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The Local - 11 jan 21 kl. 16:27

How a study circle helps new students integrate in Sweden

International students face many challenges during their stay in Sweden, ranging from classes in English to emotional and social setbacks. The key to the Swedish society and labour market is found in the Swedish language, which can become a barrier to students' ability to socialise. But in the town of Växjö in southern Sweden, students have formed a study circle to help each other..
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The Local - 07 nov 12 kl. 07:33

Swedish study: exercise helps people live longer

Exercising regularly can increase life expectancy, even for people who are overweight, a Swedish-American study has found..

The Local - 20 sep 12 kl. 16:34

Housework helps men's mental health: study

Men who don't do their fair share of domestic duties in a relationship can suffer from psychological distress, according to a new Swedish study..

The Local - 26 sep 12 kl. 17:40

Foreign degree validation benefits vary: study

While two thirds of those who've had foreign university degrees formally validated in Sweden still don't work in their fields of expertise, the process nevertheless helps jobseekers in other ways, a study has found..

The Local - 16 mar 13 kl. 17:20

Nordic diet cuts heart disease risk: study

A healthy Nordic diet helps to reduce cardiovascular disease and the risk of type 2 diabetes, according to a study initiated by the Nordic Council of Ministers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland..

The Local - 02 aug 13 kl. 09:47

No link between fatigue and sleep: Swedish study

There is little or no connection between how much sleep people get at night and how tired they feel the next day, according to a new study by the Stockholm University.    .

The Local - 07 mar 16 kl. 11:37

How dance helps young newcomers tell stories with their bodies

An innovative programme at a school south of Stockholm uses dance to help refugee children learn Swedish. The Local voices find out how..

The Local - 12 apr 19 kl. 16:39

How migrants' values change after moving to Sweden

How do foreign-born people feel about their lives in Sweden? For the first time, a major study has mapped out the answer to that question, looking at the extent to which some of them feel at home, as well as how their personal values match up with those of native Swedes..

The Local - 19 jun 12 kl. 08:28

'Panicked callers' get better emergency help: Swedish study

The degree of panic in the voices of those who call Swedish emergency service operator SOS Alarm plays an important role in how operators assess callers' need for help, a new study has found..

The Local - 17 okt 13 kl. 14:43

Chimps catch human yawns: Swedish study

A new study has revealed that chimpanzees catch yawns from humans, an unusual cross-species contagion that has researchers wondering just how empathetic the chimps are to their human cousins.


The Local - 18 jul 17 kl. 14:40

Active Swedes walk more than Brits and Americans, study shows

A new US study using smartphone step-tracking data to map how active people in different parts of the world are shows that Swedes take more steps each day than Americans or Brits..

The Local - 14 sep 18 kl. 07:22

Swedes win 'alternative Nobel' for study on chimps and humans

A Swedish study on how humans and chimpanzees imitate each other has been honoured with an "Ig Nobel" prize, a Harvard University award which celebrates quirky discoveries.. i Sociala medier

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