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Saturday, 21 September, 19:22

The Local - 10 sep 19 kl. 13:50

Swedish PM Stefan Löfven reshuffles cabinet as parliament opens

Sweden's parliament officially opened on Tuesday with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announcing three new ministers..
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The Local - 20 feb 18 kl. 17:26

Swedish PM Stefan Löfven to meet Donald Trump in the White House

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is set to meet US President Donald Trump at the White House this spring, the two countries' respective governments have announced..

The Local - 25 sep 18 kl. 09:48

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven ousted in no-confidence vote

Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven has been voted out of the job by a majority of parliament – the first Swedish prime minister to be ousted in such a vote..

The Local - 18 jan 19 kl. 09:59

Stefan Löfven voted back in as Swedish prime minister

Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven will return to his role as Swedish prime minister, leading a Social Democrat-Green Party coalition after parliament voted on the proposal on Friday..

The Local - 21 jan 19 kl. 11:52

Stefan Löfven welcomes start of 'historic' era in Swedish politics

Stefan Löfven addressed the Swedish parliament for the first time on Monday after being voted back in as prime minister a record 131 days after the election..

Sydsvenskan - 15 apr 16 kl. 10:18

Fick Stefan Löfven i luren

Fantastisk natur, bra musik liksom trevligt folk. Med de argumenten sålde statsminister Stefan Löfven in Sverige när han fick svara i telefonen för Svenska Turistföreningens kampanj, "The Swedish Number".Reklamkampanjen där folk från hela världen får ringa ett nummer och ställa frågor om Sverige till en på förhand okänd svensk har blivit en stor succé med 63 000 samtal.

The Local - 13 mar 16 kl. 10:47

‘We must defend Swedish model’: Löfven

At the Social Democrats' annual municipality conference in Örebro this weekend, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven told his fellow Swedes that the much-vaunted Swedish model needed to be reinforced and developed and assured the country's welfare workers that they will benefit from increased investment..

The Local - 20 mar 17 kl. 07:55

Swedish PM Löfven warns of fake news concerns ahead of 2018 election

There is no reason to believe the 2018 Swedish general election will be exempt from outside attempts to influence it through fake news stories, the country's Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has written in an opinion piece..

The Local - 31 jul 17 kl. 09:17

Swedish PM Löfven to meet French President Macron in Paris

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will meet French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée Palace on Monday with the future of the EU on the agenda..

The Local - 02 maj 19 kl. 09:06

Swedish PM Löfven calls for Nazi organizations to be banned

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven spoke out against right-wing extremism in his traditional May 1st speech, and called for an investigation into whether Nazi groups could be banned in Sweden..

Cornucopia - 14 dec 18 kl. 09:05

Votering pågår - Stefan Löfven (S) som statsminister

Just nu pågår debatten inför en omröstning om Stefan Löfven (S) som statsminister.
Stefan Löfven.09:04 I denna stund har Transportstyrelseskandalens avsatte fd inrikesminister Anders Ygeman (S), känd för att under flera månader inte lyckats boka en lokal för samtal med Stefan Löfven, lyckats boka en talarstol.

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The Local - Igår: 09:41

Ask the author: The story behind a magical mystery in northern Sweden

The Local Sweden's Book Club has been reading Wolf Winter, a historical thriller set in Lapland in 1717. Author Cecilia Ekbäck tells us how interviews with her grandmother helped her shape the novel..

The Local - Igår: 08:54

Bomb squad called after car explodes in Lund

Police are investigating after a car exploded in Lund on Friday morning, just days after a woman was seriously injured in an explosion in the university town..

The Local - Igår: 08:15

Stockholm stock market climbs to all-time high

The Stockholm stock exchange just notched up a new record high..

The Local - I förrgår: 15:07

First snow falls as winter arrives in northern Sweden

Winter has (probably) arrived in Sweden, with the first snowfall of the season in northern parts of the country. But first, let us explain the "probably"..

The Local - I förrgår: 15:41

Five questions for the man painting the world's largest Dala Horse

American street artist Shai Dahan grabbed the attention of Swedes when he painted a traditional Dala Horse in his town of Borås. He is now returning to New York to paint it again – this time bigger than ever..

The Local - I förrgår: 09:32

Swedish defender Victor Lindelöf signs five-year deal with Manchester United

Manchester United defender Victor Nilsson Lindelöf has signed another long-term deal with the club..

The Local - I förrgår: 08:48

Brexit: Migration Agency to answer Brits' questions at embassy town hall meeting

The British Embassy is set to hold a town hall meeting together with the Migration Agency next month to answer questions UK nationals in Sweden have about their Brexit status..

The Local - 18 sep 19 kl. 15:18

High earners and men – the winners of Sweden's new budget

Swedish Finance minister Magdalena Andersson presented the national budget on Wednesday to much criticism – including from within her own party..

The Local - 18 sep 19 kl. 15:10

Proxy not postal: Brits in EU urged to register to vote ahead of likely 'Brexit election'

Events in the British parliament this week appear to have vastly increased the likelihood of a general election in the coming months. Brits in the EU are being urged to register, with people being warned that proxy voting is preferable to the somewhat unreliable postal votes..

The Local - 18 sep 19 kl. 11:02

What Sweden's new cross-party budget means for you

This is the first main budget negotiated by the ruling Social Democrat-Greens together with the opposition Centre and Liberals. Let's take a look at what it means for you.. i Sociala medier

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