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Saturday, 19 September, 18:44

The Local - 17 nov 11 kl. 06:30

Female students have more sex partners: study

Female university students have twice as many sex partners than they did ten years ago, according to a new survey by the student health service in Uppsala, while condom use is on the decline..
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The Local - 17 apr 18 kl. 08:38

Sweden's female job hunters more likely to improve salary than men: report

Women who have been made redundant in Sweden are more likely to earn a higher salary in their next job than men, according to new figures..

The Local - 05 feb 14 kl. 07:16

'Foreign students need more time to find jobs'

Liberal Swedish MEP Cecilia Wikström tells The Local about a new EU directive that will allow greater opportunities for non-EU students who wish to study and work in Sweden..

The Local - 01 apr 14 kl. 07:24

'Blondes have more brains': Swedish study

Researchers in central Sweden have found evidence that people with blonde hair, especially women, outperform non-blondes in both IQ and spatial awareness tests. The lead scientist now faces an official probe..

SR - 28 jul 13 kl. 11:09

Ny publicering - Swedes have more in the bank than ever before

This June, Swedes had more money in the bank than every before, despite the fact that interest rates are so low, reports Swedish Radio News..

The Local - 12 dec 17 kl. 06:59

Opinion: 'Give half of research grants to women, then we'll have more women Nobel Prize winners'

After a Nobel banquet celebrating another year's crop of winners -- all of them male -- Swedish MP Linda Snecker argues that the country must do more to promote and recognize the scientific achievements of women..

The Local - 28 jun 11 kl. 17:10

Number of foreign students plummets in Sweden

Fewer than 1,300 non-European students have paid the new tuition fees required to study at Swedish universities, according to higher education officials. In 2009-10, there were more than 16,000 non-European university students in Sweden..

The Local - 23 nov 17 kl. 08:08

Over 1,700 students join '#MeToo' protests, alleging harassment in Swedish schools

More than 1,700 students have joined an appeal against sexual harassment in Sweden's schools, with testimonies of abuse experienced from as young as six years old..

The Local - 15 jan 16 kl. 08:43

Why Swedish priests have nation's 'most stressful' job

Female priests are more likely to take sick leave because of psychological illness than women working in any other profession, while being a member of the clergy is the third most risky job for men..

The Local - 14 jun 13 kl. 18:26

Students forced out over traveller violence fears

Stockholm university exchange students have been told to leave their accommodation immediately after a community of illegally-camping travellers has raised concerns for the students' safety.    .

The Local - 14 mar 12 kl. 12:57

Students opt for Swedish companies: survey

Swedish students have their eye on home-grown companies when it comes to joining the work force after graduation, according to a recent survey.. i Sociala medier

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