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DI - 08 sep 20 kl. 08:41

STENOCARE and Emerald have been accepted by Swedish health authorities to offer patients’ treatment with medical cannabis oil

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The Local - 07 jan 19 kl. 12:49

'India and Sweden have natural synergies and similar value systems'

The Local contributor Rupali Mehra spoke to Indian ambassador to Sweden Monika Kapil Mohta on similarities between India and Sweden, the work permit situation, and how Indian professionals could fill the shortage of skilled workforce in Sweden..

Uppsalanyheter.se - 04 nov 17 kl. 03:41

Jon Ben Berger - An artist with a life full of music and a new album on the way

Jon Ben Berger is an american artist living in Uppsala. He is a legendary musician himself. He has also had many experiences during his long life as an active musician since the sixties.

EU-Parlamentet - 17 nov 16 kl. 04:55

Press release - EU Budget deal: EP achieves best support for youth and growth initiatives - Committee on Budgets

MEPs have fought for and obtained better support for unemployed youngsters and additional funds to boost key initiatives supporting SMEs, transport infrastructure projects, research and Erasmus+ student mobility. The provisional deal on the EU Budget 2017 with the Council was reached in the early hours of Thursday. After Budget MEPs and Council have formally endorsed the agreement, the new EU budget will be voted in plenary in December.

The Local - 14 feb 17 kl. 11:33

UK and Sweden agree 'everybody should be able to stay' after Brexit: EU minister

Sweden's EU affairs and trade minister Ann Linde insists that the UK and Sweden have the "same vision" when it comes to making sure that Swedes living in the UK and Brits living in Sweden have the right to stay where they are after Brexit..

The Local - 03 jul 20 kl. 16:46

Which parts of Stockholm have reported the most coronavirus-linked deaths?

The coronavirus outbreak has not hit society evenly, with most deaths reported in care homes and people born overseas and resident in lower income areas disproportionately hit by the virus. New data shows which areas and demographics have been worst affected in Stockholm..

The Local - 20 apr 16 kl. 12:03

Sweden and Denmark revealed as UK's closest allies in EU votes

Denmark and Sweden have been revealed as the countries most likely to vote the same way as the UK when it comes to EU issues, with the authors of an independent investigation arguing that Brexit could have a knock-on effect on the Scandinavian nations..

The Local - 04 dec 18 kl. 11:49

New survey: The winners and losers in Swedish politics

Sweden has gone almost three months since its election without a new government. A new key survey now indicates which parties have gained from the turmoil – and which have lost..

The Local - 21 aug 19 kl. 14:36

How to have a discussion without offending a Swede

Italians get worked up when discussing pasta sauces. The Brits and French have arguments for fun. In Sweden, raising your voice is like taking a glass and smashing it on the floor.

The Local - 28 aug 19 kl. 08:42

Malmö gangland in shock: 'Women and children are taboo'

Gang criminals in Malmö have expressed their shock at the this week's shooting of a 31-year-old woman, complaining that "women and children have always been taboo"..

EU-Parlamentet - 19 jan 16 kl. 13:26

Press release - Stop geo-blocking and boost e-commerce and digital innovation, says Parliament

Plenary sessions : Geo-blocking consumers’ online access to goods and services on the basis of their IP address, postal address or the country of issue of credit cards is unjustified and it must stop, says Parliament in a resolution voted on Tuesday. MEPs want Europe to seize the opportunities opened up by new technologies, such as Big Data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things or 3D-printing, and to have an innovation-friendly policy towards online platforms.

Source : © European Union, 2016 - EP.

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