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The Local - 13 aug 19 kl. 13:30

Can hipsters save Sweden's fermented herring?

What do you get if you take 300 kilos of potatoes, 30 kilos of onion, a pallet of flat bread, 25 kilos of whey cheese, 300 cans of fermented herring and invite 1,200 people for dinner?.
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The Local - 19 jul 18 kl. 17:59

How to save money if you're under 26 in Sweden

Did you know that if you're in your early 20s, you can benefit from a wide range of discounts and special offers in Sweden, from healthcare to days out and even housing? If you're under 26, this article can probably save you money..

EU-Parlamentet - 13 jul 15 kl. 11:36

Press release - How can we save our cultural heritage from the ravages of war? - Committee on Culture and Education

How to protect cultural sites from massive destruction and prevent trafficking in world heritage objects, particularly in cases of conflict? On Monday afternoon, Culture and Education Committee MEPs will be joined by experts from UNESCO, INTERPOL, the International Criminal Court and elsewhere to debate the scope for immediate or longer term action in third countries, such as Syria, Iraq or other conflict zones facing the deliberate and massive destruction of their (and our) cultural heritage.
Committee on Culture and Education

Source : © European Union, 2015 - EP.

E24 - 23 sep 11 kl. 13:21

Wanted: a plan to save Europe

It has become something of a mantra among European leaders that we can be sure they will save the euro because they have to save the European Union. You can see where they are coming from. European integration would struggle to survive the demise of its flagship project..

The Local - 24 maj 17 kl. 12:03

Can a 'bee friendly zone' help save Stockholm's pollinators?

A new joint initiative from diplomats, businesses and residents in Stockholm hopes to save the city's bees by creating a "bee friendly zone" in the Swedish capital..

The Local - 08 jul 11 kl. 07:03

One in six Swedish children can't swim

More than 15 percent of kids in Sweden can't swim and one in four Swedish parents have had to save a child from the water, according to a new study carried out by a Swedish insurance company..

Sydsvenskan - 27 sep 14 kl. 05:30

Inga hipsters släpps in på mitt ställe!

I somras gick jag förbi en pub i cent­rala Malmö. Ett sådant där murrigt hak där man fortfarande kan beställa en hederlig stor stark. På en skylt utanför betackade man sig för hipsters.

BT - 05 nov 14 kl. 21:20

Därför ser alla hipsters likadana ut

Skägg, rutig flanellskjorta, tatueringar och en cykel utan växlar. Hur kommer det sig att alla hipsters nästan ser exakt likadana ut - trots att de gör sitt yttersta för att vara unika? Matematiken ger svar.

Nyhetsverket - 06 nov 14 kl. 16:45

Matematiker: Därför är alla hipsters lika

Skägg, rutig flanellskjorta, tatueringar och cykel med en växel: En matematiker i Paris har skapat en modell för att förklara varför alla hipsters ser nästan helt lika ut. Så kallade hipsters – unga, trendmedvetna, medelklassfolk, ofta iklädda vintageklädder, är framför allt ett storstadsfenomen med ursprung i en kultur som uppstod i amerikanska storstäder på 1990-talet, skriver TT. Även om hipsters gör sitt yttersta för att vara unika, är de alltså extremt lätta att känna igen.

E24 - 23 maj 11 kl. 09:40

Cosmetic surgery will not save the eurozone

At least European leaders can agree on Christine Lagarde, France's finance minister, as the next managing director of the International Monetary Fund. But behind this display of unity, a war is raging over how to solve the Greek debt crisis as we enter the most dangerous phase of the crisis yet..

SR - 07 aug 13 kl. 16:06

Ny publicering - Researchers hope Upsalite will help save energy

Scientists at Uppsala University say they have managed to accidentally hit upon a new form of material, which they hope can solve environmental problems through its power to absorb moisture..

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The Local - 15 minuter sedan

A New Yorker's guide to surviving the first few months in Stockholm

Opinion: Moving to a new city is anything but easy, and in Stockholm there is a particular set of challenges from alcohol restrictions to making friends, writes New York native Madeline Tersigni, who shares the highs and lows of her time in Stockholm as well as her tips for fellow first-timers navigating the city and its culture..

The Local - 15 timmar sedan

Swedish hunters shoot nearly 50 bears as annual hunt begins

Thousands of hunters in Sweden were out in the forests from the crack of dawn on Wednesday, racing to shoot one of the 300 bears that can legally be shot before the season ends in October..

The Local - 16 timmar sedan

How to have a discussion without offending a Swede

Italians get worked up when discussing pasta sauces. The Brits and French have arguments for fun. In Sweden, raising your voice is like taking a glass and smashing it on the floor.

The Local - 22 timmar sedan

Swedish word of the day: medelsvensson

This is a useful Swedish word to know if you're looking at statistics or talking about Swedes and Swedishness..

The Local - 23 timmar sedan

Man attacked by crocodile in Stockholm

A man was taken to hospital in Stockholm last night after he was bitten by a crocodile that once belonged to a Russian cosmonaut and Fidel Castro..

The Local - Igår: 15:31

Everything you need to know about getting divorced in Sweden

Whether you moved to Sweden for love or relocated there with a partner, sometimes a relationship just doesn't work out and you'll need to consider the option of divorce. While this is rarely a pleasant task, understanding how to navigate the legal and administrative side can at least make it more straightforward..

The Local - Igår: 12:03

Where do Sweden's immigrants come from in 2019?

Most of the people who have moved to Sweden so far this year are people originally born here. Let's take a look at the stats....

The Local - Igår: 10:04

The top vegan-friendly places in Stockholm

The traditional Swedish diet is quite heavy on meat and dairy, but if you follow a vegan diet, don't worry – there are plenty of plant-based options in Stockholm for a meal out or stocking up on snacks. Many of them will even tempt carnivores....

The Local - Igår: 09:00

The six waves of migration that made Malmö

One third of Malmö's residents were born abroad, and the city is home to people from more than 180 different countries. These newcomers have helped transform the city..

The Local - Igår: 08:07

Sweden to launch new online divorce service

Divorcing your partner will soon become a slightly easier process in Sweden – at least in an administrative sense, as Swedish courts launch a new digital system for filing your divorce.. i Sociala medier

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