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Friday, 22 January, 23:41

The Local - 12 jan 21 kl. 19:21

COMPARE: How fast are European countries vaccinating their populations?

Governments across Europe are hastily vaccinating their populations against the Covid-19 virus as infection rates remain worryingly high. We look at how some countries are having more success than others and the reasons why..
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The Local - 19 nov 19 kl. 10:44

How fast are property prices rising in Swedish cities?

Housing prices rose in Sweden's largest cities last month, according to fresh figures..

The Local - 23 feb 17 kl. 12:54

New images show how fast Sweden's glaciers are melting

Some of Sweden's most famous glaciers are melting – quickly – according to experts..

The Local - 01 aug 12 kl. 11:40

How chemicals are poisoning us: Stockholm professor raises the alarm

The spread of dangerous chemicals could lead to a global human catastrophe, Stockholm University Professor Åke Bergman believes. Bergman played a major role in the film Submission, which did for this issue what 'Supersize Me' did for the issue of fast foods..

The Local - 13 jun 16 kl. 12:30

How much are SAS pilots actually paid?

Details of the extent of the dispute between Scandinavian airline SAS and its striking Swedish pilots have emerged, with the two parties apparently unable to agree on how much the lowest-paid pilots earn..

The Local - 21 feb 20 kl. 10:49

Fact check: How often do Stockholm's metro escalators actually break down?

Escalators, the unsung heroes of Stockholmers' city-dwelling existence. They are as much a convenience on the morning commute as they are a nuisance when they break down. But what causes the breakdowns, and how frequent are they?.

Expressen - 30 aug 20 kl. 06:07

Milan bekräftar – Zlatan stannar: ”How Zlataned?”

Det är klart. Milan bekräftar nu att Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 38, stannar i klubben. ”How Zlataned are you from 1 to Zlatan?

The Local - 10 aug 12 kl. 08:30

'This is how Cubans are treated everyday': Modig

Swedish youth politician Aron Modig was interrogated by Cuban authorities for five days after the car crash on Cuba, which claimed the lives of two renowned critics of the Castro regime..

The Local - 08 nov 16 kl. 13:17

Just how obsessed are Swedes with the US election?

Anyone who has looked at a Swedish newspaper in recent months will have noticed that the dominant story isn't a Swedish one..

The Local - 19 jul 18 kl. 17:25

How volunteers are helping to fight Sweden's wildfires

As around 50 separate wildfires continue to blaze across Sweden, large numbers of volunteers have mobilized to assist the firefighters battling the flames by proving help in any way they can..

Dagens PS - 03 mar 17 kl. 14:09

”How does the snapchat IPO make any sense?”

Snap-aktien rusade under första handelsdagen och stängde på 24,48 dollar – 44 procent högre än teckningskursen, enligt Di. The IPO price of $17 per share values the Snap at about $24B. Based on interest in the shares (they were ten times over-subscribed), the value of the shares, and the company, are likely to rise substantially during the day.

The Local - 27 jun 19 kl. 09:14

Booze, food and clothes: How does Sweden's cost of living compare to the rest of Europe?

How does the cost of living in Sweden compare to the rest of Europe? The Scandinavian country has a reputation for high prices, but new EU data shows that in some areas you can get a very good deal in Sweden. The Local has broken down the statistics, and added in some of our own tried and tested money-saving tips.. i Sociala medier

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