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Wednesday, 29 January, 16:56

The Local - 08 dec 19 kl. 20:05

Here's the most pointless pastime of the Swedes

No matter how hard he tried, Australian Oliver Gee just couldn't figure out why Swedes enjoy cross-country skiing so much..
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The Local - 03 apr 18 kl. 06:59

Here's the most pointless pastime of the Swedes

No matter how hard he tried, Australian Oliver Gee just couldn't figure out why Swedes enjoy cross-country skiing so much..

The Local - 06 jul 11 kl. 07:13

Swedes tan and burn the most: study

Swedes use least sun protection and suffer most sun damage, and every year 2,800 people in Sweden are diagnosed with malignant melanoma, now one of the most common forms of cancer in Sweden, according to a report in Swedish media..

The Local - 05 jan 16 kl. 09:21

How to make the most of Sweden's 2016 holidays

With Christmas barely over, Swedes are celebrating another public holiday on January 6th. The Local looks ahead to the rest of the nation's 'red days', to help you make the most of your vacation..

The Local - 19 jul 16 kl. 06:59

'Sweden is the most extreme country in the world'

In terms of values Sweden is the most extreme country in the world, argues Patrik Lindenfors, associate professor at Stockholm University's Centre for the Study of Cultural Evolution..

The Local - 27 nov 17 kl. 12:36

These are the most future-proof jobs in Sweden

A lot can change in the job market in five years, but those working in the welfare or education sector in Sweden are some of the most likely to have job security over the next five years..

The Local - 26 maj 14 kl. 12:10

Meet Boss - the most popular animal in Europe

After meeting a very photogenic French Bulldog in central Stockholm, The Local finds out a little more about Boss, the most popular animal on the continent..

The Local - 16 dec 15 kl. 12:17

What did Swedes google the most in 2015?

Google has revealed what Swedish people searched for the most during 2015, with everything from 'Fifty Shades of Grey' to the worst pizza in history making the top-10..

The Local - 03 jul 18 kl. 14:20

Ten things you didn't know about Mariefred, the most charming town in Sweden

Mariefred is the most charming town in Sweden, argues contributor Oliver Gee, who explains why visitors should make the trip just 50 kilometres west of Stockholm to discover its old wooden homes, craft shops, and cobblestones stretching down to the ever-inviting Lake Mälaren..

The Local - 06 jan 12 kl. 11:18

Ek the 'most important man in music': Forbes

Swedish internet music service Spotify's ground breaking inventor Daniel Ek has been hailed the most important person in the world of music by American journal Forbes..

The Local - 29 aug 17 kl. 08:26

These are the employers young Swedes like the most

Google is the most popular company if you ask Swedish students and graduates who picked it ahead of some of Sweden's own best-known businesses in a new survey..

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The Local - 15 jan 20 kl. 15:06

Quiz: Do you know what these Swedish words really mean?

How good is your Swedish? Challenge yourself in The Local's quick but difficult quiz..

The Local - 15 jan 20 kl. 15:23

How a Swedish military man forged his CV and landed a job at Nato's HQ

A Swedish man rose through the ranks of the military over the course of more than a decade. But what no one knew is that he had forged his credentials..

The Local - 15 jan 20 kl. 08:05

Today in Sweden: The Stockholm street that just banned old diesel cars

From today onwards, some cars will no longer be allowed to use one of southern Stockholm's main thoroughfares..

The Local - 14 jan 20 kl. 16:29

Brits and EU citizens warned of 'consequences' after Brexit transition

'Concrete consequences' will follow for EU and UK citizens as Britain does away with freedom of movement, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has warned..

The Local - 14 jan 20 kl. 16:43

Swedish word of the day: mums

Today's word is a false friend for English-speakers..

The Local - 14 jan 20 kl. 15:29

Swedish Migration Agency to slash up to 146 jobs

More than 100 people could lose their jobs at the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) due to a reduced budget..

The Local - 14 jan 20 kl. 11:56

Explained: How will you be affected by changes to Swedish coordination numbers?

Sweden on Tuesday announced proposals to overhaul the system of coordination numbers, the identity codes used by many foreigners in Sweden as well as other individuals who need to contact Swedish authorities. Here's what the new changes would mean for those affected..

The Local - 14 jan 20 kl. 12:37

Sweden to revamp coordination numbers: 'We're restarting the system'

Sweden is planning to tighten the rules for people with a so-called coordination number – a key identification code for many foreigners who just moved to the country..

The Local - 14 jan 20 kl. 08:05

Swedish police appeal for information after Stockholm explosion

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after what was described as "one of the most powerful explosions" damaged cars and a building in an upmarket central Stockholm district..

The Local - 13 jan 20 kl. 13:07

What can the British royals learn from Sweden's royal family?

As the British royal family meets for crisis talks over the futures of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, are there any lessons they could learn from their Swedish counterparts?. i Sociala medier

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