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Sunday, 20 October, 11:09

The Local - 10 okt 19 kl. 10:30

Denmark to introduce checks at all border points with Sweden

The Danish government is to instate border control on the border with Sweden, citing recent bomb explosions and gang violence..
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The Local - 07 jan 16 kl. 14:18

Sweden-Denmark border checks to be extended

Border controls will continue in Sweden until at least February 8th, the nation's government has announced..

The Local - 04 jan 16 kl. 12:55

Sweden checks push tougher Danish rules

Sweden's decision to introduce controls on its frontier with Denmark has pushed its Nordic neighbour to annouce tougher checks on its border with Germany..

The Local - 04 dec 15 kl. 17:13

Border checks could be stepped up by Christmas

Sweden's plans to try to further limit the number of asylum seekers arriving in the country by launching mandatory ID checks on all trains from Denmark to Sweden were criticized on Friday as it emerged they could be implemented just days before Christmas..

The Local - 07 dec 15 kl. 07:56

Sweden border checks to extend into Denmark

A Swedish proposal expected to pass parliament this week will see include mandatory ID checks on all trains to Sweden, with the controls to be carried out on Danish soil..

The Local - 06 jan 16 kl. 14:28

Sweden and Denmark will lift border checks soon

Sweden and Denmark have agreed to lift temporary border checks as soon as possible but must first slow migrant flows, the EU said Wednesday after emergency talks Europe's passport-free Schengen zone..

The Local - 04 feb 17 kl. 14:58

Sweden to carry out I.D. checks on board trains from Denmark

Denmark has given the go-ahead for Swedish police to board the Öresund train in Copenhagen so I.D. checks can be carried out on board..

The Local - 02 maj 17 kl. 16:36

Breaking: Sweden to end ID checks on trains from Denmark

Sweden is to end ID checks on buses, trains and ferries travelling between the country and Denmark, the Swedish government has announced..

The Local - 12 nov 15 kl. 15:28

Police stop trains for Sweden border checks

Police were carrying out ID checks on passengers crossing the bridge over the Öresund strait from Denmark to Sweden after the latter reinstated border controls on Thursday..

The Local - 09 dec 15 kl. 12:58

Sweden border checks to start after New Year

Plans for tougher ID checks on the Öresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark to stem the influx of refugees are set to come into force on January 4th, the justice and migration minister has said..

The Local - 04 jan 16 kl. 07:04

Border checks begin on Sweden-Denmark bridge

Travellers were told to expect delays on Monday as controversial ID checks to stem the refugee flow into Sweden came into effect just before midnight on the Danish side of the Öresund bridge..

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Sweden's Moderates to slash spending on 'biased' state TV

Sweden's centre-right Moderate party has voted to slash funding for the country's state TV and radio broadcasters, and to launch an inquiry into their supposed left-wing bias..

The Local - Igår: 15:40

#MySweden: 'Swedes are cool and have a unique approach to life'

Every week one of The Local's readers takes over our Instagram. Today, Patrick Hamilton Walsh from Northern Ireland shows us his Sweden..

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Nobel committee member defends controversial laureate

Giving the Nobel Prize in Literature to Austrian author Peter Handke was the right choice, a member of the committee that selects the winner argues..

The Local - I förrgår: 10:16

Swedish word of the day: mörk

Mörk is a word you'll hear a lot during autumn and winter in Sweden, but where does it come from and how exactly do you use it? We've got the answers..

The Local - I förrgår: 07:46

More Swedish hospitals cancel surgeries amid supply shortage

More hospitals are cancelling non-essential surgeries amid a supply shortage in central Sweden..

The Local - I förrgår: 12:33

Ericsson lifts sales but corruption probe takes a big bite out of earnings

Ericsson's sales were boosted by a 5G takeoff, but it made a net loss as it set aside 12 billion kronor to settle a US corruption investigation..

The Local - I förrgår: 11:47

Sweden halts asylum decisions for applicants from northeastern Syria

Sweden's Migration Agency has decided to stop all decisions on asylum cases relating to people from northeastern Syria, it said in a statement this morning..

The Local - I förrgår: 11:50

Brexit deal has been agreed, say Boris Johnson and Jean-Claude Juncker

The UK and EU announced on Thursday morning that they have agreed on a deal for Britain's exit from the EU..

The Local - 17 okt 19 kl. 08:51

Stockholm explosions: No one injured in spate of blasts

Police are investigating three explosions in the Stockholm area in the early hours of Thursday..

The Local - 17 okt 19 kl. 07:07

REMINDER: What the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement means for Brits in Sweden

With increasing talk that London and Brussels might reach a new deal, it's time for a reminder of what exactly the Withdrawal Agreement means for British residents in Sweden.. i Sociala medier

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