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Wednesday, 20 January, 05:13

The Local - 12 jan 21 kl. 15:51

SWEDEN IN PICTURES: Your best snow snaps

The Local's readers have been out capturing a snow-swept Sweden. Here are some of the best pictures..
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The Local - 19 okt 17 kl. 16:13

IN PICTURES: Your best autumn pictures from across Sweden

Autumn has arrived in Sweden – here's what that looks like..

The Local - 04 apr 14 kl. 10:04

Sweden ranked second best place to be young

Sweden is the best country in Europe to be young, and the second best in the world, according to rankings released on Thursday..

The Local - 27 dec 16 kl. 13:58

Forbes: Sweden is the best. Swedish business: No it's not

Sweden is the best country in the world in which to do business, according to a new ranking by US magazine Forbes. But Sweden's main business lobby says the country's success is overstated..

The Local - 01 okt 13 kl. 10:00

Sweden's pensioners best cared for globally

Swedes over 60 can rest assured they are well-provided for, according to a new study that ranks Sweden as the best country to grow old in, although women and immigrants still lag behind.

The Local - 11 okt 16 kl. 07:59

Sweden world's best country for girls: report

Sweden is the best country in the world for girls, according to a new global report..

The Local - 10 jul 17 kl. 15:09

Is Sweden really the best place in the world for immigrants?

A new US study has concluded that Sweden is the best place in the world for immigrants, but do immigrants in the country agree?.

The Local - 02 jan 20 kl. 15:40

Your best pictures of the spectacular sunset in Sweden

The Local's readers sent in several pictures of the spectacular sunset in Sweden on the first day of the new year. Here are some of the best images..

The Local - 25 apr 18 kl. 07:59

Your best Instagram snaps of spring in Sweden

The Local rounds up some of our best spring (and summer!) pictures from our Instagram followers..

The Local - 19 jun 17 kl. 17:12

Ten Instagram pictures that prove Sweden is the best summer country

Summer in Sweden doesn't last long, and for this reason, when it arrives Swedes make the best of it..

The Local - 25 nov 19 kl. 10:53

Does crime in Sweden affect your life? Foreign residents share their stories

Sweden has made global headlines recently for a wave of gang-related violent crime often involving explosives, but has it affected the lives of our international readers who live here? Here's what you said about how crime impacts your lives in Sweden..

The Local - 13 nov 18 kl. 12:11

Sweden essentials: the best winter driving tips to stay safe on the road

Winter is coming, and navigating the icy, slippery, and snow-covered Swedish roads is nothing less than a challenge. But it's not just a different sort of driving you need to get used to: you also need to winter-prep your car, and learn how to manually manipulate systems that might have been knocked out by the cold.. i Sociala medier

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