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The Local - 19 jul 11 kl. 11:27

Electrolux reports steep earnings drop

Swedish household appliance-maker Electrolux on Tuesday reported a profit slump because of high materials prices and weak demand, and warned of difficult trading conditions for the rest of the year..
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The Local - 31 okt 12 kl. 17:08

Lundin reports high earnings after oil find

Swedish oil company Lundin Petroleum reported better than expected earnings on Wednesday following the news that one of its subsidiaries had struck oil in Kenya..

The Local - 27 apr 11 kl. 11:06

Electrolux reports profits slump

Swedish household goods manufacturer Electrolux reported a 50 percent drop in net profits for the first quarter on Wednesday, citing a rise in raw materials costs..

The Local - 25 apr 12 kl. 14:24

Electrolux reports rise in first quarter figures

Swedish white ware giant Electrolux announced on Wednesday that it had seen a 23 percent profit rise over the first quarter compared to the same period last year..

The Local - 02 feb 11 kl. 08:44

Electrolux earnings fall below expectations

Fourth quarter results for Swedish white goods manufacturer Electrolux failed to meet expectations, as the rising cost of raw materials put additional cost pressure on the company..

The Local - 02 feb 12 kl. 13:58

Electrolux profits plunge amid weak demand

Swedish appliancemaker Electrolux reported a nearly 50 percent drop in net profits for 2011 as material costs and lower demand took their toll on earnings..

The Local - 19 apr 11 kl. 12:43

Sony Ericsson reports profits slump

Swedish-Japanese mobile phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson on Tuesday reported a steep decline in net profits, explained by the impact on sales of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan..

The Local - 20 jul 11 kl. 14:43

TeliaSonera earnings hit by strong krona

Swedish-Finnish telecoms firm TeliaSonera's reported earnings on Wednesday below analyst expectations on the back of a strong Swedish currency and problems in its Turkish operations..

E24 - 26 jul 11 kl. 12:59

UBS scraps earnings targets

UBS scrapped its ambitious earnings targets and announced sweeping cost cuts after a disappointing quarter that saw net profits slump by 49 per cent..

The Local - 01 aug 14 kl. 07:07

AstraZeneca raises earnings outlook after Pfizer bid

After fighting off a fierce takeover bid from Pfizer, Swedish-British drugmaker AstraZeneca raised its 2014 earnings outlook and posted rising second quarter sales on Thursday..

PrivataAffärer - 31 jan 19 kl. 18:16

Electrolux vill dela upp bolaget

Electrolux styrelse har inlett ett arbete med avsikt att kunna föreslå en bolagsstämma att besluta att dela koncernen i två noterade bolag – dels ”Electrolux” för hushållsprodukter och dels ”Electrolux Professional” för professionella produkter. Det framgår av ett pressmeddelande. Avknoppningen avses ske genom en utdelning av Electrolux Professional till aktieägarna i Electrolux under år 2020.

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Sweden sends new ambassador to China in wake of diplomatic scandal

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Slow TV project follows Sweden's elk for 450 hours

Every spring for around 9,000 years, hundreds of elk have crossed the same river to migrate to summer pastures. This year it's possible to watch their journey from start to finish, thanks to a major 'slow TV' project by Sweden's national broadcaster.. i Sociala medier

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