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Tuesday, 27 September, 12:30

The Local - 27 nov 13 kl. 08:29

Swedish teen sleepwalks into freefall tumble

Swedish emergency services were called out in the early hours of Wednesday when a sleepwalking teenage boy fell of a house in suburban Gothenburg and injured himself..
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Wednesday, Gothenburg

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The Local - 12 jan 12 kl. 08:32

Swedish teen girls 'increasingly violent'

The number of Swedish teen girls accused of committing violent assaults has more than doubled in the last decade, new figures show, while the number of girls who are victims has also increased..

The Local - 30 jul 13 kl. 07:00

Swedish teen takes home butterfly gold

Swedish teen Sarah Sjöström took home the gold medal in the women's 100m butterfly title at swimming's world championships in Barcelona on Monday.    .

The Local - 08 feb 16 kl. 11:24

Swedish teen beats cocaine stir with 'French kiss' defence

A Swedish teen's unusual explanation in court for why she tested positive for narcotics after being stopped by police in Malmö last year has been causing a stir on social media..

The Local - 05 okt 15 kl. 17:16

Pair avoid charges over Swedish teen's murder

The prosecutor in charge of the probe into the high-profile killing of Swedish teenager Lisa Holm said on Monday that the wife and brother of the main suspect were no longer under investigation..

The Local - 16 jul 11 kl. 10:03

Swedish teen girl trounces perfume thief

A 37 year-old would-be thief in Lund, in southern Sweden, tried to make a run for it after pocketing perfume worth nearly 14,000 kronor ($2150), but was stopped by a 17-year-old girl tackling him into a wall..

The Local - 12 jan 16 kl. 16:11

Swedish teen pop star blogs 'a swine is a swine'

Swedish artist Zara Larsson who performed at a Stockholm teen festival at the centre of a massive police 'cover-up' scandal has slammed a debate linking sex assaults to ethnicity..

The Local - 05 sep 13 kl. 13:32

Iraq birth blocks Swedish teen's high school place

A Swedish teenager has been denied a place on a flight engineer course at a Swedish high school due to having been born in Iraq, a decision described as "unacceptable" by a legal expert at the Swedish Schools Inspectorate.

The Local - 28 maj 12 kl. 08:22

Swedish teen reported to police for "face rape"

A 15-year-old boy from Norrköping in eastern Sweden has been reported to police for allegedly "face raping" another teen by writing false messages on the latter's Facebook page, an increasingly common phenomenon among young Swedes..

The Local - 03 aug 13 kl. 10:12

Swedish teen dead after eating tacos

A 16-year-old Swedish girl in eastern Sweden has died from an allergic reaction following a meal of tacos, with her family members now claiming that Swedish food needs clearer packaging contents.    .

The Local - 02 okt 13 kl. 15:31

Israel tight lipped about Swedish teen's detention

A Swedish boy detained on the West Bank last week has still not been allowed to meet with Swedish embassy officials, with Israeli authorities stating only that the 17-year-old is being held over terrorism suspicions.

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The Local - 15 minuter sedan

Indians in Sweden told to be wary of travel document scam

Indians in Sweden have been warned to be wary of phone calls from scammers pretending to work at the Indian embassy who demand money via wire transfers to fix supposed visa issues..

The Local - 3 timmar sedan

Swedes shell out for season's first lobster

Sweden's first lobster of the season has been snapped up for 20,000 kronor ($2,343)..

The Local - 4 timmar sedan

Witnesses 'afraid to talk' to police about Malmö shooting

Police are appealing for witnesses to a shooting which killed a man and injured three in a residential street of Malmö – but it is an uphill battle..

The Local - 5 timmar sedan

Swedish leaders need to be prepared for tech challenges

Swedish politicians should be trained in how to face the challenges that come with a rapid technological paradigm shift, write Danica Kragic Jensfelt, Mats Lewan, and Robin Teigland..

The Local - 23 sep 16 kl. 10:05

Ten reasons why it's awesome being knocked up in Sweden

Raising a child in a foreign country can be both stressful and rewarding. Here, US writer Lisa Ferland shares her top reasons why she thinks Sweden is wonderful for expecting mums..

The Local - 23 sep 16 kl. 12:09

'World class' developer told to leave Sweden over admin slip

A 'world class' developer working for a Stockholm startup has been told that he only has three weeks left in Sweden because of an administrative error made by a previous employer..

The Local - 23 sep 16 kl. 12:50

Four arrested over Gothenburg riots

Four people have been arrested in connection with riots in a Gothenburg suburb this week..

The Local - 23 sep 16 kl. 16:37

How to vote absentee from abroad in the US elections

No matter where they are in the world, Americans can vote absentee in the upcoming US elections. But how does it all work? We tracked down some answers..

The Local - I förrgår: 16:51

Zlatan look-a-like storms pitch as Man U take on champions

Zlatan fever has hit the UK, with a look-a-like storming the pitch on Saturday only to be palmed off by the grinning Swedish football star..

The Local - I förrgår: 19:28

Coeliac disease not caused by early weaning: Swedish study

Mothers who stop breastfeeding early are not to blame for their children developing gluten intolerance, a new Swedish study has found, puncturing one of the main theories for the cause of coeliac disease.. i Sociala medier

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