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Sunday, 17 January, 01:53

The Local - 11 jan 21 kl. 10:43

Sweden upgrades snow alert with up to 70cm forecast in northern region

Several regions in Sweden have been told to brace for more snow on Monday, but few places are expected to get as much as the northern coastal regions..
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The Local - 21 feb 13 kl. 17:12

Sweden's 'snow man': I didn't want to be saved

Sweden's "snow man", who emerged one year ago after spending two months buried in a car in the country's far north, has spoken out extensively about the ordeal for the first time, making him The Local's pick for Swede of the Week..

The Local - 04 jan 17 kl. 07:29

The big freeze is here! Sweden on heavy snow alert

Drivers in Sweden were warned to take it easy on the roads on Wednesday, after snow fell across much of the country – only days after it experienced its warmest New Year's Eve on record..

The Local - 22 jan 18 kl. 10:40

Sweden's snow depth sets new seasonal record

Most of Sweden, apart from the very far south and the west coast, was covered in snow on Monday morning – but meteorologists advised snow lovers to enjoy it while it lasts..

The Local - 24 nov 11 kl. 16:46

Record warmth keeps Sweden's snow at bay

The unseasonably high temperatures across much of Sweden have left much of the country free of snow and has put autumn 2011 on track to be one of the warmest ever recorded in Sweden..

The Local - 23 feb 12 kl. 15:02

British paparazzi stalk Sweden's 'snow-man'

Staff members at a hospital in Umeå are livid after discovering a British paparazzi member lurking in their corridors, allegedly on the hunt for an exclusive snap of Sweden's mystery "snow man" - the 44-year-old who reportedly lived in his car for 2 months without food..

The Local - 19 jan 16 kl. 08:14

This is what Sweden's snow chaos looked like this morning

South-western Sweden was facing travel chaos at airports, railways and busy roads during the Tuesday morning rush hour after more than 10 centimetres of snow fell overnight..

The Local - 06 feb 17 kl. 16:35

It's skiing time in southern Sweden as snow moves in

Take out your warm jacket and maybe even your skies. This week brings snow to the south of Sweden and extreme temperatures to the north..

The Local - 29 maj 13 kl. 13:14

Sweden launches heatwave alert system

Sweden's meteorological institute has introduced a system to warn Swedes of heatwaves, saying prolonged spells of warm weather have seen increased mortality rates across the country.    .

The Local - 28 feb 12 kl. 07:01

Sweden's 'snow man' to be documentary film

The 44-year-old man who was trapped in his snowed-in car in Umeå, northern Sweden, for over two months is set to become the basis of a documentary by the Discovery Channel..

The Local - 24 okt 11 kl. 10:33

Sweden faces increased threat online: SÄPO

Sweden's Security Services, Säpo, has chosen to keep the terror threat level in Sweden on heightened alert due to the increased mention of the country on terrorist-inspired web pages..

Computer Sweden - 09 dec 19 kl. 09:50

Snow köper nya städverktyg för hybridmolnet

Svenska Snow Software vässar sitt erbjudande genom att köpa kanadensiska Embotics, vars mjukvara används för att hantera verksamheters hybridmoln..

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