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Wednesday, 23 October, 21:02

The Local - 10 okt 19 kl. 08:44

Swedish supermarket chain launches 'virtual baby influencer'

Swedish supermarket chain Ica has launched what it says may be "the world's first virtual baby influencer": six-month-old Elis..
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The Local - 13 feb 14 kl. 12:13

Swedish gym chain bans 'selfies' in locker room

A major Swedish gym chain has slapped a ban on "selfies" in the changing rooms claiming the prohibition is to protect the modesty of half-naked fitness fanatics..

The Local - 26 jun 13 kl. 08:43

Supermarket wine sales rile Systembolaget

Swedish supermarket chain City Gross has announced that customers will be able to buy wine together with their weekly groceries, prompting an angry response from state monopoly retailer Systembolaget.    .

The Local - 15 feb 13 kl. 16:59

Swedish shops to churn horsemeat into biogas

Horsemeat-hit Swedish supermarket chain Ica has recalled so many ready-made meals that its overstuffed warehouse in southern Sweden has started sending excess food to be recycled into biogas..

The Local - 18 aug 16 kl. 11:12

Swedish store shamefaced over 'racist' receipt joke

A Swedish supermarket chain has apologized after a joke printed on one of its receipts was criticized by customers..

The Local - 11 jul 11 kl. 16:55

Swedish electronics chain ONOFF bankrupt

Swedish home electronics chain ONOFF filed for bankruptcy on Monday, citing stiff competition, price pressure, and low profits..

The Local - 17 mar 11 kl. 15:01

Swedish media firm launches apps for kids

Swedish media giant Bonnier has launched its first Ipad applications aimed at pre-school children and intended for the international market..

The Local - 27 mar 15 kl. 08:18

Swedish feminist party launches in Oslo

The feminist party which came close to entering parliament in last year’s Swedish election launched in Oslo on Thursday night, selecting its first candidate to compete in the city’s municipal elections, as it seeks to spread its influence across Scandinavia..

The Local - 01 aug 12 kl. 16:35

Swedish supermarket sold full strength beer

Two 19-year-olds in Stockholm received a happy surprise when the beer they were about to purchase at a local supermarket turned out to be full strength and not light beer..

The Local - 19 jul 17 kl. 10:26

'There were no explosives in the car. There was a dog!': Police reveal details about Swedish supermarket crash

A 65-year-old man is in compulsory psychiatric care after driving a car into the entrance of a popular Swedish discount store..

The Local - 10 jul 13 kl. 08:51

Systembolaget reports supermarket wine sales

Swedish state monopoly retailer Systembolaget has reported supermarket chain City Gross to the police for giving customers the chance to purchase wine together with their weekly grocery shopping.    .

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Swedish hospital supply shortage: Here's what you need to know

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People in Sweden are taking fewer domestic flights

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