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Sunday, 07 March, 04:09

DN - 23 feb 21 kl. 06:58

Emails reveal new facts on Joe Biden’s keys to Hunter’s office

English: Hunter Biden in major dispute with Swedish authority • Regarded as security risk..
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The Local - 11 jul 18 kl. 15:08

Stars reveal new details about Mamma Mia sequel while in Stockholm

For a group that hasn’t released new music in 35 years, Abba sure seems busy these days..

The Local - 23 okt 15 kl. 10:40

Swedish parties set to reveal new refugee plans

Six Swedish mainstream parties have agreed on a cross-bloc deal on the refugee crisis, the details of which are set to be revealed at a press conference later on Friday morning..

Nyheter 24 - 30 nov 99 kl. 00:00

11 Zlatan Facts som får dig att älska Zlatan ännu mer

1. När har Zlatan någonsin gjort fel? Zlatan tabbar sig inte.

The Local - 03 apr 12 kl. 08:36

New internal probe for Swedish 'sex pastor'

A Stockholm-area pastor on probation for having sex with a teen girl in his congregation is to be investigated anew following new accusations that he sexually abused other girls and sent them sexually explicit emails..

The Local - 13 jul 11 kl. 07:32

Seven in ten emails sent in Sweden are spam

Despite fresh figures showing that more than 70 percent of all emails sent in Sweden in June were spam, experts say that this is the lowest level circulated worldwide since 2008..

The Local - 08 apr 13 kl. 17:58

Facebook asks Swedes to pay for emails

Facebook users in Sweden have been hit with fees for sending emails to people who are not on their friends list, leaving some users unimpressed..

EU-Parlamentet - 15 maj 14 kl. 16:58

Press release - Old and new European parliaments: facts and figures

General : The old European Parliament passed its last laws in April, making a total of over 1,000 in 2009-2014. The new one, elected on 22-25 May, takes office on 1 July. Here is a brief overview of some of Parliament’s work over the past five years and what it will need to do in the next five.

The Local - 08 aug 14 kl. 12:03

Swedish tax agency warns of scam emails

The Swedish tax agency has warned Swedes to be extra careful when dealing with emails and texts claiming to be from the authorities - especially those promising an easy tax refund..

The Local - 12 nov 14 kl. 06:45

Court hears Dewani's wife's desperate emails

The murdered wife of bisexual British millionaire businessman Shrien Dewani sent him desperate emails just days after their marriage questioning his "feelings" for her, a South African court heard on Tuesday..

DN - 14 jun 16 kl. 19:47

The new basis for war: Jihadism

Conflicts associated with jihadism now account for more than half of all battle fatalities, and wars are ever more concentrated to the area around the Middle East, new data reveal. But the image of ISIS as a uniquely efficient killer organisation is false..

The Local - 15 dec 16 kl. 07:51

Sweden to present new national gender equality authority

Sweden is due to present its new national gender equality authority on Thursday, with the country’s government set to reveal more information about the agency – including where it will be based..

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DN - 6 timmar sedan

Kajsa Haidl: Det bästa vore att skrota Andra chansen

Rätt bidrag gick till final – men programmets innehåll kändes mest som kylskåpsrens..

DN - 7 timmar sedan

Frågan om lösesummor delar regeringar

Frågan om man ska betala eller inte aktuell i Nigeria efter att 600 skolelever kidnappats på tre månader..

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