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Thursday, 25 February, 14:44

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Salad Hilowle prisas för "egenartade verk"

Konstnären Salad Hilowle får Svenska Filmakademins stipendium till minne av Kurt Linder..
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The Local - 20 sep 11 kl. 11:35

Swedish woman finds toad in pre-packed salad

A woman in central Sweden was shocked to discover a living toad at the bottom of a bag of pre-packaged salad that had been in her fridge for almost a week..

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Cop convicted for taking lunch salad bribe

A police officer from western Sweden who agreed to let a beltless motorist off the hook in exchange for a salad has learned the hard way there's no such thing as a free lunch..

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How to make traditional Swedish west coast salad

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How to make crunchy Swedish winter salad

Still in a food coma after the holidays? Culinary writer John Duxbury shares his favourite recipe for a Swedish winter salad, which uses raw kale to create a lovely light meal full of flavour..

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Fend off the bad weather with a Swedish beetroot salad

It's easy to let the rain get to you when it arrives out of nowhere in the Swedish summer, and there's no better pick me up than a hearty meal that's both colourful and tasty. Food writer John Duxbury's recipe for beetroot salad with cumin and feta ticks all the boxes..

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How to make a Swedish chicken and strawberry salad

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Recipe: How to make a Sweden-inspired colourful couscous salad

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Food writer John Duxbury shares his recipe for a Swedish sweet and cheesy salad, perfect for the summertime..

Alingsås tidning - 14 mar 17 kl. 12:31

JTI:s personalarbete prisas igen

JTI Sweden, som bland annat har snusfabriken i Vårgårda, prisas än en gång för sitt goda personalarbete av internationella Top Employer Institute. – Det är mycket meriterande. Bara sju företag i Sverige fick utmärkelsen och JTI fick toppbetyg, säger Joel Ibson, kommunikationsansvarig på JTI Sweden.

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