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Thursday, 24 September, 12:53

Resume - 11 sep 20 kl. 08:02

The Moldy Whoppers segertåg fortsätter – vinner svart penna i D&AD

Ingo vinner prestigefull svart penna i D&AD för The Moldy Whopper, David & Goliath tillsätter ”empatichef” och Netflix lanserar sin första globala varumärkeskampanj. Det är några av nyheterna i morgonsvepet..
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Resume - 11 sep 20 kl. 08:02

Moldy Whoppers segertåg fortsätter – vinner svart penna i D&AD

Ingo vinner prestigefull svart penna i D&AD för Moldy Whopper, David & Goliath tillsätter ”empatichef” och Netflix lanserar sin första globala varumärkeskampanj..

The Local - 23 nov 17 kl. 12:28

Could the Sweden Democrats leave Sweden ungovernable after the election?

The political deadlock caused in Germany by the rise of the far-right AfD has shown that populism's impact on European politics is not going away. In Sweden, where the 2014 election saw a surge in support for anti-immigration Sweden Democrats (SD) that almost provoked the collapse of the newly-elected government, eyes are starting to turn towards the next Riksdag election on the horizon..

The Local - 05 apr 18 kl. 06:59

The best Stockholm areas according to Airbnb users

Short-term rental site Airbnb has revealed the Stockholm locations that received the best reviews from its users in 2017, and the results show there's more to the city than the obvious central spots. The Local takes a look at the best of the bunch..

The Local - 24 maj 18 kl. 15:12

How Sweden got some of the most liberal abortion laws in the world

Sweden is home to some of the world's most liberal abortion legislation, but the right for women to choose what happens to their bodies is not something to take for granted. The current laws have been in place for just over 40 years, before which thousands of women risked illegal, often unsafe abortions – which for many women around the world remain the only option. As Ireland gears up for a vote on whether to repeal its restrictive eighth amendment, The Local reflects on the history of abortion in Sweden..

The Local - 28 maj 18 kl. 07:59

This is the world's best bookstore and it's in Uppsala, Sweden

This year, the London Book Fair picked The English Bookshop in Uppsala as its International Excellence bookstore of the year. Previously awarded to the iconic Shakespeare & Co in Paris, this prize puts a community bookshop in a small Swedish city firmly on the map. The Local's contributor Madeleine Hyde met the owner, Jan Smedh, to hear the story of how his passion produced a bookstore worthy of international recognition..

The Local - 13 jun 18 kl. 15:00

Five of the best places to watch the 2018 World Cup in Sweden

The 2018 World Cup kicks off on June 14th, and with Sweden back at the tournament for the first time since 2006, much of the country will stop and take it in. Here are the best places to soak up the atmosphere and watch the games in the Nordic nation..

The Local - 17 aug 18 kl. 13:13

13 sure signs you've mastered the Swedish language

Anyone who's attempted it will admit that the Swedish language has its tricky aspects. The unique sounds, the rules regarding word order, and the frankly obscene number of plural forms all make it difficult to master, leaving many learners uncertain how to reply when asked the inevitable questions of 'do you speak Swedish?' and the ensuing 'so are you fluent?

The Local - 11 jan 19 kl. 13:15

How Brexit and the fight for rights united Britons from across Europe

The trauma of Brexit and the fight to make sure the UK's divorce from the EU does not ruin the lives of 1.2 million Brits living across the EU has brought people together both online and in person. This is the story of how the 'citizen of nowhere network' came together..

The Local - 26 jun 19 kl. 08:00

Ask the author: The story behind bestseller The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules

The Local Sweden's Book Club has been reading The Little Old Lady Who Broke all the Rules, a comedy about a group of elderly people who turn to a life of crime in protest at the poor conditions in their care home. We spoke to author Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg, who is currently writing the fourth book of the series, about her inspiration and reaction to the novel's huge success..

The Local - 04 feb 11 kl. 11:52

Sweden Democrats: open the Stasi archive

The Sweden Democrats has demanded that the Swedish Security Service's files on contacts between Swedish individuals and the Stasi be opened to the public in order "to clear the air" over the period in history.. i Sociala medier

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