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Monday, 21 October, 04:47

EU-Parlamentet - 09 okt 19 kl. 19:00

Press release - MEPs express concern over budget, climate change and Brexit negotiations

Ahead of next week’s EU Summit, MEPs call for urgent action to safeguard EU programme funding, to tackle climate change and to avoid a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

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EU-Parlamentet - 09 jan 14 kl. 10:17

Press release - MEPs' statement on the work on the single resolution mechanism for banks - Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

On Thursday morning, lead MEPs negotiating the single resolution mechanism for banks (SRM) will participate in an intergovernmental meeting dealing with the details of the single resolution fund. MEPs will highlight the dangers of the Member States' position and explain their alternative model. A statement from the MEPs follows.

EU-Parlamentet - 15 jan 15 kl. 13:02

Press release - MEPs voice concerns at attacks on media freedom and rule of law in Turkey

Plenary sessions : MEPs condemn the police raids and arrests of journalists in Turkey in December in a resolution adopted on Thursday. They call on the Turkish government to address media freedom as a priority, recalling that "a free and pluralistic press is an essential component of any democracy" and pointing to the need to make progress with reforms in order to gain pre-accession funding.

Source : © European Union, 2015 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 10 sep 15 kl. 12:51

Press release - MEPs press the EU to come up with a bold peace initiative for the Middle East

Plenary sessions : Parliament called on Thursday for a fresh EU approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The EU must fulfil its responsibilities as an influential player and take a bold and comprehensive peace initiative for the region, MEPs said, regretting the lack of a comprehensive and coherent vision of the EU's engagement in the Middle East Peace Process, despite its ambitions there.

Source : © European Union, 2015 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 09 mar 16 kl. 13:36

Press release - MEPs back agreement among EU institutions to upgrade and clarify EU law-making

Plenary sessions : A deal among the key EU institutions – Parliament, the Council and the Commission - to improve the planning, quality and transparency of their law-making was endorsed by MEPs on Wednesday. It provides for more democratic long-term planning, a new database of planned EU laws, and more information for the press and public on negotiations among EU institutions.

Source : © European Union, 2016 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 05 mar 14 kl. 14:53

Press release - MEPs lay out final offer on bank single resolution mechanism - Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

The lead MEPs in charge for the second pillar of banking union, the single resolution mechanism, have begun preparing texts for Parliament’s April plenary vote. These texts will take on board concerns of some member states in a spirit of compromise, while at the same time maintaining a credible and fair system, able to reach the fundamental goals. The MEPs restate that they will not sign up to a system with serious and evident flaws.

EU-Parlamentet - 16 jul 14 kl. 09:38

Press release - MEPs say yes to four new Commissioners to replace those who left to become MEPs

Plenary sessions : The candidatures of four candidate EU Commissioners, nominated to replace those who left to become MEPs, were approved by Parliament on Wednesday. The four are to serve for the rest of the Commission’s current term, which expires on 31 October 2014. They were given committee hearings on Monday.

EU-Parlamentet - 08 okt 14 kl. 10:03

Press release - MEPs to debate the 2014 Enlargement Package with Commissioner Füle - Committee on Foreign Affairs

Commissioner Štefan Füle will present the 2014 Enlargement Package to Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs today at 12:30, following its approval by the College of Commissioners this morning and before it is presented to the media. Leading MEPs on each EU accession candidate country and potential candidate country will comment on the package, which consists of a strategy paper and seven progress reports, during the debate.
Committee on Foreign Affairs

Source : © European Union, 2014 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 12 nov 14 kl. 10:17

Press release - MEPs pave the way for European Year for Development 2015 - Committee on Development

The designation of 2015 as European Year for Development (EYD), with the motto “Our world, our future, our dignity”, coined by MEPs, is an opportunity that must be taken to raise citizens’ awareness of the EU's contribution to fighting hunger and eradicating poverty worldwide, said MEPs on Tuesday afternoon, in their first debate on possible EYD activities. The EYD must also anchor “development thinking” in institutions around the world, they added.
Committee on Development

Source : © European Union, 2014 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 17 dec 14 kl. 13:59

Press release - MEPs urge EU to step up efforts to help steel industry out of the crisis

Plenary sessions : The EU should step up its efforts to help the steel industry out of the crisis, MEPs say in a non-binding resolution voted on Wednesday. They ask the European Commission to ensure that trade deals improve steel export conditions and check that EU competition and state aid rules do not lead to unfairness between EU countries. MEPs also call for investments in workers' education and training as well as in steel research.

