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Wednesday, 20 January, 19:57

DI - 01 dec 20 kl. 08:57

Scandlines has chosen and implemented Nowhere Networks internet solution on its entire fleet

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The Local - 04 maj 17 kl. 15:37

Why Sweden now has English and Arabic speaking digital doctors

A new digital doctor service offering appointments in English and Arabic hopes to provide healthcare fit for modern Sweden, its founder has told The Local..

DI - 30 maj 18 kl. 12:02

Navetti Expands its Cooperation with World-Leading Mining and Drilling Equipment Company

Navetti, a leading European provider of price optimization solutions, is pleased to announce that a world-leader in mining, drilling and rock-excavation equipment has chosen Navetti and Navetti PricePoint™ as its pricing and price optimization software and services provider. The contract represents a further milestone for Navetti and their client in a relationship that began over 15 years ago..

The Local - 26 jun 16 kl. 16:24

US urges EU and UK to 'divorce amicably'

US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed regret Sunday that Britain has chosen to leave the European Union and vowed Washington will maintain close ties with the bloc..

The Local - 24 nov 14 kl. 11:05

Swedish expert says Ebola risk has reduced

A leading Swedish expert on global health has said that the threat of the ebola virus has decreased and suggested that the battle against the epidemic is entering a new phase..

The Local - 22 feb 17 kl. 07:28

One dead and several injured in Swedish pile up

One person has died and several more were left injured following a multi-vehicle accident on a highway in Sweden..

The Local - 23 mar 17 kl. 07:25

Stabbings during Swedish brawl leave one dead and two injured

A young man has died and two others have suffered serious knife injuries in a brawl which took place in Borås, western Sweden..

The Local - 21 okt 19 kl. 08:42

One dead and several injured after spate of knife attacks in Gothenburg

One man has died and several more were injured after multiple knife attacks took place in Gothenburg over the weekend..

The Local - 07 aug 17 kl. 11:57

One in three Swedes has farted and blamed it on the pet, survey finds. But wait, there's more...

What do Swedes do in their living room? If you're Ikea, that's a question you want to know the answer to, so the furniture giant asked pollsters to find out. Here's what they discovered..

Dagensanalys.se - 16 maj 17 kl. 11:03

”Every impression has the opportunity to be effective”

Nick Morley är managing director EMEA för det globala teknik- och dataföretaget Integral Ad Science som bygger lösningar för annonsbranschen. Han har lång erfarenhet inom ad tech-industrin och har tidigare haft ledande roller på bland annat Adobe och Intent Media. I den här intervjun kan du läsa hans tankar om framtiden för annonsbranschen.

Supermiljöbloggen - 30 apr 14 kl. 12:49

Richard Lindberg, CongressEA: Stranded Assets and Impact Investing – Preventing our pensions from going up in flames

Do institutional investors like pension funds fully appreciate the perils of large exposure to the fossil fuel sector? It’s a question of enormous environmental and economic importance that also highlights a systemic challenge. A more nuanced and long-term investment approach that balances economic and environmental returns is needed.

Uppsalanyheter.se - 04 nov 17 kl. 03:41

Jon Ben Berger - An artist with a life full of music and a new album on the way

Jon Ben Berger is an american artist living in Uppsala. He is a legendary musician himself. He has also had many experiences during his long life as an active musician since the sixties.

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