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Monday, 28 September, 13:40

UNT - 16 sep 20 kl. 12:45

The Fruit Story Kommanditbolag bildas i Uppsala

Företagets egen beskrivning av verksamheten anges vara: "Frukthandlare online och fruktleveranstjänst.".
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Fruit Story Kommanditbolag, Uppsala

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Jmini.se - 19 apr 16 kl. 08:34

The Gloria Story uppträder på Zaragon Rock Club

 Fredagen den 29 april så gästas Zaragon Rock Club av inga mindre än The Gloria Story från Skövde som kör klassisk hard rock ála Lizzy och Kiss. The Gloria Story har turnérat med band som Thin Lizzy, f.d.

The Local - 05 maj 17 kl. 12:40

The forgotten story of Sweden's Chilean refugees

The recent refugee crisis has made the subject of refugees in Sweden a big talking point as of late, but people have fled there for decades. One such example is Chileans, with thousands of them fleeing to Sweden to escape oppression in the 70s and 80s. The Local explores their often overlooked story..

The Local - 08 aug 18 kl. 14:17

The shocking story of how a fighter jet crashed in central Stockholm – and everyone lived to tell the tale

In one of the most terrifying near-miss stories ever, a Swedish fighter jet crashed into an island just metres from thousands of spectators gathered to watch it fly in 1993. The Local looks at the tale, 25 years later..

The Local - 21 okt 16 kl. 15:00

The unique story of Stockholm's floating libraries

Writer Roger Hill details his journeys on the boats that carry books over Stockholm's waterways and to its most remote places..

The Local - 27 dec 18 kl. 07:59

Rural Sweden is losing young people, but that's not the whole story

The departure of teenagers and people in their early twenties offers advantages for rural areas, argue Lapland researchers, who suggest out-migration is wrongly imaged as a problem. Swedish youth do not all move to cities and many of them return home at a later stage..

The Local - 28 aug 17 kl. 08:59

The story of Sweden's 'housing crisis'

In the latest instalment of our Sweden in Focus series, The Local delves into the complicated story of Sweden's housing crisis..

The Local - 19 maj 16 kl. 11:25

How Arthur the jungle dog 'opened doors and minds'

The incredible story of how a Swede rescued a stray dog from the Ecuadorian rainforest became global news in 2014, and it's now the subject of a book. The Local spoke to author Mikael Lindnord..

The Local - 11 sep 18 kl. 14:26

Will Swedish values survive the next two weeks?

The big story from Sweden's election is still to be written. As politicians wrangle, the country's reputation and values are at stake, writes Paul Rapacioli, co-founder of The Local and author of Good Sweden, Bad Sweden..

The Local - 08 nov 16 kl. 13:17

Just how obsessed are Swedes with the US election?

Anyone who has looked at a Swedish newspaper in recent months will have noticed that the dominant story isn't a Swedish one..

The Local - 11 okt 11 kl. 16:00

Parents force school to ditch 'costly' fruit break

Disgruntled parents have prompted a school in eastern Sweden to abandon in-class fruit breaks after complaining about the legality of requiring families to buy fruit for kids to bring to school..

The Local - 18 mar 19 kl. 08:50

Swedish researcher makes bioplastic from fruit waste

Even disposable items can be environmentally friendly, as shown by research at the University of Borås into making bioplastic out of fruit waste..

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