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The Local - 20 jul 11 kl. 12:13

Father in custody after wedding stabbing

A 52-year-old man, suspected of stabbing his son at his daughter's wedding last weekend was remanded into custody on Wednesday by the district court in Lund, in southern Sweden..
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Wednesday, Lund, Sweden

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The Local - 11 dec 14 kl. 13:49

Father fined after three-year-old crashes his car

A father in eastern Sweden has been told to cough up 8,000 kronor after his three-year-old son managed to hijack his car and drive directly into a bus shelter..

The Local - 03 jan 13 kl. 10:08

Dads often keep custody after killing kids' mums

More than 120 children in Sweden have had their mothers killed by their fathers in the last decade, with the dads nevertheless retaining custody of their children in four out of ten cases, according to a new review..

The Local - 30 maj 17 kl. 17:22

Man who spent 13 years in jail over brutal murder in northern Sweden released from custody after retrial

A man who was convicted in northern Sweden over a murder he says he did not commit has been released after he was granted a retrial after more than a decade behind bars..

The Local - 21 jun 11 kl. 07:01

Suspect of slain Swedish girl stays in custody

The 30-year-old male who is under suspicion for murdering a Swedish girl in Fuengirola, Spain will stay in custody after the friend of the murdered Swedish girl was heard by the court on Monday..

The Local - 09 sep 11 kl. 08:17

Man arrested after death of baby daughter

A Swedish man from Örebro, in central Sweden, has been remanded into custody after one of his two months old twin daughters died and the other showed signs of similar injuries..

The Local - 12 jul 11 kl. 11:52

Father remanded into custody over son's death

The 53-year-old man suspected of murdering his 7-year-old son in Umeå in northern Sweden on Sunday has been remanded into custody..

The Local - 08 feb 12 kl. 16:48

15-year-old girl abducted by father and armed men

A 15-year-old girl, taken into custody by social services last week, was removed on Sunday from her foster home by four armed men, one of which was her father..

The Local - 15 jul 16 kl. 10:08

Father detained over Swedish baby death

A father suspected of involvement in the death of a baby has been detained in custody in western Sweden..

The Local - 17 jun 11 kl. 09:41

From wedding bliss to royal crisis: the state of Sweden's monarchy

One year after the royal wedding of Crown Princess Victoria, Sweden's royal family finds itself mired in crisis. The Local's Clara Guibourg examines why the wedding glow faded so fast and what it means for the monarchy's future..

Posh24 - 14 nov 11 kl. 08:54

Zoe Saldana Single After 11 Years!

After 11 years together, "Avatar" star, Zoe Saldana, and her fiance have parted ways. Zoe has been together with her fiance, Keith, for over a decade but they have decided to split "amicably." The two got engaged last June 2010, but we guess the stress of planning a wedding was too much!

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The Local - 3 timmar sedan

Swedish Isis fighter’s seven orphaned children one step closer to returning home

The seven children of dead Swedish Isis fighter Michael Skråmo have been given the green light to be taken from a Syrian refugee camp to Sweden's consulate in Iraq, reports TV4..

The Local - 11 timmar sedan

How did a football club become Malmö's biggest job charity?

How did a football club become Malmö's biggest job charity? It's a question Filippa Engstrand, head of Boost by FC Rosengård, gets so often that she clearly finds it a bit frustrating..

The Local - Igår: 16:40

Hunter shot jogger by mistake rules Swedish court

A hunter who shot a jogger in the thigh, recording the evidence on video recorded by his night sights, has been found innocent of murder by a court in Sweden..

The Local - Igår: 15:30

Swedish word of the day: skärtorsdagen

Today, let's talk about the Swedish word for the day when witches fly away to dance with the devil..

The Local - Igår: 14:10

What you need to know about travelling in Sweden over Easter

If you're travelling within Sweden this Easter, whether by rail or road, make sure to account for the many planned track works and increased traffic. Here's our in-depth guide to what to expect from Sweden's transport this Easter..

The Local - Igår: 11:48

Sweden sends new ambassador to China in wake of diplomatic scandal

Sweden has appointed a new ambassador to China, after her predecessor was accused of breaching national security by organizing a 'secret' meeting over imprisoned bookseller Gui Minhai..

The Local - Igår: 08:46

Slow TV project follows Sweden's elk for 450 hours

Every spring for around 9,000 years, hundreds of elk have crossed the same river to migrate to summer pastures. This year it's possible to watch their journey from start to finish, thanks to a major 'slow TV' project by Sweden's national broadcaster..

The Local - Igår: 07:13

Swedish Ericsson and Swisscom launch Europe's first large scale 5g network

Swedish telecom equipment manufacturer Ericsson said on Wednesday it had launched the first European large scale commercial 5G network together with Swiss operator Swisscom, as Ericsson posted a first quarter profit boosted by sales in North America..

The Local - Igår: 07:00

The Swedish expedition that rescued thousands from Nazi concentration camps

In spring 1945, as the Second World War was nearing its end, Sweden carried out the biggest humanitarian relief expedition ever to take place within Nazi Germany..

The Local - I förrgår: 16:09

Opinion: Brexit is a question of identity – but more democracy can't be a bad thing

Everyone impacted by Brexit should get the right to vote, no matter how long you've lived outside of the UK, writes British Remain campaigner Julian Stubbs.. i Sociala medier

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