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The Local - 30 nov 19 kl. 17:37

One dead after plane crashes into Swedish garden

The pilot of a propeller plane died Saturday after it crashed into the garden of a house in Ronneby, southeastern Sweden, police said..
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The Local - 06 jan 15 kl. 09:47

One dead after Stockholm house fire

A person was found dead after a fire broke out in a home in Stockholm's south on Tuesday morning..

Expressen - 22 okt 15 kl. 13:17

One dead after "sword attack" in school

A teacher has been confirmed dead after a “sword attack” at a school in the Swedish city of Trollhättan. Several students are being treated in hospital..

The Local - 13 nov 12 kl. 17:49

Two dead after plane crashes in Swedish river

Two people died on Tuesday afternoon when an ultra-light aircraft crashed near an airstrip in Arvika, western Sweden, after one of its wings fell off at 75 metres altitude as the plane was about to land..

The Local - 03 dec 12 kl. 07:39

One dead after car collides head-on with bus

One woman died and ten people were taken to hospital after a bus and car collided and burst into flames in northern Sweden..

The Local - 29 maj 13 kl. 08:45

One dead after head-on truck collision

One person died on Wednesday morning when a tanker truck driving in eastern Sweden collided head-on with a van, which then went up in flames.    .

The Local - 06 jul 15 kl. 16:45

One dead after shooting in central Sweden

One of three men hurt in a shooting in central Sweden has died from his injuries, the regional police in Örebro said on Monday..

The Local - 26 sep 16 kl. 06:52

One dead after Malmö drive-by shooting

UPDATED: One of the four men injured in a drive-by shooting in Malmö has died, police confirmed on Monday..

The Local - 04 mar 11 kl. 10:17

Swedish comedian dead after collapsing on stage

Well-known Swedish comedian and actor Lasse Eriksson is dead after collapsing on stage during a performance in Uppsala in eastern Sweden on Thursday night..

The Local - 30 jul 12 kl. 16:43

Woman dead after Malmö apartment brawl

A woman has been found dead after what is suspected to be an apartment brawl in Malmö, in southern Sweden, on Monday afternoon..

The Local - 29 okt 12 kl. 07:55

Two dead after 'violent' crash with police car

Two people in their twenties are dead after a violent car crash with a police car in eastern Sweden on Sunday night, with rescue services pointing to icy roads as the likely cause of the crash..

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Ryanair to close base at Stockholm Skavsta Airport

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