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Sunday, 17 January, 01:50

The Local - 12 jan 21 kl. 07:47

SNOW CHAOS: Thousands without power after icy spell grips Sweden

Thousands of households were left in darkness on Tuesday morning after power cut out during a snow storm in northern Sweden..
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SNOW CHAOS, Sweden, Tuesday

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The Local - 28 sep 14 kl. 08:34

Thousands without power after strong winds

The impact of powerful winds in northern Sweden has left thousands without power and caused severe traffic problems for both motorists and train passengers..

The Local - 08 jan 19 kl. 08:03

Sweden braces for heavy snow as thousands of homes STILL without power

A class-two warning for heavy snow remained in place for eastern Sweden on Tuesday morning, affecting Gävleborg county and northern coastal parts of Uppsala county..

The Local - 19 jan 16 kl. 08:14

This is what Sweden's snow chaos looked like this morning

South-western Sweden was facing travel chaos at airports, railways and busy roads during the Tuesday morning rush hour after more than 10 centimetres of snow fell overnight..

The Local - 13 dec 13 kl. 07:22

Storm Ivar leaves thousands without power

Tens of thousands were left without electricity on Friday morning after a storm nicknamed Ivar swept in over the north. Pre-schools and schools will remain shut..

The Local - 10 nov 16 kl. 13:56

Four times Swedes took on the snow chaos and won

Wednesday was the November day with the most snowfall in Stockholm for a century, creating huge problems for commuters, but not all of them sat back and suffered. Instead, some took on the snow and won..

The Local - 02 jan 19 kl. 07:59

Thousands without power and traffic disrupted as 2019's first storm hits Sweden

More than 100,000 households were without power on Wednesday morning as a powerful storm continued to batter Sweden..

The Local - 13 apr 17 kl. 10:18

Easter weekend: Get ready for snow, Sweden

Traffic authorities and weather forecasters warn that Easter weekend could bring snow and traffic chaos to parts of Sweden as thousands of people hit the road for the holidays..

The Local - 26 dec 11 kl. 08:41

Storm 'Dagmar' causes traffic chaos

High winds from the storm dubbed Dagar made travel difficult for much of Sweden late Christmas day and into the day after, with rail traffic standing still, roads closed and thousands left without power..

The Local - 12 jan 15 kl. 08:20

West Sweden faces hour chaos after storm

Several train routes in west Sweden were facing severe delays on Monday after a heavy storm - known as Egon - hit the region over the weekend, while thousands remained without power..

The Local - 22 jun 17 kl. 16:27

Midsummer holiday travel chaos leaves thousands of travellers stranded

Thousands of holidaymakers and commuters were caught up in travel chaos as a fire in Stockholm sparked train delays just a day before one of Sweden's biggest holidays..

The Local - 27 aug 16 kl. 14:13

Winds leave thousands of Swedes without power

Strong gusts, forecast to reach up to 21 metres per hour, left thousands of people without power in Sweden’s northern regions on Saturday.. i Sociala medier

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