 kl. 13:15

Press release - Port services: improving efficiency to boost trade

Plenary sessions : Draft rules designed to boost the efficiency and cut the cost of services supplied at EU maritime ports, such as mooring and towage, were voted by Parliament on Tuesday. Ensuring transparency in the setting of fees for using port services and infrastructure, and in any public funding that ports receive, should help to prevent price abuse and market distortions and thus boost trade, MEPs say. But current port service arrangements could remain, provided they meet minimum requirements, they add.

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EU-Parlamentet - 25 jan 16 kl. 16:17

Press release - Ports: transport MEPs for clear public funding rules, but not free market access - Committee on Transport and Tourism

Draft rules to improve the transparency of public funding for key EU ports and common rules for ports wishing to restrict the number of service providers were approved by the Transport Committee on Monday. But the committee rejected a proposed “one size fits all” EU-wide free market access rule for suppliers of port services such as towage, mooring and pilotage. Ports themselves must be able to decide how their port services are organised, so as to ensure security and safety, say MEPs.

EU-Parlamentet - 25 apr 17 kl. 14:37

Press release - Media services: same rules needed for TV and internet to protect children better - Committee on Culture and Education

Children should have the same protection whether they are watching TV, a web-shared video or a web-streamed film, said committee MEPs on Tuesday.
Committee on Culture and Education

Source : © European Union, 2017 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 05 maj 15 kl. 18:31

Press release - Updating payment service rules: MEPs do deal with the Council - Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

EU rules on payment services would be updated to improve security, widen consumer choice and keep pace with innovation under an informal deal struck by Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs and the Latvian Presidency of the Council on Tuesday. The updated rules aim to stimulate competition to provide payment services and foster innovative payment methods, especially for online payment services. They still need to be endorsed by Parliament as a whole and the Council.

EU-Parlamentet - 18 jan 16 kl. 20:49

Press release - TiSA talks: Trade MEPs recommendations

Plenary sessions : Negotiations on a Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), with countries representing 70% of world trade in services, should deliver international rules and more opportunities for EU firms to supply services such as transport and telecoms in third countries. But "nothing should prevent EU, national and local authorities from maintaining, improving and applying their laws", notably on labour and data protection, say international trade MEPs in recommendations, voted on Monday, to EU negotiators.

Source : © European Union, 2016 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 17 dec 13 kl. 13:08

Press release - Fourth Railway Pack: lifting market entry barriers to improve passenger services - Committee on Transport and Tourism

Measures to improve domestic rail passenger services by opening up public service contracts to more competition, giving operators fairer access to infrastructure and harmonizing safety certification to improve interoperability and get innovative new rolling stock on the rails faster were approved in the Transport and Tourism Committee on Tuesday.
Committee on Transport and Tourism

Source : © European Union, 2013 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 21 jan 14 kl. 11:31

Press release - Reforming EU audit services to restore investors' confidence - Committee on Legal Affairs

A draft agreement between Parliament and Council on legislation to open up the EU audit services market beyond the dominant "Big Four" firms and remedy auditing weaknesses revealed by the financial crisis was endorsed by the Legal Affairs Committee on Tuesday. The draft also aims to improve audit quality and transparency and prevent conflicts of interest.
Committee on Legal Affairs

Source : © European Union, 2014 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 11 feb 14 kl. 12:36

Press release - Internal Market MEPs back life-saving eCall system for cars - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection

"eCall" devices that automatically alert rescue services to car crashes should be fitted to all new car models by October 2015, said the Internal Market Committee amending a draft law to this end on Tuesday. This system, using the 112 emergency call number, would enable the emergency services to reach the crash scene faster, saving lives and reducing injuries, MEPs note.
Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection

Source : © European Union, 2014 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 26 feb 14 kl. 13:57

Press release - Parliament counts on increased competition to improve passenger rail services

Plenary sessions : Competition to provide better rail passenger services should warm up under draft rules voted in the European Parliament on Wednesday. National authorities that today give rail service contracts to a single operator would have to put them out to tender or justify not doing so. New and/or small operators would have to be given better access to rail infrastructure, and complex authorisation procedures for putting trains on tracks would be simplified.

EU-Parlamentet - 26 feb 14 kl. 13:51

Press release - MEPs vote to make online public services accessible to everyone

Plenary sessions : All websites managed by public sector bodies would have to be made accessible to everyone, including the elderly and the disabled, under a draft law endorsed by Parliament on Wednesday. Over 167 million EU citizens have difficulty in accessing public websites to use online public services, e.g.

EU-Parlamentet - 18 mar 14 kl. 11:56

Press release - Net neutrality:Industry MEPs want stricter rules against blocking rival services - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

Internet providers should no longer be able to block or slow down internet services provided by their competitors, says the Industry Committee which on Tuesday approved rules to protect net neutrality. Under the latest draft EU “telecoms” package legislation, MEPs also voted against "roaming charges", extra costs for using a mobile phone in another EU country. These charges should be banned from 15 December 2015, MEPs say.

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EU-Parlamentet - 18 apr 19 kl. 17:22

Agenda - The EP concluded the last plenary session of its 8th term on 18th April

The EP concluded the last plenary session of its 8th term on 18th April

Source : © European Union, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 29 mar 19 kl. 11:43

Agenda - The Week Ahead 01 – 07 April 2019

Plenary and committee meetings, Brussels

Source : © European Union, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 03 dec 18 kl. 15:23

Agenda - The Week Ahead 03 – 09 December 2018

Committee and political group meetings, Brussels

Source : © European Union, 2018 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 22 feb 19 kl. 11:50

Agenda - The Week Ahead 25 February – 03 March 2019

Committee meetings and delegations, Brussels

Source : © European Union, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 25 jan 19 kl. 11:36

Agenda - The Week Ahead 28 January – 03 February 2019

Plenary session and committees, Brussels

Source : © European Union, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 18 jan 19 kl. 13:25

Agenda - The Week Ahead 21 – 27 January 2019

Committee meetings, Brussels

Source : © European Union, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 11 jan 19 kl. 11:04

Agenda - The Week Ahead 14 – 20 January 2019

Plenary session, Strasbourg

Source : © European Union, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 04 jan 19 kl. 12:04

Agenda - The Week Ahead 07 – 13 January 2019

Committee and political group meetings, Brussels

Source : © European Union, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 19 dec 18 kl. 16:32

Agenda - Holiday recess

Holiday recess

Source : © European Union, 2018 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 07 dec 18 kl. 10:09

Agenda - The Week Ahead 10 – 16 December 2018

Plenay, Strasbourg

Source : © European Union, 2018 - EP. i Sociala medier

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