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Tuesday, 19 January, 13:43

The Local - 11 jan 21 kl. 12:22

Which students will be taught remotely in Sweden when school starts?

The spring term starts this week in schools across Sweden, but some pupils will be taught remotely for at least the first two weeks. We've tried to get a handle on the somewhat confusing situation..
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The Local - 20 aug 15 kl. 15:59

International students welcomed to Stockholm

Thousands of international students will be arriving in Stockholm this weekend, beginning studies in Sweden’s capital. The students will be greeted at the airport by guides and free buses into the city..

The Local - 17 dec 15 kl. 11:52

Which stars will sing in Sweden in 2016?

Sweden's set to host a string of super stars next year, from Justin Bieber to Jamie xx. Here's a round-up of some of the biggest announcements so far..

The Local - 26 jun 11 kl. 14:10

Tightened teaching rules cause trouble for students

All Swedish teachers will soon have a professional certificate. But this new requirement is posing difficulties. Students may have to switch teachers, be taught from a distance, or even see their school shut down..

The Local - 08 jan 14 kl. 08:54

Students on trial for elite school hazing assualt

Nine students and one employee from prestigious Swedish boarding school Lundsberg will face court on Wednesday for their involvement in a hazing ritual in which a 14-year-old boy was burned with an iron.. - 19 feb 19 kl. 16:30

“Programmatic is a key term that will influence the Swedish market”

Vi har intervjuat Stefan Beckman som är Commercial Lead Northern Europe på FreeWheel om framtiden för digitala medier i Sverige och vilka trender som påverkar dagens marknad. What are the benefits of programmatic advertising? The main advantage is efficiency.

The Local - 09 sep 12 kl. 16:13

Swedish unis to take in more nursing students

Sweden's governing centre-right parties suggest expanding the number of education spots for healthcare jobs, but at the same time threatened to cut back spots in counties which offer too few internships for students..

The Local - 20 nov 12 kl. 07:23

Plane in fatal crash built by high school students

An ultra-light airplane which lost a wing mid-flight and crashed last week in western Sweden, killing two people, was built in part by high school students, crash investigators have discovered..

The Local - 18 okt 13 kl. 08:31

Thousands of students wait for study loans

Almost 4,000 students have been waiting for four weeks for their student allowance from Sweden's student loans body CSN, which is so flooded with calls that it has shut down its phone service.


The Local - 28 okt 13 kl. 16:57

Students reported after teachers' coffee poisoned

Students at a school in central Sweden have been reported to the police for three separate incidents this month, one of which included the suspected poisoning of a teacher's coffee.

The Local - 28 apr 17 kl. 16:20

This is officially Sweden's best city for students

Which of Sweden's cities is the best for students? Perhaps it's Lund with its cobbled streets, or Uppsala with its strong culture of student associations? What about Gothenburg, with its array of pubs, or Stockholm and all the attractions the capital offers?.

The Local - 31 maj 17 kl. 12:15

How a group of Stockholm students hope to provide electricity in rural Tanzania

A group of students at a Swedish university have launched an innovative new project which aims to use small-scale versions of wind turbines to expand electricity access in Tanzania.. i Sociala medier

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