EU-Parlamentet - 10 mar 15 kl. 10:12

Press release - MEPs call for EU aid to road hauliers in a debate on Russian import ban

Plenary sessions : Many MEPs called for solidarity among EU member states and concrete steps by the European Commission to aid road hauliers hit by Russian restrictions on food and farm produce imports from the EU, in a debate on Monday evening. The import ban’s impact on hauliers has been neglected, even though the EU has taken measures to support producers of fruit, vegetables and dairy produce, said Transport Committee MEPs in a question tabled for debate with the Commission.

Source : © European Union, 2015 - EP.

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EU-Parlamentet - Igår: 07:02

Artikel - På gång i kammaren: Brexit, EU:s budget och Sacharovpriset

Den senaste Brexit-utvecklingen, omröstning om nästa EU-budget och utvärdering av Juncker-kommissionen är några ämnen på agendan för plenarsessionen 21-24 oktober.

Källa : © Europeiska unionen, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - I förrgår: 18:10

Artikel - LUX-priset 2019: här är finalisterna till parlamentets filmpris

Nytt ljus på Dag Hammarskjölds öde i en av de tre filmer som nu är i final till LUX-priset 2019.

Källa : © Europeiska unionen, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - I förrgår: 17:10

Artikel - Utsläpp av växthusgaser per land och sektor (nyhetsgrafik)

Kolla in vår nyhetsgrafik för att ta reda på hur stora utsläpp varje land och sektor inom EU står för.

Källa : © Europeiska unionen, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - I förrgår: 15:21

Artikel - Årets tre finalister till LUX filmpris på biografer runt om i Europa

Dokumentären Cold Case Hammarskjöld om den svenska FN-generalsekretarens mystiska död, är en av tre finalister till årets LUX-pris som nu kommer att visas på biografer runt om i Europa.

Källa : © Europeiska unionen, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - I förrgår: 12:40

Agenda - The Week Ahead 21 – 27 October 2019

Plenary session, Strasbourg

Source : © European Union, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 17 okt 19 kl. 17:01

Press release - European Parliament President David Sassoli’s speech to the European Council

This afternoon European Parliament President David Sassoli opened the European Council in Brussels.

Source : © European Union, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 17 okt 19 kl. 15:26

Artikel - Rumänska Kövesi blir först på posten som EU:s chefsåklagare

Laura Codruţa Kövesi var Europaparlamentets favoritkandidat till posten som den första chefsåklagaren för EU.

Källa : © Europeiska unionen, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 17 okt 19 kl. 11:50

Artikel - FN:s barnkonvention firar 30 år

Europaparlamentet kommer att arrangera en högnivåkonferens den 20 november för att uppmärksamma att FN:s barnkonvention fyller 30 år.

Källa : © Europeiska unionen, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 16 okt 19 kl. 18:50

Press release - Laura Kövesi confirmed as European Chief Prosecutor

Parliament’s leading MEPs endorsed today Laura Codruţa Kövesi’s appointment as the first head of the new European Public Prosecutor’s Office.
Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

Source : © European Union, 2019 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 15 okt 19 kl. 18:12

Artikel - Hohlmeier: Klimatet högsta prioritering i EU:s budget 2020

Mer satsningar på klimatet och större investeringar i hållbara teknologier i EU:s budget 2020. Det lovar parlamentets budgetföredragande Monika Hohlmeier i vår intervju.

Källa : © Europeiska unionen, 2019 - EP. i Sociala medier

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