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Wednesday, 13 November, 03:51

The Local - 11 sep 11 kl. 13:16

Tropical hurricane heading for Sweden

Dramatic weather is to be expected along Sweden's coast, as the remains of tropical hurricane Katia reaches Swedish shores in the beginning of next week..
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The Local - 19 dec 18 kl. 11:21

Sweden heading for an economic slowdown: report

The Swedish economic boom has peaked and the country is heading for a GDP slowdown, the government's forecast authority said in a report released on Wednesday..

The Local - 24 sep 19 kl. 12:18

The Swedish regions heading for a recession

Sweden's booming economy is heading for an economic slowdown, but some regions will be worse affected than others. A new report predicts where in Sweden the downturn will hit first..

The Local - 12 sep 11 kl. 16:03

'Tropical hurricane' to batter Swedish coast

The remnants of Hurricane Katia are set to reach Sweden's west coast this evening carrying heavy rain and strong winds and prompting the the country's meteorological agency to issue a weather warning..

The Local - 13 sep 11 kl. 17:04

'Tropical hurricane' Katia batters Sweden

Parts of Sweden here left were left reeling on Tuesday in the wake of torrential rains and gusty winds accompanying the remnants of hurricane Katia as it made its way across the country..

The Local - 21 apr 12 kl. 13:53

Summer temperatures heading for Sweden

Frost, cold and heavy snow falls surprised many on Saturday, but April showers are about to give way to warmer weather - with temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius expected for the week ahead..

The Local - 14 aug 19 kl. 07:35

Greta Thunberg sets sail for NYC on zero-emissions racing yacht

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg sets sail on Wednesday for New York, heading for a UN summit on a zero-emissions yacht skippered by a member of Monaco's ruling family..

The Local - 02 jun 12 kl. 09:45

Hillary Clinton heads for Stockholm

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is heading for Stockholm next on her rushed tour of Scandinavia, as her plane from Norway to Stockholm lifts off on Saturday evening..

The Local - 25 mar 12 kl. 10:26

Sweden may be heading for trans fat ban

Sweden may be moving towards a law limiting industrially produced trans fats in food products, following the lead of several other EU countries..

The Local - 01 dec 14 kl. 13:36

Is Sweden heading for a new election?

Sweden's parliament is voting on a new budget on Wednesday. But in a land of complicated coalition politics there's a risk it won't get passed and even talk of fresh elections. The Local got the lowdown on a crucial week from political scientist Nicholas Aylott..

The Local - 27 jan 15 kl. 16:46

Sweden heading for coldest weekend of 2015

It's only Tuesday, but meteorologists are already warning that the weekend could the coldest this year, with temperatures dipping below -10C in the south of the country..

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The Local - 15 timmar sedan

Long-term unemployment rises in Sweden

Long-term unemployment has risen in Sweden for the first time in 16 months..

The Local - 15 timmar sedan

Swedish word of the day: folkkär

This Swedish word is one to help you talk about the things and people you love the most..

The Local - 16 timmar sedan

Why did Sweden's public warning siren sound last night?

Residents of a town in central-southern Sweden got a shock late on Monday evening when they heard the country's emergency warning siren, and it's not yet clear what caused the alarm to sound..

The Local - 17 timmar sedan

Hundreds of migrants in Sweden could soon lose their housing

Hundreds of migrants who arrived in Sweden as unaccompanied migrants risk losing their accommodation by the start of February..

The Local - Igår: 17:24

Violent crime: Swedish police outline plan to deal with 'exceptional situation'

Police have announced a 'special national incident' to look into violent crime in Sweden, with the head of the task force saying he expects a tangible impact within the next six months..

The Local - Igår: 17:26

Always bring ID: Danish checks on Sweden border take effect

Danish checks on border crossings with Sweden have come into effect..

The Local - Igår: 14:54

What is a 'special national incident' and why has Sweden just announced one?

Police have been ordered to treat the recent wave of violent crime in Sweden as a "special national incident". But what exactly does that mean, and how does it work?.

The Local - Igår: 12:23

Malmö shooting: Here's what we know so far

Police in Sweden's third largest city outlined the ongoing work at a national and regional level following a shooting on Saturday in which one teenager died and another was seriously injured. But the regional police chief warned there were "no quick solutions"..

The Local - Igår: 09:45

Brrr! Weather warnings issued for snow across central Sweden

Sweden has issued weather warnings in four counties for snow on Monday, while motorists are warned to take extra care across the country..

The Local - Igår: 07:30

Swedish police reveal latest move to crack down on gang crime

Swedish police are assigning a special detail after a recent spate of shootings and explosions, which saw a 15-year-old boy shot dead in Malmö two days ago..

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