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Wednesday, 24 April, 03:22

The Local - 18 jul 11 kl. 11:30

Swedish mobility service recruits Senegalese help

Swedes looking to order transportation services may from 2012 find their calls re-directed to one of 32 Swedish-speaking operators in Dakar, Senegal..
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The Local - 20 feb 12 kl. 10:29

Swedish fire service to launch diversity project

The Swedish fire service is looking to hire more personnel with a foreign background in order to increase safety for fire fighters in big city areas..

The Local - 13 okt 11 kl. 14:27

Google Maps launches Swedish timetable service

Google Sweden has announced the launch of its Google Transit service in the country, offering a nationwide timetable service integrated into its Google Maps navigation tool..

The Local - 08 jul 11 kl. 10:42

Swedish fire service sued over affirmative action

A Swedish man is suing a fire department outside Stockholm for actively choosing to only hire women and people with foreign backgrounds, according to reports in Swedish media..

The Local - 30 sep 12 kl. 09:20

Swedish Security Service classifies expenses

Sweden's justice minister Beatrice Ask has classified the running costs of the Security Service, putting an end to media revelations over how funds were being used..

The Local - 02 jan 15 kl. 17:31

Swedish Security Service goes viral with first tweet

Sweden's Security Service Säpo posted its first tweet on Friday, with a cheeky enough message to make headlines across Sweden..

The Local - 07 mar 17 kl. 12:38

What you need to know about Swedish military service and dual citizenship

The return of conscription to Sweden means thousands of young people born in 1999 and 2000 will soon be eligible for compulsory military service, and there is some confusion over what that will mean for dual nationals. In an effort to clear it all up, The Local has looked into some of the details worth knowing..

The Local - 11 jul 18 kl. 19:01

Swedish rescue service to distracted parents: Watch your swimming kids, not your phones!

The Rescue Service of Södra Älvsborg (SÄRF) in western Sweden is being both hailed and criticised on Facebook for a light-hearted campaign meant to draw attention to a serious problem..

SR - 11 jul 13 kl. 19:36

Ny publicering - Employment Service workers 'broke internal rules' accepting cash

The Swedish Employment Service says five of its employees broke internal rules when they accepted 999 SEK for participating in a survey by a marketing company evaluating an education firm contracted by the Employment Service, Swedish Television reports..

The Local - 09 apr 19 kl. 10:04

Here's what you need to know about Sweden's crisis-hit postal service

Swedish postal service Postnord announced on Tuesday that its CEO would leave his role with immediate effect, the latest news from the crisis-hit service. Here's all you need to know about the challenges facing Postnord and the changes it's already introduced, from delivery times to postage costs..

The Local - 16 dec 11 kl. 10:26

Swedish kids ask Santa for pets and phones

Video games, pets and mobile phones are what Swedish kids want for Christmas this year, according to the Swedish postal service, which handles the hundreds of thousands of letters adressed to Santa every year..

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The Local - 11 timmar sedan

Klarna faces more data protection complaints than Sweden's major banks

Swedish fintech success story Klarna's handling of personal data has been reported to the country's data protection watchdog almost four times as much as Sweden's four biggest banks..

The Local - 11 timmar sedan

Swedish word of the day: liksom

Here's a word that's going to make you sound much more like a native Swede, as long as you use it correctly..

The Local - 15 timmar sedan

The best tips for a move to Sweden (from people who've been there, done that)

Starting a new life in another country is a challenge and an adventure for most people who do it. Even if you do plenty of research before the move, there's still often at least one aspect of the new culture or local bureaucracy that ends up surprising you, so The Local asked our readers for their top tips for anyone considering a relocation to Sweden..

The Local - 19 timmar sedan

Wildfires rage in Sweden after Easter heatwave

Firefighters worked through the night to battle a spate of blazes across Sweden – and authorities warned on Tuesday of a heightened risk of more wildfires spreading in the country this week..

The Local - 19 timmar sedan

SAS pilots to go on strike this week unless last-minute deal is reached

Scandinavian Airlines and pilots in Sweden, Norway and Denmark are locked in crunch talks to prevent a strike that could see hundreds of pilots walk out in the three countries..

The Local - I förrgår: 12:11

'The English are falling over each other to get Swedish citizenship'

After 48 years living in Sweden, Englishman Tim Crosfield has become a Swedish citizen, praising Sweden's authorities for helping him and other Brits with Brexit, or as he calls it "our idiotic problem"..

The Local - I förrgår: 07:59

#MySweden: 'It feels like I have just scratched the surface of this city'

Every week one of The Local's readers takes over our Instagramn. Today, Ines Anic from Zagreb shows us her Sweden..

The Local - 20 apr 19 kl. 07:59

'Sweden ticks all the boxes – except for one'

Ex-Londoner Paul Connolly loves living in northern Sweden. Really, he does. If only the local delicacies didn't taste of asbestos and insulation – and that's BEFORE you even get to the fermented herring..

The Local - 19 apr 19 kl. 16:09

Swedish Isis fighter’s seven orphaned children one step closer to returning home

The seven children of dead Swedish Isis fighter Michael Skråmo have been given the green light to be taken from a Syrian refugee camp to Sweden's consulate in Iraq, reports TV4..

The Local - 19 apr 19 kl. 07:59

How did a football club become Malmö's biggest job charity?

How did a football club become Malmö's biggest job charity? It's a question Filippa Engstrand, head of Boost by FC Rosengård, gets so often that she clearly finds it a bit frustrating.. i Sociala medier

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