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Friday, 03 July, 15:18

The Local - 29 okt 11 kl. 15:38

Clocks go back an hour for winter time

If anyone was still in denial, Saturday night will make winter time official when clocks are turned back an hour to compensate for the intruding darkness..
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The Local - 29 mar 14 kl. 08:20

Clocks spring forward for summer time

Sweden switches over to summer time in the early hours of Sunday morning when the clocks move forward an hour from 2am to 3am..

The Local - 31 aug 18 kl. 12:30

EU aims to scrap turning the clocks back for winter

The President of the EU Commission has announced his plan to abolish the changing of the clocks after an online survey showed that Europeans are in favour of staying permanently on "summer time"..

E24 - 26 sep 11 kl. 08:46

Zero hour for the euro

The world's inability to shake of the economic downturn and contagion in Italy have changed the nature of the eurozone crisis. What was once a debt problem of small peripheral countries, is now threatening the euro's existence. Europe's leaders did not see this coming.

EU-Parlamentet - 10 jan 14 kl. 10:52

Press release - Civil liberties MEPs back funds for asylum, migration and internal security - Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

EU countries will have to allocate more funds to improve their asylum systems and the integration of migrants under an EP-Council deal backed by the civil liberties committee on Thursday. The new Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund for the next 7 years sets minimum amounts to be spent on asylum and integration policies. MEPs also endorsed the new Internal Security Fund, aimed at improving police cooperation, border surveillance and crime prevention.

The Local - 27 okt 12 kl. 15:32

Clocks turn back to welcome winter

Summer time comes to an official close on Saturday night as Swedes turn the clocks back and welcome in the darker days of the winter months..

The Local - 21 nov 18 kl. 11:37

What makes exchange students come back to Sweden?

Thousands of exchange students come to Sweden every year and then leave. But some of them come back – sometimes for good. We spoke to some of these 'boomerang students' to find out what made them want more of Sweden..

The Local - 10 maj 16 kl. 11:03

Housing shortage could 'hold back growth' for Sweden

Sweden's complex housing market is causing recruiters a major headache, according to a new report on the country's economic prospects..

The Local - 26 okt 13 kl. 09:55

Clocks go back for Swedish winter time

Sweden will switch over to winter time in the early hours of Saturday morning when the clocks go back one hour at 3am.


The Local - 26 mar 16 kl. 19:24

Prepare for a short night - summer is on its way

Sweden's clocks go forward tonight, bringing in daylight saving time and and making the Easter weekend and Easter night an hour shorter than usual. In the autumn, hour hands will be wound back as we return to winter time. But should we?

The Local - 26 okt 14 kl. 07:55

Clocks go back for Swedish winter time

Sweden switched over to winter time in the early hours of Sunday morning meaning that you just enjoyed an extra hour of sleep..

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The Local - 20 apr 20 kl. 15:35

Watch: Who were the 1.3 million Swedes who once emigrated to the US?

More than 1.3 million Swedes emigrated to the US between 1850 and 1930. This is their amazing story..

The Local - 20 apr 20 kl. 16:04

Coronavirus: Will Sweden ever have a total lockdown?

Sweden has followed a different strategy in fighting the coronavirus compared to many other countries – though the aim of protecting vulnerable groups and reducing social contacts is the same, the Nordic country has stood out for its focus on voluntary measures rather than enforcing a lockdown. Should we expect a change any time soon?.

The Local - 21 apr 20 kl. 08:07

Sweden to introduce new civics classes for asylum seekers

Sweden is planning to introduce a compulsory civics introduction programme for asylum seekers, as part of a deal between the government and two of its parliamentary partners..

The Local - 21 apr 20 kl. 09:16

Stockholm shooting: Two men accused of killing 18-year-old woman just days after her wedding

Two men face trial over the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old woman in Sweden. Her husband is believed to have been the intended target..

The Local - 21 apr 20 kl. 13:59

13 Swedish words we've learned during the coronavirus outbreak

From the scientific vocab we've all had to try to learn to understand what's happening, to the political terms unique to Sweden, here are some of the words that have entered our Swedish vocabularies since the start of the crisis – and which could help you better understand what's going on..

The Local - 21 apr 20 kl. 16:42

Swedes warned: Vodka won't protect you from the coronavirus

Sweden's state-run alcohol chain Systembolaget has advised customers not to buy its spirits as a substitute for hand sanitiser..

The Local - 21 apr 20 kl. 16:45

Can you keep dating and having sex in Sweden despite social distancing rules?

After Denmark's health chief on Monday gave the green light to dating and casual sex during the coronavirus outbreak, The Local asked Sweden's Public Health Agency for its guidelines..

The Local - 22 apr 20 kl. 06:59

Readers reveal: What's it like moving overseas during a pandemic?

Moving to a foreign country is a combination of excitement, stress, and careful planning at any time. The Local spoke to four women who relocated to Sweden very recently, to find out what it's like undertaking an overseas move during a pandemic..

The Local - 22 apr 20 kl. 10:57

Quiz: How well do you know this Swedish springtime vocabulary?

Like each of the seasons, spring in Sweden comes with its own set of traditions, recipes, and wildlife. Test your knowledge of Swedish spring vocabulary in this quick quiz..

The Local - 22 apr 20 kl. 11:00

Opinion: An American perspective on the Swedish coronavirus strategy

How do we measure the human and social costs of our countries' coronavirus strategies, ask Stockholm-based researchers Andrea M Voyer and Jason J Czarnezki.. i Sociala medier

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