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Monday, 11 November, 21:24

The Local - 12 sep 11 kl. 14:45

Opposition calls for foster care abuse cash

The red-green opposition are preparing a proposal to ensure that children who were neglected while in foster care will receive compensation despite a government announcement that no funds would be forthcoming..
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The Local - 21 maj 14 kl. 16:36

Swedish opposition calls for ban on sexist adverts

The Social Democrat opposition wants to ban sexist commercials if the party wrests power from the government in the autumn - "You don't need to show bottoms to sell cars.".

EU-Parlamentet - 16 dec 15 kl. 13:36

Press release - Parliament calls for closer EU-China cooperation on global challenges

Plenary sessions : The EU and China must work more closely together to tackle global challenges and threats, such as terrorism, illegal migration, security, climate change and global financial and market governance, Parliament says in a resolution passed on Wednesday. It calls for talks to be accelerated on a new partnership and cooperation agreement "based on trust, transparency and respect for human rights."

Source : © European Union, 2015 - EP.

The Local - 08 okt 14 kl. 08:53

Calls for Sweden to increase Ebola help

There are calls for Sweden to offer more support to help combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, as Swedish doctors closely monitor the first confirmed Ebola case in neighbouring Norway..

The Local - 31 maj 17 kl. 08:50

Calls for opposition Moderate leader to be replaced before 2018 Swedish election: reports

Strong voices within Sweden's centre-right opposition Moderate party are calling for leader Anna Kinberg Batra to be replaced before the 2018 election, according to reports in two Swedish newspapers..

The Local - 23 aug 17 kl. 07:44

Fresh calls for Swedish opposition Moderate leader to be replaced

More voices within Sweden’s centre-right opposition Moderate party have expressed their desire for leader Anna Kinberg Batra to be replaced, just a few months after she survived a previous push..

The Local - 02 jul 19 kl. 09:11

Swedish opposition leader calls for limited right to interpreters

Sweden's Moderate Party, currently in opposition, has called for the use of interpreters to be limited, meaning foreigners with permanent residence would lose their right to the service..

The Local - 16 jul 12 kl. 17:20

Libor scandal prompts calls for probe in Sweden

Calls are mounting in Sweden for a review of the country's interbank lending system following revelations about alleged manipulation of the London interbank offered rate (Libor)..

EU-Parlamentet - 08 jun 16 kl. 13:34

Press release - Parliament calls for crackdown on corporate tax avoidance

Plenary sessions : The EU Commission proposal for an EU anti-tax avoidance directive was welcomed by Parliament in a resolution voted on Wednesday. MEPs nonetheless advocated stricter limits on deductions for interest payments and tougher rules on foreign income. They also called for more transparency for trust funds and foundations, common rules for “patent box” tax reductions on intellectual property earnings, and an EU blacklist of tax havens and sanctions against uncooperative jurisdictions.

The Local - 16 aug 18 kl. 11:02

Sweden's Left Party calls for free tampons and pads for under-20-year-olds

Sweden's Left Party on Thursday called for free menstrual hygiene products for all girls and women under 20 years old..

The Local - 10 apr 12 kl. 08:47

Swedish opera singers make 'house calls' for the soul

Singers from a Stockholm opera house are using the power of their voices during private "house calls" designed to help lift people's spirits, the AFP's Igor Gedilaghine discovers..

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The Local - 3 timmar sedan

Violent crime: Swedish police outline plan to deal with 'exceptional situation'

Police have announced a 'special national incident' to look into violent crime in Sweden, with the head of the task force saying he expects a tangible impact within the next six months..

The Local - 3 timmar sedan

Always bring ID: Danish checks on Sweden border take effect

Danish checks on border crossings with Sweden have come into effect..

The Local - 6 timmar sedan

What is a 'special national incident' and why has Sweden just announced one?

Police have been ordered to treat the recent wave of violent crime in Sweden as a "special national incident". But what exactly does that mean, and how does it work?.

The Local - 9 timmar sedan

Malmö shooting: Here's what we know so far

Police in Sweden's third largest city outlined the ongoing work at a national and regional level following a shooting on Saturday in which one teenager died and another was seriously injured. But the regional police chief warned there were "no quick solutions"..

The Local - 11 timmar sedan

Brrr! Weather warnings issued for snow across central Sweden

Sweden has issued weather warnings in four counties for snow on Monday, while motorists are warned to take extra care across the country..

The Local - 13 timmar sedan

Swedish police reveal latest move to crack down on gang crime

Swedish police are assigning a special detail after a recent spate of shootings and explosions, which saw a 15-year-old boy shot dead in Malmö two days ago..

The Local - Igår: 09:51

15-year-old shot dead near busy Malmö square

A 15-year-old boy was fatally shot in Malmö's Möllevångtorget square at 9pm on Saturday night, one of the busiest times of the week for the area's many popular bars and restaurants..

The Local - Igår: 07:42

Swedish teen's killer pardoned by Sri Lankan President

Sri Lanka's president has pardoned a death-row prisoner who murdered a Swedish teenager just a week before he leaves office, officials said Sunday, in a move that sparked national outrage..

The Local - Igår: 22:03

Sweden headed for economic slowdown EU warns

The European Union has warned that Sweden's economy is facing a marked slowdown, with unemployment set to rise above seven percent as companies cut back on investment..

The Local - I förrgår: 09:31

Huge mural of green activist Greta Thunberg goes up in San Francisco

A giant wall mural showing the face of Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is being painted on a wall in central San Francisco by a US climate group.. i Sociala medier

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