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The Local - 30 okt 13 kl. 18:38

Swedish firms 'help Georgia spy on its citizens'

Technologies supplied by Swedish telecom firms Ericsson and TeliaSonera are helping authorities in the former Soviet republic of Georgia spy on their citizens, according to Swedish media reports..
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The Local - 16 mar 11 kl. 16:45

Swedish firms help staff leave Tokyo

Ikea and H&M are among a slew of Nordic firms who on Wednesday offered to help their Japanese employees to leave Tokyo and relocate further south due to growing fears of radiation from an earthquake hit nuclear plant..

The Local - 15 sep 15 kl. 08:00

Why cutting hours could boost Swedish firms

Sweden is famous for its work-life balance, but one startup has taken it a step further. Here, Gabriel Alenius and Jimmy Nilsson explain why a six-hour workday will help their company grow..

The Local - 04 jun 13 kl. 13:58

'Labour migration helps Swedish firms compete'

Swedish companies need to keep the power to hire foreign workers, argues Karin Ekenger of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, who fears letting government agencies and unions determine who can work in Sweden will hurt firms' ability to compete globally.    .

The Local - 17 mar 16 kl. 07:40

Swedish firms risk fines after refugees caught without IDs

Transport firms risk heavy fines for letting refugees into Sweden despite not showing IDs, after police said they believed 33 people so far have crossed the border without proper documentation..

The Local - 30 mar 15 kl. 16:54

Swedish firms must learn from Saudi row

Swedish companies worried about the nation's business links with the Arab world should instead be focussing on their own responsibility to promote and demonstrate ethical behaviour, argues Ruben Brunsveld from the Swedish Network for Business and Human Rights..

The Local - 02 feb 11 kl. 14:18

Swedish firms lose out on deals through cloud leaks

Hundreds of Swedish companies have lost out on large international contracts after their secrets were leaked to competitors due to security breaches as a result of the explosion in cloud computing..

The Local - 04 aug 11 kl. 14:59

Swedish firms report hiring challenge: study

Nearly one in five Swedish employers is having difficulty finding staff with the right skills, a new survey has found, with craftsman being in particular short supply..

The Local - 11 feb 12 kl. 12:03

Swedish firms choose male bosses: report

Two-thirds of newly appointed bosses in 2011 were men, according to a survey of Sweden's eight largest management recruitment companies presented in Swedish media..

The Local - 18 jan 13 kl. 10:25

One in four Swedish firms planning layoffs

Every fourth Swedish company has listed staff cutbacks as a top priority as they struggle to remain profitable in 2013, according to report released on Friday..

The Local - 24 maj 13 kl. 11:15

Swedish firms 'clueless' about smart foreigners

As white-collar union Saco slammed Sweden's systems for helping well-educated foreigners into the labour market, The Local spoke to researcher Josefin Edström about the disconnect between foreign professionals and Swedish employers.    .

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The Local - 12 timmar sedan

Palestine envoy angry at 'insulting' flag ban

The Palestinian ambassador to Sweden has demanded an official apology after a leaked document revealed that the Palestinian flag was on the same Eurovision banned list as that of Islamic State..

The Local - 11 timmar sedan

SNAPSHOT: ‘I’m happy to see people get angry about discrimination’

Teenagers Matteo and Adam share their thoughts on Sweden, friendship, and the future..

The Local - 13 timmar sedan

Miss Sweden hits back at Obama Trump gibe

The former Miss Sweden has declared herself a fan of Donald Trump in a partial come-back for the billionaire to US President Barack Obama's gag about his foreign policy expertise..

The Local - 14 timmar sedan

Swedish police Roma register 'not illegal'

Swedish police have been given the go ahead to maintain a controversial register of Roma beggars, after a surveillance watchdog ruled that they were doing nothing illegal..

The Local - 16 timmar sedan

Fire rips through apartment block, 157 homes evacuated

Firefighters were still tackling the blaze on Monday afternoon after it ripped through the roof of a block of flats in Huskvarna, Jönköping, south of Stockholm, on Sunday night. Emergency services are worried that the whole building could collapse..

The Local - 17 timmar sedan

'This would not have happened if I was white'

Yasri Khan, the Muslim politician who quit Sweden’s Green Party last month after refusing to shake the hand of a woman interviewer has warned of an Islamophobic, racist campaign that risks turning Sweden into a divided society..

The Local - 19 timmar sedan

New teen sex assault at Swedish asylum home

Five men have been arrested for sexually assaulting a teenaged boy at an asylum centre in Sweden, in the latest in a string of serious crimes at the country’s overcrowded refugee centres..

The Local - 19 timmar sedan

How Stockholm startups help new employees feel at home

Sweden is famous for work-life balance. So what do startups do to make sure expat employees are happy with life in Stockholm?.

The Local - 20 timmar sedan

Say 'hej hej hej' to some Swedish sunshine

Dig out your barbecues. Temperatures are set to top 20C in the coming days, including on Thursday's Ascension Day public holiday..

The Local - 20 timmar sedan

Meet the expat who is now Sweden's youngest PhD

Stefan Buijsman, 20, just finished a PhD in the philosophy of mathematics. He tells The Local what his work is all about, and why Stockholm was the best place to do it.. i Sociala medier

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