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Thursday, 02 April, 13:23

The Local - 15 okt 11 kl. 11:47

Swede Lagerbäck to lead Iceland

Former Sweden coach Lars Lagerbäck has been named the new head coach of Iceland's national football team..
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The Local - 01 feb 17 kl. 14:12

In-demand Lagerbäck follows Iceland heroics with risky Norway move

Lars Lagerbäck, who coached tiny Iceland to its stunning Euro 2016 performance, will take over Norway's struggling national squad, the federation announced on Wednesday..

The Local - 10 jul 14 kl. 11:37

Swede to play lead assassin in Tom Cruise film

Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson will get to measure herself up against Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise after landing a dream role in the new Mission Impossible film..

The Local - 04 jul 16 kl. 09:41

Why this Swede is now a 'legend' in Iceland

Iceland may have been eliminated from Euro 2016 after a 5-2 defeat to France, but their departing Swedish coach will still go down as a legend in the country for his feats..

YLE - 26 jun 16 kl. 15:13

Lars Lagerbäck överraskade de isländska spelarna – med öl!

I veckan avancerade lilla Island till åttondelsfinal i EM i fotboll. Efter den fina segern över Österrike bestämde sig lagets förbundskapten Lars Lagerbäck för att spelarna var förtjänta av lite öl. – Efter matchen beställde förbunskaptenen två öl åt var och en.

The Local - 27 mar 13 kl. 08:34

Swede to lead Syria chemical weapons probe

A Swedish disarmament expert who lead arms investigations in Iraq in the 1990s has been picked by the United Nations to head an inquiry into the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria..

The Local - 01 jul 18 kl. 02:32

Swede Kinhult looks to hold on to lead at French Open

Swedish youngster Marcus Kinhult will take a two-shot lead into the final round of the French Open after a four-under 67 on Saturday, as Spaniards Sergio Garcia and Jon Rahm surged into contention on the Ryder Cup course at Le Golf National..

The Local - 27 jun 16 kl. 13:51

Is this Swede the new Vincent van Gogh?

A competition is underway to find the one person in the world who most resembles the Dutch impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh — and this (somewhat controversial) Swede is in the lead..

The Local - 10 aug 16 kl. 15:30

Sweden comeback for legend coach Lagerbäck

Iceland's Euro 2016 hero coach Lars Lagerbäck is returning to the Swedish national team, seven years after his departure, the Swedish Football Association has confirmed..

The Local - 24 jul 11 kl. 10:37

Super Swede Noren in record-breaking surge

Sweden's Alexander Noren rewrote the record books when a third round 63 gave him an 11-shot lead in the Scandinavian Masters at Bro Hof Slott on Saturday..

The Local - 25 apr 14 kl. 08:31

Facebook pic saves Swede stuck in bog

A Swedish woman stuck up to her waist in marshlands managed to lead rescue services to her with a photo the she had posted on Facebook just hours before. "Someone thought he recognized the area," the police said..

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The Local - 20 feb 20 kl. 08:10

Sweden sees sharp rise in number of working days lost to strikes

Around 7,500 working days were lost in Sweden last year due to industrial action, breaking a years-long trend towards fewer conflicts..

The Local - 20 feb 20 kl. 10:36

Country by country: Where do Sweden's immigrants come from?

Sweden's population has grown by almost one million in one decade, and for the first time since 2013 the biggest group of immigrants are Swedish-born people returning home..

The Local - 20 feb 20 kl. 11:26

Why Sweden's alcohol monopoly is suing a Danish wine app

Sweden's state-run alcohol monopoly Systembolaget has accused a Danish app for rating and reviewing wines of breaking the country's strict laws around sale and advertisement of alcohol..

The Local - 20 feb 20 kl. 16:28

Swedish prize will pay one million dollars for sustainable food ideas

A Swedish entrepreneur is funding the initial prizes from his private assets..

The Local - 20 feb 20 kl. 17:23

Sweden starts testing new official digital currency

The Swedish Central Bank, the Riksbank, is launching a pilot scheme for a new digital currency that will aim to show how it could be used by the public as a complement to cash..

The Local - 21 feb 20 kl. 07:27

Why electricity prices are set for record lows throughout 2020 in Sweden

2020 is set to be the cheapest year for electricity in modern Swedish history..

The Local - 21 feb 20 kl. 08:24

Swedish word of the day: i morgon bitti

Talking about time in Swedish is confusing. Today we look at a common little phrase that might seem especially puzzling to language learners..

The Local - 21 feb 20 kl. 10:49

Fact check: How often do Stockholm's metro escalators actually break down?

Escalators, the unsung heroes of Stockholmers' city-dwelling existence. They are as much a convenience on the morning commute as they are a nuisance when they break down. But what causes the breakdowns, and how frequent are they?.

The Local - 21 feb 20 kl. 11:43

Ice-swimming in Sweden: Is this the world's most extreme competition?

Recreational, competitive or for health reasons, Scandinavians aren't short on excuses for jumping into the cold winter waters of the north. In Skellefteå they even celebrate it with a yearly festival..

The Local - 21 feb 20 kl. 14:45

Ikea reveals plan to open four new stores in Stockholm

Ikea has revealed plans to open four new stores in the Stockholm region.. i Sociala medier

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