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Saturday, 16 January, 10:01

GöteborgsPosten - 12 jan 21 kl. 21:32

Clinic provided Swedes with false travel documents – corona tests never analysed

Laboratory ”haven’t recieved a single sample” – while the clinic in Gothenburg is raking it in..
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The Local - 04 mar 14 kl. 07:55

Four Swedes with womb transplants get embryos

In a cutting-edge bid to fall pregnant, four Swedish women with transplanted uteruses have been implanted with test-tube embryos, researchers announced on Monday..

The Local - 18 nov 14 kl. 06:30

'I'm among the first Swedes with a microchip'

Sweden has a global reputation as a leader in developing innovative technologies. But will a trend for inserting microchips in the human body catch on? The Local spoke to Emilott Lantz, one of the first Swedes to choose an implant to unlock her front door..

The Local - 15 nov 11 kl. 08:33

'Extraditing dual citizen Swedes should be easier'

It should be easier for Swedes with dual citizenship to be extradited to states outside the European Union, a government inquiry charged with reviewing Sweden's extradition law has concluded..

The Local - 07 maj 14 kl. 14:35

Swedes doomed to die with mortgages: study

Most Swedes with a home mortgage are doomed to die before repaying their debt, according to a study published on Wednesday by Sweden's central bank..

The Local - 04 okt 13 kl. 07:14

Swedes hail Cinnamon Bun Day

Swedes love their cinnamon buns so much they even gave the baked goods their own annual day kanelbullens dag - giving Swedes with a sweet-tooth something special to celebrate. The Local finds out more.

The Local - 28 dec 11 kl. 12:21

Swedes shun tax havens in favour of amnesty

A voluntary amnesty for Swedes with assets hidden in tax havens is paying dividends, according to Swedish tax authorities, who report that the amnesty had brought in close to a billion kronor in new tax revenue in 2010..

The Local - 11 feb 14 kl. 11:41

Swedes flock to cash in on deleted Flappy Bird app

Swedes with the insanely popular phone app Flappy Birds are trying to make quick cash by selling their smartphones online, after the game was pulled from app stores..

The Local - 08 nov 16 kl. 13:17

Just how obsessed are Swedes with the US election?

Anyone who has looked at a Swedish newspaper in recent months will have noticed that the dominant story isn't a Swedish one..

SR - 20 jul 13 kl. 10:35

Ny publicering - Psychiatric clinic "strapped down 10 year old"

A worker at a Stockholm psychiatric clinic says children as young as 10 have been restrained with belts, and a 12 year old girls was strapped down 18 times and injected with strong medicine. These reports are in a complaint to the Health and Social Care Inspectorate that newspaper Aftonbladet has seen. The ....

The Local - 24 mar 17 kl. 08:48

Support provided to refugee children during asylum process in Sweden inadequate: report

The support provided to children during the asylum process in Sweden is often inadequate, according to the Ombudsman for Children (BO), which is tasked with representing the rights and interests of children in Sweden..

The Local - 30 dec 17 kl. 15:48

Free digital doctor's appointments available to Swedes at new clinic

People living in Sweden will have access to free primary healthcare over the internet, after an online medical practitioner set up a clinic in the Södermanland county, where primary care is free..

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