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The Local - 16 nov 11 kl. 10:18

Sweden deports man to wrong country

Swedish police were given orders to deport a man to Iran, but instead sent him to Iraq, where he now risks 15 years in prison for claiming to be a citizen in the country..
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The Local - 11 apr 11 kl. 13:32

Sweden deported family to wrong country

A family deported to Uzbekistan after Sweden rejected their application for asylum is set to return to Sweden after Uzbek authorities concluded that they were not from the central Asian country..

The Local - 27 okt 11 kl. 15:04

Sweden 'not wrong' to okay genocide suspect extradition: court

Sweden's decision to deport a Rwandan national facing war crimes allegations in his home country is not against the European convention, according to the European Court of Human Rights..

The Local - 20 jan 11 kl. 07:47

Sweden deports Iraqi refugees amid protests

Despite widespread protests, Sweden deported 20 people back to Iraq on Wednesday after they had been denied asylum, police said..

The Local - 20 maj 16 kl. 11:10

'We're screwed if Sweden deports us'

Their families want them dead, but they don't know if Sweden will take them in. Sirwan and Karwan tell The Local what it's like to be transgender Kurds on the run from rapists and killers..

The Local - 19 feb 19 kl. 10:11

Sweden deports Palestinian over Gothenburg synagogue attack

Sweden's Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the deportation of a Palestinian man convicted of involvement in a 2017 Molotov cocktail attack on a Gothenburg synagogue..

The Local - 06 apr 16 kl. 15:39

Sweden becomes first country with its own phone number

Got any burning questions to ask about Sweden? Here's your chance. On Wednesday it became the world's first country to get its own phone number – and The Local has of course tried it out..

The Local - 23 aug 13 kl. 10:31

Sweden most sustainable country in the world

Sweden has come first in a ranking of the world's most sustainable countries, with the report praising Sweden's environmental strengths including the use of renewable energy sources and low CO2 emissions.

The Local - 05 sep 16 kl. 06:59

'Sweden is a country that has children at its heart'

Jill Leckie moved to Sweden with her Swedish partner when she was pregnant because it felt like the right move. And it was, but without her old support system back in the UK, she started a blog called Littlebearabroad to compensate. And now it's a full-on business..

The Local - 16 mar 17 kl. 07:10

Sweden fifth best country in Europe for foreign students

A ranking of European countries based on their attractiveness for international students handed Sweden a spot in the top-five..

The Local - 27 okt 17 kl. 13:59

Police dog wins national award after finding missing girl in Sweden's bear country

Attack is a four-year old German Shepherd who has won an award in recognition of his work assisting Sweden's police force.. i Sociala medier

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