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Monday, 09 December, 09:26

The Local - 02 dec 19 kl. 12:37

Tributes paid after missing girl found dead in western Sweden

Memorial ceremonies were held in western Sweden after police said that a missing teenager had been confirmed dead. Her boyfriend is being held on suspicion of murder..
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The Local - 03 aug 11 kl. 15:08

Saab staff to be paid after new share issue

Employees at troubled Swedish automaker Saab are finally set to get paid salaries for July after Swedish Automobile, the troubled carmaker's Dutch owner, announed Wednesday it was issuing new shares..

The Local - 06 okt 17 kl. 12:10

Swedish cat found in UK after missing for more than a year

A missing cat has been reunited with her Swedish owner after going missing from her home in Britain..

The Local - 17 jul 17 kl. 07:20

Girl found after missing for 13 hours in Sweden's bear country

A six-year-old girl who went missing for 13 hours in the forest in the Blacksås nature reserve in Hudiksvall municipality has been found safe..

The Local - 18 nov 12 kl. 11:34

Man faked bomb threat after missing flight

A man has been charged with raising false alarm after faking a bomb threat in order to prevent a Malta-bound Scandinavian Arlines flight from taking off without him..

The Local - 21 maj 18 kl. 10:06

Tributes to 'massive influence' Avicii at Billboard Music Awards

Tributes were paid to Swedish DJ and producer Avicii at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, where he was hailed as an inspiration and influence by other artists..

The Local - 08 feb 17 kl. 09:19

'A great loss for Sweden and the world': tributes pour in for Hans Rosling

Tributes have poured in for statistician Hans Rosling, with major international figures and politicians leading the praise for the Swede after he passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 68..

The Local - 18 jun 18 kl. 11:25

Sweden fans who paid $1,700 for World Cup package left heartbroken after cancelled flight

A group of 120 Sweden fans who paid up to 15,000 kronor ($1,700) for a charter package to see their country’s opening game at the 2018 World Cup have been told they won’t be going to Russia after their flight was cancelled at the last minute..

The Local - 27 mar 18 kl. 08:06

900 million kronor paid out in error to 'vabbing' parents: report

As much as 15 percent – or 900 million kronor – of benefits paid to parents staying at home from work to look after their sick children last year was paid out in error, according to a new report..

SR - 29 jun 13 kl. 12:41

Ny publicering - Missing boat man feared dead

Rescue efforts have been abandoned for a man out on his boat last night who was reported missing by his wife on Saturday morning after she spotted an upturned boat on the lake in Vilhelmina. After several hours, emergency services postponed their search after deciding that it was impossible ....

The Local - 24 okt 11 kl. 12:19

Man paid 16-year-olds to rape minor

A 34-year-old man and two 16-year-old boys from central Sweden were charged with child rape on Friday, after the man had paid the two boys to rape a young girl and film the incident..

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Five top tips for foreigners buying an apartment in Sweden

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How many people were granted work permits in Sweden in November?

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Man jailed for exploiting couple who came to Sweden to study and work

A Swedish court has sentenced a 50-year-old restaurant owner for exploiting a young couple who came to Sweden to study and work – in a unique sentence and landmark trial.. i Sociala medier

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